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Customers Q&A on Ruger Air Magnum Combo

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  • John from USA asked:

    I have both caliber air rifles. They both have exceeded the fps printed on the box, by more than barely. The .177 Air Magnum did a choreographed 5 shot, in 52 degrees, shooting the 4.00 grain Crosman SSP PBA: 1486, 1513, 1518, 1532. 1486 fps. Averaging 1505 fps. It also shot the 4.30 grain Gamo Air Star PBA at: 1454, 1458, 1436, 1419, and 1454 fps. Averaging. 1444 fps. The .177 lead Beaman Silver Bear 6 shot fps was 1201, 1161, 1206, 1216, 1190, 1227. Averaging 1200 fps in 40 degree weather. Air Magnum .22 caliber shot the 8.18 grain Winchester Max Velocity PBA at 1136, 1138, 1128, 1139, and 1134 fps, averaging 1135 fps in 81 degree weather. The Crosman 14.3 grain lead Destroyer was shot at 904, 915, 911, 902, and 920 fps. Averaging 910 fps. My 12.65 grain hp H&N lead shot 971, 970, 976, 977, 976 fps, averaging 974 fps. Get a chronograph. Woodys World. This is an answer, not a question, to what someone had asked.

    • John from USA asked:

      I am looking to purchase a Ruger Yukon .22 . 1st pellet rifle. Would like to know what is the correct first way to clean the barrel and any lube to be put in the barrel and when. I have almost everything in cleaning equipment including felt plugs. Thank you. Centerrfire

      • Mark from USA:

        A rod or pull-thru with patches,mop .or brush will do fine. Small amounts of silicone grease on the hinge bolts,and o-rings.

    • Derek from USA asked:

      There is apparently some misinformation out there. PA says 1400 fps with 177, & 1200 fps with 22. Many other sites quote 1200 fps with 177 & 1000 fps with 22 as maximum velocities using alloy pellets. Which one is stating fact??

      • Mark from USA:

        Our velocity numbers are from the manufacturer. We have not tested any examples of the rifle.

    • Frank from USA asked:

      anyone know what the twist rate on the barrel is?

      • christian from Mexico asked:

        Hello, Sry where can i buy a piston seal?

        • John from USA:

          From Umarex. Woodys World.

        • John from USA:

          Piston or breech seal?

        • Jose from USA:

          Go to Archer Airguns.

      • Joseph from USA asked:

        Where is this rifle made?

        • Russell K from USA:

          Even though it has a ruger stamped barrel and logo on the stock Even though it has a Ruger stamp on the barrel and a ruger logo on the butstock, it is an Umarex product made in China licensed to use the Ruger logo. So in many ways you can find comparable umarex air product with out the Ruger logo at a slightly better price. To whats in a name? Everything, if Ruger thinks enough of that product line to license its logo to that product, thats good enough for me. I own 40 Ruger products and love the all

        • Stanley from USA:

          China ? Isn't everything ?

      • rafael from USA asked:

        can i order with a wooden stock?

        • John from USA:

          PyramydAir sells a lot of other rifles with wooden stocks, take your choice, but not this one.

        • Jose from USA:


      • P.c from India asked:

        I'm indian, how can i get this product? I'm really blind with rule or laws. Please help

        • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

          Unfortunately at this time Customs in India is not allowing anything that shoots into the country.

      • tyler from USA asked:

        Are the parts interchangeable with the Ruger air hawk?

        • Cory from USA:

          There is some part that interchange, but not all. It would depend on the specific part.

      • Christophe from USA asked:

        What is the .22 rated at in velocity for a standard weight pellet and/or what is the .22 caliber fpe rating?

        • John from USA:

          Get a chronograph, then you will really know. Woodys World. Also define standard weight pellet and what grain is it?

        • John from USA:

          Get/buy a chronograph, then you can provide answers for all the pellets that you shoot. Woodys World.

        • Sean from USA:

          Mine is tuned and will shoot 14 grain around 1000 fps around 30 fpe

      • Sean from USA asked:

        Will any gas piston fit in this gun would like to change from spring to gas piston?

