Date: 19/3/2019 2:45

Customers Q&A on SIG Sauer MCX CO2 Rifle, Black

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  • Ron from USA asked:

    having problem with skipping pellets, leaving pellets on bet

    • Jordan from USA:

      Usually this is pressure related. Make sure you are in warmer temperature area to get the best performance.

  • Pedro from USA asked:

    Can I use any type of .177 pellets. Example: (Crosman Gold Flight Penetrators Lead Free .177 Caliber) Thanks

    • Jordan from USA:

      For the most part yes. but some might be to long for the belt.

  • Rodolfo from USA asked:

    Will a tank regulated to 800 psi work on the mcx? Will fps be affected?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, that will work. You may see slightly lower velocities.

  • Blake from USA asked:

    I'm getting 2 round burst out of my mcx while I'm using my 20 oz co2 tank. Does anyone know why or what I can do to stop it

    • Blake from USA asked:

      What size scope rings fit on the 1-4 scope that comes with the rifle. I want to get a qd scope mount go between 1-4 power and red dot.

      • James from USA asked:

        Whats the shoot range on this gun for a deadly shot? I was think about shooting chipmunk and prairie dog with in , probably get a BARSKA 3-12x40 AO Airgun, Mil-Dot

        • Tyler from USA:

          Not recommended for small game hunting

      • David from United Kingdom asked:

        on my last o ring for the co2 converter to 12g where can I get more o rings from? Thanks

        • Tyler from USA:

          You should be able to order them or get them locally. If you don't already have the size, I would recommend calling Sig and getting the info from them or the PA Tech team and picking up a small package of them

      • Ben from United Kingdom asked:

        Mine started to jam with no pellets in the mag just the belt. The reason was the small metal nipple and the plastic housing for it inside the rifle. H had this part replaced and 180 shots later it's jammed again. Anyone else have this problem

        • Tom from United Kingdom:

          I've got the same problem, for a second time, the first time the gun was still under warranty, so I sent it back to Sig, where they fixed the problem and updated the seals. It worked fine for a couple of months and then it started to jam again. I noticed that plastic valve and spring housing was quite worn when I had a look the other day and wondered where can I get a new one from, as I've looked everywhere. Luckily I work for an engineering company, so I'm going to get one of our CAD engineers to see if they can come up with a better design.

      • Jose from USA asked:

        I recently bought an mcx that comes bundled with a scope off the actual Sig Sauer website but it didn't come with scope mounts is that normal? Also since I have to buy the scope mounts now which ones should I get?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Yes, I believe it is supposed to come with mounts when you order the scoped version. I believe that is a 1" tube scope, so these rings would be a good option: UTG 1" Max Strength Quick...

      • Igor from USA asked:

        Where I can find .22 version of this gun

        • Tyler from USA:

          It does not exist

      • John from USA asked:

        Is there an adaptor to shut off the air on a 90 gram co2 for the SIG MCX

        • Tyler from USA:


      • Vishal from India asked:

        How many joules of energy it can produce?

        • Charlie from England asked:

          how many shots to empty an 88g co2 cartridge? can you only remove when its empty?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Depends a little on the temp and how quickly you are shooting, but typically around 250 rounds. You can remove the CO2 cartridge whenever you want, but if there is still CO2 left, it will vent out and you'll lose whatever was remaining

        • Daniel from USA asked:

          Im unable to shoot semi auto with my MCX rifle with the HPA tank anybody know why ?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Is the rifle jammed? Are you sure there is air flowing into the gun? If you attach the HPA tank and remove the magazine and dry fire it, does air shoot out?

        • Jordan from England asked:

          Will 1800 psi damage the rifle?

          • Craig from USA asked:

            Didn't read manual. Left full 90gr tank in air gun for a month. Went to use it and CO2 won't cycle. Does nothing. Took tank out and it was still full. No air is getting in. Help

            • Ben from United Kingdom:

              Use a 88g the thread doesn't reach on the 90g

            • Craig from USA:

              Yes I tried both. It's out of warranty cuz I've had it since they first came out. Thanks for trying to help.

            • Tyler from USA:

              Did you try to fire the gun with and without the magazine in the gun? If it is not getting CO2 into the gun, you need to contact either the retailer you bought it from if you're still under their return policy or you should contact SIG directly.

          • Shane from USA asked:

            What kind of groups should I expect at 10 yards?

