Date: 10/12/2018 7:4

Customers Q&A on SIG Sauer ASP20 Gas-Piston Breakbarrel Air Rifle, Beech

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  • Shootmor from USA asked:

    Would the Athlon 6x18 be worth trying? They don't seem to have a very good reputation

    • Tyler from USA:

      Athlon may be your best bet for that price range. They are piston gun rated and have a lifetime warranty. If you want better than that, you'll need to step up to the $300 plus price range with a Hawke Airmax 30 or Sidewinder.

  • Shootmor from USA asked:

    I recieved my asp 22 this week and it has a terrible trigger. Lots of creep. It also takes enough pressure in taking up the slack that it is hard to tell when you get to the let off. I was state champ pistol shooter in my younger days so I know about triggers. Anyone else have this problem? Also the only pellets I can insert by hand are the JSBs which is fine since I think that is what the gun likes. Every other brand requires some sort of seater.

    • Tyler from USA:

      I believe they said the trigger only adjusts within a certain range, so my understanding is that continuing to adjust will not impact anything, but you may want to contact Sig and confirm that. Haven't had the need to play with mine yet.

    • Shootmor from USA:

      The take up is better but the creep is still there. How can you tell when you get to the end of the trigger adjustment when you are going lighter

    • Tyler from USA:

      My .177 doesn't have any of those issues. Have you tried adjusting the trigger? How much have you shot it, maybe it will smooth out with some use.

  • Tom from USA asked:

    Any idea how long before the synthetic version will be available? Also it seems highly coincidental that the wood stock and the synthetic stock supposedly weigh exactly the same. Maybe so, but I would like to see someone check that. . .

    • Tyler from USA:

      Still not a firm ETA on the synthetic. Once they arrive, I am sure measurements will be updated if needed

  • Christian from USA asked:

    Will PA sell the Whiskey3 Scoped Package from Sig? Thanks.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, just waiting on ETA from Sig

  • Peter from USA asked:

    Where is this rifle made?

    • Tyler from USA:

      While it is not released yet, Sig confirmed at SHOT show that these will be made in the USA!

  • Kelly A from USA asked:

    Hello , anyone know when this is actually being released ? Thank You , Ms. Kelly

    • Kelly A from USA:

      Thank you Tyler :-)

    • Tyler from USA:

      Probably late summer/early fall is the last update I heard