        • John from USA:

          The answer directly below this is from John of Woody,s World.

        • John from USA:

          Umarex makes Ruger air rifles. Even though the power plants of the Octane and the Air Magnum look identical, Octane being Reaxis Gas Piston and Air Magnum being spring piston, the differences of the two air rifles appear to be the stock, barrel, and location of safety. The Ruger Air Magnum does shoot the 14.3 grain Crosman Premier 60-70 fps faster in chrono tests in 40 degree weather. I have changed the breech seals using the Archer Kit which comes with 3 seals and 3 shims. I have removed the breech seal, put 3shims in, and put the replacement seal in. I have a Umarex Octane .22 caliber. I just received my Ruger Air Magnum two days ago. I have shot About 50 rounds through it. I also have the .177 Ruger Air Magnum. I purchased an Archer seal and shim kit for each of those 3 air rifles. I also so have a Benjamin Summit .22 caliber NP2, which easier to cock and not as heavy as the Ruger or the Umarex. The Benjamin is about 30 fps less than the Umarex on chrono. The Archer breech seals did increase velocities on my Umarex and my 2 Ruger Air Magnums. If you want a gas piston, I suggest you buy the Umarex Octane .22 instead of worrying about conversion. Also a chronograph is a very important, but not necessary piece of equipment.

        • John from USA:

          The Umarex Octane .22 Reaxis Gas Piston may be your answer. I have an Octane .22 and a Ruger Air Magnum .177. When looking at both air rifles, in disregard to the caliber, and stock, they are very similar.

        • Chevota from USA:

          This gun cannot accept a nitro spring. You can however put a Vortek spring or kit in it. Imo the gun isn't worth the kit, but a new seal and spring is doable. I would consider a new seal the most important part, so don't buy a Vortek spring w/o a seal, or only buy the seal. If done/tuned properly it will be nearly as quiet and be more powerful than a gas spring, so that's what I'd do...

        • Jerry from USA:

          We don't offer a piston to fit the Ruger

      • John from USA asked:

        I bought this gun in .22 cal six months ago and still can't get any accuracy out of it. I have well over 200 rounds through it and replace the scope with a Center Point 3x9x40. I have tried pellets from 14gr to 28gr and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

        • John from USA:

          I get great accuracy shooting 14.3 grn Crosman Ultra Magnum Dome. It did not take me less than 30 rounds to do it. Cited to hit the 1 inch center circle on 2 & 3 inch targets at 80 feet, 2 inch targets at 120 feet. Velocity is 897 fps in 45 degree temps at about 200 ft altitude. Woodys World, get a chronograph.

        • weldermike from USA:

          H&N sport field target trophy 5.55 head 14.66 gr pellets work Everything else is bouncing down the barrel lands are 5.5 mm grooves are about 5.56 mm 7/32" drill bit is 5.56 mm. I made a chamber land can still be seen. To make this work there is the B.S on Umarex / Rugers license. NOBOBY CARED!!

        • weldermike from USA:

          Take the barrel off the gun. Put a straight edge from receiver to check the barrel. Straight edge over the top of the barrel is at least 3/8" low or more! 1/8 or 3/16" to the right or left a 3/16" round bar 12" long should slide down the barrel. The first one I had went 6" into the receiver and stopped!! I have another one that I fixed by stich welding a 3/8" round bar under it.. WIL HAVE TO MAKE THE FRONT SIGHT WORK. blade is to high!!!

        • John from USA:

          Practice, practice, practice!!! I have a total of about 30 tins of .177 and about 24 tins of .22 caliber pellets. I use certain pellets, according to grains with certain rifles. I have shot all my .177 rifles with the Crosman 4.00 grain PBA. All of those rifles have exceeded fps velocities that are printed on the box they came in. The .177 Ruger Air Magnum will shoot that 4.00 grain Crosman PBA as high as 1532 fps. Hot and cold temperatures, humidity, barametric pressure, all will have an effect on fps. Practice, practice, practice!!! From John aka Woody,s World.