            • Tyler from USA:

              I have seen some folks getting quarter sized groups off the bench at that distance

          • Don from USA asked:

            I reload my sig Sauer mcx pellet rifle and change out the co2 cartridge but it will not fire. Any suggestions?

            • thomas from USA asked:

              load 30 pellet magazine

              • Tyler from USA:

                Is this a question?

            • Michael from USA asked:

              they dont make this or anything similar in a .22 ?

              • Tyler from USA:

                Not at this time

            • Vegard from USA asked:

              Can you buy scopes for this? And do Pyramyd Air got any that will fit perfect?

              • Jeffrey from USA:

                I put a scope on mine. Both sites are removable.

            • Martin from England asked:

              Can u change the barrel from the mcx fde to a shorter barrel

              • Tom from United Kingdom:

                it would be easy enough, if you can get hold of another barrel, so long as the thread sizes were a match. Also bearing in mind you won't get the same range with a shorter barrel.

              • Tyler from USA:

                I would imagine doing so would void the warranty

            • Joshua from USA asked:

              Can the sig sauer rifle take plastic bbs

              • Tyler from USA:


            • Joe from USA asked:

              How long can I leave a co2 canister,without damaging this gun.

              • Tyler from USA:

                I wouldn't recommend leaving the gun charged with CO2 for more than a day or two

            • Richard from USA asked:

              According to Sig Sauer anything but 90 gr CO2 will void your warranty called them

              • Benjamin from USA asked:

                Can I buy just the barrel and attach it to my short barrel gun?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  You'd have to call Sig to see if they have barrels available

              • johnny from USA asked:

                is it okay to dry fire this?

                • Tyler from USA:


              • Richard from USA asked:

                Is 1100 PSI from the air Venturi tank too much pressure

                • Dean from USA:

                  No. Mine runs on hpa

              • jerry from USA asked:

                What is the actual weight of this unit ?

                • Blair from USA asked:

                  Will Crosman .177 Premier Hollow point Pellets 7.9 grain work in the MCX ? Will Crosman .177 Premier Pointed Pellet 7.4 grain work in the MCX ? All of my stores in my area only carry Crosman , Daisy, and Gamo ammo.

                  • Dale from USA:

                    Crosman .177 Premier Hollow point Pellets 7.9 grain work just fine

                • Michael from USA asked:

                  is there any ETA on when the .22/.25 will become available (for either the MPX or MCX)? According to Sig, the 0.22 is apparently "already available, with 0.25 coming soon." But I can't find the 0.22 available anywhere.

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    Haven't seen or heard anything on the .22 version and don't believe a .25 was ever in the cards

                • Greg from USA asked:

                  Is the rear stock removable

                  • Gary from USA:

                    Yes but only to house the co2 then the rear has to go back on unless u put a bigger tank

                • Gregory from USA asked:

                  What is a ball park range for max distance using the .177 pellet? Thanks, Greg

                  • david from USA asked:

                    Why is the availability of these such a dissapointment?

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      They ship out just as fast as they come in. You'd be best off getting a pre-order in to reserve a spot in line.

                  • tyler from Canada asked:

                    Because average fps is bout 480 can it ship to canada?

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      Sadly, because it is rated at 750, we cannot ship it to Canada at this time.

                  • Peter from USA asked:

                    I have this rifle. I really like it, but the fact that it comes with only 1 Roto belt is ridiculous. I have had another magazine on order since early December (these apparently come with 3 Roto belts). Will Sig just sell Roto belts? That's all we really need!

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      The replacement mag packages come with one magazine housing and three belts

                  • Jesse from USA asked:

                    I have heard this uses standard AR grips, is that true?

                    • John from USA:

                      Yes the ar grips will work..i put a UTG on mine and key mode rail adaptor will fit for additional goodies

                    • AJ from USA:

                      I just received mine and the hand grip mounts similar to ARs but I'm not positive. Hand guards NO.

                  • Angel from USA asked:

                    Can you fit a bipod on it?

                    • kristopher from USA:

                      For underneath you will have to buy a picitinny strip to screw on underneath so a fore grip or whatever other optic u would want to put under

                    • Dean from USA:

                      Yes. Weaver mount all four sides

                  • scott from USA asked:

                    I have a new MCX and it will not advance pellets .. My mag doesn't have the white wheel in it ? Anybody else experienced this ?

