Date: 24/3/2019 4:12

Customers Q&A on Puncher Mega Synthetic Sidelever PCP Air Rifle

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  • stephen from Canada asked:

    If using a hand pump to fill do you need the adapter (shown in the accessories below) for the fill probe which is included?

  • Daniel from USA asked:

    Which way on the power adjuster is full power or low power? There is no markings.

    • Tyler from USA:

      There should be markings on the left hand side of the breech. Full power should be towards the muzzle end, low power toward the back end of the gun

  • Leslie from USA asked:

    Will spare air cylenders be available like the Hatsan AT44?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The cylinders are not removable.

  • gary from USA asked:

    I shoot left hand. I see there is a screw head on the right side of the synthetic stock check piece. Can that screw be moved to the left side for left handed shooters? Thanks!

    • David from USA:

      Unfortunately that screw cannot be moved.

  • James from USA asked:

    If you had to choose only one, this PCP or the Benjamin Marauder, which one would you pick? Both in .25

    • Anthony from USA:

      Marauder is quieter but a bit heaver. Also more powerful in .25 ... have to say overall the Marauder is the better of the 2

    • Ed from USA:

      Knowing what I know now, the MARAUDER by miles!

    • Tyler from USA:

      The marauder has more adjust-ability in terms of setting the power output to your desired setting. The Kral will certainly get more shots per fill though. Accuracy is similar in my experience.

  • Scott from USA asked:

    Is this rifle regulated?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • James from USA asked:

    I would like to know about the adjustable power (.22) - how low can you adjust it, at what power, and how many low power shots a fill? thank you

    • Tyler from USA:

      As low as it will go, about 350 fps with JSB 18.13 when I tested. That said, I cannot speak to the shot count. But I would say well over 150 if the full power shot string is anything to go by.

  • Adam from USA asked:

    This looks like a hatsan breech with other similarities. Is there any affiliation with hatsan?

    • Tyler from USA:


    • Phillip from USA:

      Tyler, are you affiliated with Hatsan or Kral, odd at similarities and fact that PA warms weaver is not standard on both

    • Tyler from USA:

      Other than the fact that they are both in Turkey, no.