Date: 22/10/2020 5:50

Customers Q&A on SIG Sauer MCX CO2 Rifle + Scope, Flat Dark Earth


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  • Dmitry from USA asked:

    Hey guys. I just purchased mcx with the scope. Not from pyramid, i got an opportunity for an amazing offer. So i went ahead thinking that i don't have much to loose...expet for co2 price (i collect bb guns, mostly full metall replica pistols). I literally have over a 1000 12 gr cartridges....i thought that i was pretty much set for zombie apocalypse lol. Anyway, at 1st i thought to get an adopter from 88/90 gr to 12 gr. Then i thought that it wasn't practical (shooting about half a mag before changing i saw this cool set for 13 cu in tank. Does Anyone has any experience with that? I just got a few questions. 1st and most important - do i really need a tank with PSI regulator? 2nd- the buttstock---how comfortable is it. Im still deciding between it and coil remote where.i can carry a tank in a back pack....but then again- is it that safe. Im not trying to blow myself in half or get airborne lol. Please, if u have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks Pyramid and everyone else

    • Tyler from USA:

      1) Yes. The gun is not made to handle higher pressures. 2) Buttstock is okay, but increases the length of pull to a point that may be uncomfortable for some shooters. Can always shoot without it. 3) A remote set up with the proper parts would be fine. Though you'd need to drill a hole for the hose to come through the buttstock.

  • Ronald from USA asked:

    What mechanism cycles the belt after each shot ?

    • Tyler from USA:

      There's an internal part that cycles it.

  • Park from USA asked:

    My fellow gunners, so Pyranyd tested this cool looking piece several times and the most they got out of it was 513fps, yet they advertise this as having a max velocity of 750fps, which they never even came close to!! I have written Pyramyd a couple of times about this snd they never responded, so what are your thoughts on this???

    • Tyler from USA:

      These guns are tested with alloy pellets and that is where the 700 fps max velocity mark comes from. The testing I have seen has been done with lead pellets, so of course the guns shoot slower.

  • Park from USA asked:

    Ok, so I asked before and got no answer. I'll ask again. On this MCX, you guy did a bunch of test shot with this rifle. Your highest velocity was 513 fps. And the manufacturer claims 750fps, so how come the big discrepancy??? What is the real deal???

    • Thomas from USA:

      I get an average of 490 with JSB RS pellets. SD 55. Hi 543 Lo 315 N=33. Don't know why. My Walther Lever Action gets 440 shots; Average 593 SD 11; N=32. MCX is fun to shoot from about 12 meters. Not the most accurate air gun I have.

  • Allan from USA asked:

    Ok, how does the mag load? Seen two You Tubes where the pellet chain feeds in going up, and one going down. How does it load?

    • Thomas from USA:

      Going up.

  • Ian from USA asked:

    How many shots to a co2 cartridge?

    • Thomas from USA:

      The literature suggests 210. That's what I shoot

  • Avery from USA asked:

    Is the silencer real or just a fake one

    • Mark from USA:

      not a real one.

  • alex from USA asked:

    Also why aren't there any videos about this gun

    • Mark from USA:

      nothing has been on the market yet!

  • alex from USA asked:

    Is this a good pellet gun?

    • Mark from USA:

      if you ask Sig - it is! If you ask anybody else - nobody knows because they have yet to hit the shelves!

  • Wesley from Canada asked:

    Does this ship to Canada and does the scope also ship?

    • Stanley from USA:

      No over 500 FPS. Rated at 750fps.

  • Jeff from USA asked:

    Is the suppressor functional?

    • Mark from USA:

      no, it is not. just for looks

  • Lee from USA asked:

    How much does it weigh?

    • James from USA:

      Sig is claiming a 1 to 1 weight ratio compared to the real firearm so 5.5 to 6lbs without the scope.