                    • AJ from USA:

                      I just received mine and have shot 4 mags thru it with out major issue. I have have 1 pellet fall out into the mag... I'm sure any other issues have been my growing pains learning the MCX. Make sure you use the tool to counter sink the pellets!!!!!!!

                  • Robert from USA asked:

                    More information or a picture of "spring loaded wheel " in side mcx .177 magazine would be very helpful and clear up confusion regarding loading of belt etc. Bob from USA

                    • deerflyguy from USA asked:

                      Can the RWS 850 CO2 Adapter, which uses two 12 Gram CO2 cartridges, work in this gun? It would be much more cost effective to shoot if it were the case. 88/90 gram cartridges have never been the economical way to charge a CO2 gun, just less as often to load. Since the mags have to be reloaded very often, replacing the smaller CO2 cartridges at the same time wouldn't be much of an issue.

                      • scott from USA:

                        The 850 will not work in the Sigs... the bse will not fit past the rear stock lock on the rifle can by the Generic single co2 adapter off amazon and grind the base approx 3/4 of an inch to fit...I get 60 shots on a single 12 gram with this set up..

                      • Michael from USA:

                        If your two 12 Gram co2 adapter can fit inside the butstock housing they should work ,note your adapter would also have to have the same thread size as a 88/90 co2 tank to screw onto the gun

                    • Steven from USA asked:

                      can the simulated forward assist be pushed in or is it just molded into the rifle?

                      • AJ from USA:

                        Just molded for looks....

                    • David from USA asked:

                      Where can I find bipod ?

                      • Jeffrey from USA:

                        Online. Sportsmansguide has some. I've seen some on pyramyd air too.

                    • Johnny from USA asked:

                      Is it fully metal?

                      • Val from USA:

                        some of it is synthetic.

                    • Brianjb from USA asked:

                      Does Pyramyd have plans to sell the 22 cal version of this gun due out sometime in May?

                      • Val from USA:


                    • Mark from USA asked:

                      How would one install Picatinny rails on this gun?

                      • Michael from USA:

                        There are no rails on the bottom of the gun ,just key mod slots

                      • brian from USA:

                        it is a key mod handrail. you have to buy key mod weaver or picatinny rails

                      • Allan from USA:

                        Already has them top and bottom.

                    • Richard from USA asked:

                      Does any one know the actual weight when loaded

                      • Richard from USA asked:

                        Does any one know the actual weight when loaded

                        • Rhys from USA asked:

                          What's the ftp?

                          • AJ from USA:


                        • Bill from USA asked:

                          0.77 or 0.22 pellets witch one would be better what is the difference ?

                          • Allan from USA:

                            The .177 is faster and will shoot "flatter". The .22 hits harder but has a less flat trajectory. .177 pellets are also cheaper, so depends it you want to do with it. Personally, I went with a .177 as I have several other .177 air arms and do not need the punch of a .22.

                        • Allan from USA asked:

                          Same question on the package questions: How does the pellet belt feed into the mag? Have seen two You Tubes with one feeding the belt up and one feeding it down. How is it supposed to load?

                          • Carlton from USA:

                            I have seen several videos as well. All but ONE feed the belt upwards. . .feed clockwise when the magazine is held upright with opening facing you. That is the same direction in which the belt rotates when shot.

                          • John from USA:

                            You load the magazine the same way it cycles! Looking at the front of the magazine you load it clockwise (The front has a .177 marked on it). The belt goes in an upward direction.

                          • Allan from USA:

                            Lucas- I have seen your video and you load the belt downward. So I see you feed the belt down into the mag rather than up to the firing port.

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            The Sig Sauer Manuel states to load pellet belt clockwise only...the gun feeds counterclockwise when it cycles the belt...the magazine has a white wheel inside it that can't handle the abuse of being pushed counterclockwise manually because it has spring tension on pushing counterclockwise can potentially snap the spring..definitely will weaken its tolerances..does this help any?

                        • Bill from USA asked:

                          Is this rifle full medal ?

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Read the reviews mine lists all metal parts also have video of MCX in action on my YouTube page

                        • Bill from USA asked:

                          What brand pellets would give its best fps ?

