Date: 27/1/2021 21:6

Customers Q&A on SIG Sauer MPX CO2 Gun, Dot Sight, Flat Dark Earth


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  • CHAO from Canada asked:

    Is this gun can be shipped to Canada? Need PAL in CA or not? Thanks.

    • Mark from USA:

      We can not ship this item to Canada.

  • Joseph from USA asked:

    Are extra 30 round magazines and or extra belts available and cost?

  • Jacob from USA asked:

    What type of grain would you recommend for this specifc firearm?

    • John from USA asked:

      Just wondering why the release date for this airgun keeps getting pushed back. Hope it's not problems with SIG. Pretty excited to see how it performs. Wish they could have worked the folding stock into it, but I understand the 88g C02 has to fit there.

      • Micheal from USA:

        according to what I heard its just bugs like games that first come out they have bugs they want to make sure its perfect for us and it wont hurt us when we use it they also want to make sure it has the promised fps and muzzle velocity and also want to make sure that your not getting something that will break down in a few days at the price who would want it to

    • johnson from USA asked:

      Does the PCP model will coming later? I saw the Airgun show report that they have Co2 model and PCP model. If the PCP model is going to come later,does anybody know when is coming? And what is the details,something like the max speed,the energy,the pressure for the cylinder...

      • ted from USA:

        Just get the 13c.i. HPA and adapter and now you have a PCP version. I did and I love it, works flawlessly and you get a little more fps and more shots per charge.

      • Micheal from USA:

        I haven't heard indication that they will have a pcp modle although I feel your envy I would love a pcp model also

    • Andy from Canada asked:

      I've asked this question several times, and it always seems to get deleted before it's answered!!!. Can someone PLEASE Tell me if the non-FAC model of this gun(The .22 caliber version w/ a muzzle velocity of 475 fps), There are not too many places that we can order *NEW* & Exciting air-rifles from up here, So, PLEASE at least answer the question,,,,,Before you DELETE it, Thanking You in advance, Andy.

      • Micheal from USA:

        he's asking if the 22 model is still being made? yes its just having more problems then usual and wont be out until may mine is on back order I do not believe there is another web site with it for sale just try to keep updated email me at my secondary email and ill get back to you when I find out more [email protected]

      • johnson from USA:

        I don't understand what's u question...sorry~~~