        • John from USA:

          You say that you have shot well over 200 rounds of .22 caliber pellets 14 grn to 28 grn and nothing is working. It won't. What you need to do is take a pellet, such as the 14.3 grn Crosman Premier Dome or Hollow Point, shoot a target from about 75 feet or 25 yards. Begin calibrating your scope to the bullseye after 3 to 5 shots. Use only that pellet or which ever one you have chosen. You should be able to have your scope zeroed in to the targets bullseye after a certain amount of shots. Do not switch to a different pellet during these calibration shots. Once your have become calibrated to which ever pellet you selected, stay with that pellet. You will never be able to get a 28 grn pellet to hit the bullseye when you have calibrated for a 14.3 grain pellet. When snipers go out on patrol they do not carry ammo of different grain weights, they stick to the same bullet, which they know the flight characteristics and what that bullet is going to do. For example I have a .22 cal. Umarex Octane that is calibrated to hit a dime or the bullseye at 75 feet using 14.3 grain Crosman Premier Ultra Domes. I have 25 different .22 caliber pellets from 11 grain to 16.5 grain, domes, pointed, hollow points, and wad cutters. They will group alright but not on the bullseye. I would have to recalibrate most of them with the scope. Also I highly recommend that you get a chronograph to measure your fps, very important to know velocities. I have seven breakbarrel air rifle: 5 different .177 caliber and 2 different .22 caliber air rifles (Umarex Octane and a Benjamin Summit). I have a .22 Ruger Air Magnum that scheduled to arrive Thursday. I have a 3-9X40AO scope that will be mounted on it. All my air rifles have upgraded scopes. I also have 2 multi-pump air rifles that I shoot PBA pellets from. Some may not agree with this answer I am submitting but it works for me. John Aka Woody's World.

        • Michael from USA:

          I don't have this gun, but one guy said he's actually getting 1000fps with 14gr pellets. That speed approaches the sound barrier and causes destabilization (based on everything I read from people who claim to know). If you use 16gr pellets that should drop the speed down to the low 900s and improve accuracy. Has anyone tried this? Some guns are just not so accurate, but it could also be the speed. High speed air guns are notoriously inaccurate, but there are plenty of 16gr .22 pellets out there, so I wonder if that would fix the problems.

        • Billy from USA:

          I own one in .22 also, first use the “Artillery Hold”. Try cleaning the barrel and then shoot about 25 rounds through it to lead it back up, before retesting it for accuracy. These have a lot of recoil which shakes everything loose in just a few shots. Not a good thing for accuracy. I use the “HEAVY DUTY” accushot scope mounts combined with a 30mm Leapers 3x9 swat scope that can take the pounding and remain on zero. If you have barrel droop the scope should be shimmed to avoid over adjustment. The stock mounting screws (2 on the forearm and 1 on the trigger guard) need blue locktite on the threads. As well as all the screws on the scope mounts. Check your breach seal, if it looks damaged or like it’s not sealing well you may have to replace or shim it (call Umarex they’ll send you one free). Mine is very pellet picky, it shows its best accuracy with inexpensive Crossman Hollow Points (½ inch groups at 20 yds off a bench). I test my airguns with about 20 different kinds of pellets. If after 250 rounds it doesn’t perform, it probably never will. A good airgun will improve with “break in” but shoots fairly well right out of the box.

        • Steven from USA:

          I agree with Stanley. Break barrels guns are very hold sensitive and you must hold the rifle in the same manner for each shot. And, it does take about 500 or more rounds to get the gun to "settle in". Lastly, good pellets are a must. I have found the H&N Baracuda at 10.65 grains to be the most accurate in my Gamo Bone Collector. Good luck and keep shooting.

        • Sean from USA:

          I own this gun in 22 with some practice it shoots well. It is so powerful you will be hard pressed to do better than inch group at any yardage

        • Sean from USA:

          Takes practice to tame this one

        • Stanley from USA:

          Well i don't have this gun but i have same problem with my gamo hunter extreme .177 cal. Break barrels are very hold sensitive they take much much practice to be accurate with. I replaced the trigger and the scope , I'm getting better. Try the artillery hold , plus they say it takes 500 to 1000 rounds for them to break in. I hope this helps.