                          • Angel from USA:

                            Gamo raptors

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Crossman ssp

                        • scott from USA asked:

                          Do you have to buy a certain 88 gram co2 or will any screw in kind work

                          • Rhys from USA:

                            Hi Rick, in what ways has the air rifle improved with the hpa convention because in thinking of using a 13ci gorrila air tank with reg on mine, so what psi do you run it on and how much increase in power and shot count could you get? Thanks

                          • david from USA:

                            Thank You Rick from USA for answering my Question, can the EBOS adaptor for paintball bulk tanks fit in this gun? Apparently so. Thank you for sharing the answer that apparently Lucas could not bring himself to do. He suggested carrying a scuba tank or some such nonsense. Are you listening, godfather?

                          • Rick from USA:

                            I was finally able to get one of these rifles and the wait was definitely worth it. I've had experience with several different 6mm Air Soft and 4.5mm BB guns but this 0.177 cal pellet rifle is great. I did have an issue with the fit of the 90 g CO2 tank, though. The type available at my local retail outlets has a rather large "shoulder" on the tip of the tank ahead of the threads on the tank. This feature on the tank allowed only a few threads of the tank to engage in the female fitting on the gun. As a result much of the CO2 leaked during the ~ 24 hrs the tank was in the gun. It actually required a significant amount of pressure on the back of the tank to even get it to engage the threads in the rifle. I have converted the rifle to HPA using the EBOS bulk fitting that fit the gun perfectly. I'm using a 13CI HPA tank mounted to the front rails. As is typical with all air rifles, the performance of the MCX is far superior on HPA vs the CO2. Additionally, the 90g CO2 cart is by far the most expensive source of CO2.

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Sig Manuel specificly states to use 90g co2 only...

                          • Val from USA:

                            Any 88 gram/90 gram CO2 cartridges found on this site will work.

                        • Rhys from USA asked:

                          What is the max internal air pressure in psi? Cause I've ordered mine and gonna but 13ci tank with a special but stock to fit over it... But I need to know what pressure the gun can take so I can get an appropriate regulator on it! I know co2 runs on 850psi but ideally I want it to take 1000-1100psi!!

                          • Richard from USA:

                            That would be great if they would tell you but its proprietary I called they will not tell you legal issues

                          • AJ from USA:

                            over 200 shots??? I am using 88 gram CO2 and have noticed after 90 pellets a decrease in speed (assumed) and accuracy... I am hoping for a HPA mod to come out soon!!

                          • Robert from USA:

                            I'm assuming you are looking for more power and not more shots. The Air Ordnance SMG 22 uses a similar plastic belt fed mag and this is the limitation when people try to use more than 1100psi hpa. Apparently the belt links just crack. I can't imagine this is any stronger. You are only going to get an answer by trying though.

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Heads up if you attempt to modify this gun...first parts are gonna fly out the receiver everywhere when you open it parts schematics are available....second you void a warrenty from a reputable firearms company in the USA that can't just pack up and leave customers hanging...why void a good thing ?? Thirdly Sig is not gonna help you because that would be a issue for a lawsuit if you get hurt doing something you had no need to do in the first get over 200 shots with one co2 cartridge and since additional mags are not available yet how many more shots you need...

                          • Val from USA:

                            you are asking internal parts tolerances, and that's best to be found out from the manufacturer: Sig

                        • EARL from USA asked:

                          How long is this gun & what soft case do you suggest for it, assuming I ever get it.

                        • David from USA asked:

                          What is the maximum length of a pellet for this airgun?

                          • Carlton from USA:

                            Thanks for the answer Lucas. I have an MCX coming and I want to try the POLYMAG SHORTS.

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            It will take long skirt pellets too..the type usually don't work in rotary mags ...Sig has left plenty of room for them as well...nice job Sig...

                        • Jonpaul from USA asked:

                          What is the reason for the continual push-back of the release date? These things were initially supposed to be available in July, then August, then September, and now we're half way into October. A little heads up on the issues would be nice.

                          • Carlton from USA:

                            I spoke with Sig Sauer direct. They said that they were working on Gen II after selling out the initial release. Gen II is supposed to have issues addressed from reviews thru it going on backorder with availability May 27, 2016. My conversation with Sig was May 20.

                          • AJ from USA:

                            ordered mine on 04-17-16 and hit my door 04-23-16

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Its Sig Sauer not the gun stores..i ordered mine in patient and best advice is to go ahead and order it now because i have a feeling the first batch is all gonna go to the hundreds of preorders.

                        • Nicholas from USA asked:

                          Can you take off the suppressor

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Yes but a skinny inner barrel runs out the handguard to the same length of the barrel shroud...

                        • Stephen from USA asked:

                          Are these ever going to be in stock?

                          • Carlton from USA:

                            Now available from PA May 27, 2016.

                          • AJ from USA:

                            ordered mine on 04-17-16 and hit my door 04-23-16

                        • chris from USA asked:

                          Are the longer magazine available yet..if not when?

                          • Carlton from USA:

                            30 round mags will be available from PA and come with 3 belts. Don't know about a longer belt holding more than 30 rds.

                        • Eric from USA asked:

                          It states it has Metal housing, which parts are metal and which are plastic, if any? Is the muzzle end plastic? Thanks.

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Wrong....the only plastic is the stock...the hand guard & grip are a polymers and the rest ..including sites are all metal...and not that crappy pot metal either ....real steel...weight is 8lbs..

                          • Rhys from USA:

                            Internals are metal but stock is plastic (synthetic) I think

                        • Timothy from USA asked:

                          Does anyone know the Overall Length and Barrel Length fir this rifle? I can't find either one anywhere on the net.

                          • Dave from USA:

                            straight from Sig's website... From tactical drills to target practice, the CO2 powered SIG MCX ASP delivers 30 rounds of rapid-firing, simulated SIG MCX performance and handling for more realistic, economical training and practice — any time, any place. Chambered in .177 pellet, features include an 18" rifled steel barrel, synthetic handguard, picatinny rail, tactical front grip, Micro Red Dot Sight, flip-up front and rear sights and more.

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Wrong again...MPX has 18 and MCX has 21 inch barrel..

                          • Val from USA:

                            Barrel Length: 17.7". Overall Length: 34.7"

                        • brian from USA asked:

                          When will PCP version be avail? Will there be a selective fire version or mod?

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Impossible to convert to select fire because of the way ammo feeds ...uses trigger tension to both cycle the next round and release the gas...

                          • Levi from USA:

                            Sig said in the next year a pcp version will be available and it will also have a .25 caliber version.

                        • Jack from USA asked:

                          Accuracy ??? It's just a painted pig if it's not accurate.

                          • AJ from USA:

                            20 yds - 5 silver dollar size targets- 4-5 shots each only 3 fly aways. I don't think that's bad for first day with gun.(I did put a scope on it.

                        • michael from USA asked:

                          will this rifle have an optional converter for 12 gm co2 cartridges

                          • Guy from USA:


                          • Guy from USA:

                            hammerli dual adapter won't work. Won't fit in the hole

                          • deerflyguy from USA:

                            Just buy the dual 12 gram Hammerli 850 adaptor. It should work as a converter for any 88 gram cylinder conversion.

                        • Frank from USA asked:

                          When watching a video on this gun they explained there will be a 50rd and 70 rd belt Will PA have them available to order when ordering this gun? Shot show2015 airgun web interveiw

                          • Carlton from USA:

                            No word on a longer belt holding more than 30rds. PA has pre-order for standrd 30 rd mag that comes with 3 30rd belts for $29.99.

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            AGD is selling additional mags for $30 and they come with x3 30 round rubber belts also...pre order only right now... No word yet on the exact date for larger cap belts yet...

                        • Gilberto from Colombia asked:

                          what material is the bolt

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            Does it matter your not gonna be able to see it...dust cover is permanently closed...look closely at pictures...

                        • Matt from USA asked:

                          Is the silencer removable

                          • Lucas from USA:

                            I wouldnt be surprised if underneath the shroud is just the inner barrel of the gun all skinny ..long and unpainted...besides this rifle is a dream to get a short barreled rifle with a suppressor fitted into the handguard...many people have spent hundreds of dollars in tax stamps just to run a suppressor and have a stock and foregrip on their AR type pistols....we get it all in one package deal!!!

                          • Unknown Infidel from USA:

                            It's not really a silencer. That is a barrel shroud. They say it is built following the actual blueprints of the real gun so it is likely it can be removed. What you find under it might not be very pretty or aesthetically nice though.

                        • david from USA asked:

                          Will the paintball bulk CO2 adaptor for EBOS work with this?

                          • cecil from USA:

                            The 88gr co2 tank is housed in the buttstock so I doubt it, but I am sure some enterprising airgunner will come up with something.

                        • Joseph from USA asked:

                          Is the action gas operated semi-auto or a DA revolver style?

                          • Val from USA:

                            gas operated semi-auto

                          • rodrigo from USA:

                            Its a rotating belt