Date: 11/8/2020 12:33

Customers Q&A on SIG Sauer MPX CO2 Rifle, Black


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  • Jack from USA asked:

    Will the Sig MPX fire bb's as well ? If yes what size ?

    • Mark from USA:


  • eduardo from USA asked:

    Hello guys, i have an mpx for almost a year now and i use it very seldomly. Usually i take a couple dozen shots and put it back on the shelf - can i do that with the CO2 cylinder still on? Is that a problem? Thanks!

    • Eric from USA asked:

      What type of Black paint does the sig mpx have. I want to retouch the paint on it. My mpx came all chipped & warn out

      • Eric from USA asked:

        My sig mpx shoots 575fps. What scope should I buy for a airgun that shoots that far?

        • Mark from USA:

          A scope that focuses down to 5-7 yards.

      • Eric from USA asked:

        What scope & scope rings are best to buy for a sig sauer mpx, I don't like shooting blind?. I don't like red dot in my opinion. Scopes are best personally.

        • Mark from USA:

          You will need a scope that focuses down to 7-10 yards. There is no "best " scope, You will need weaver /picatinny rings.

      • Eric from USA asked:

        Do you have to use an adapter to install the 90 gram co2 cartridge or not?

        • Mark from USA:

          The 90 Gm CO2 cartridge fits in without any extra adapter.

      • Eric from USA asked:

        Your website shows the mpx max velocity is 575 fps. What pellet do you recommend or use to get that max velocity?

        • Mark from USA:

          A 7 grain wadcutter pellet like the RWS Basic.

      • Brett from USA asked:

        I used the Air Venturi 3000 psi tank with my MPX and now CO2 cartridges will not work (they will not pierce). Any idea what the issue is?

        • Gerald from Canada asked:

          Can the extended barrel from the MCX be attached to the end of this airgun to give you the option to make the MPX into a MCX

          • Daniel from USA asked:

            greetings, what is the weight and what is the country of mfg?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Around 6 lbs. They are made in Japan

          • Chase from USA asked:

            Does this come with co2?

            • Tyler from USA:


          • osiel from USA asked:

            How or where can i order a .22 version of this rifle...?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Sadly you can't, it was never produced in .22

          • Wild Bill from Canada asked:

            Does this ship to Canada?

            • Tyler from USA:

              No, it does not

          • Randy from Canada asked:

            How many shots on average do you get per cylinder?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Depends on the temp, but anywhere from 200-250 shots.

          • Michael from USA asked:

            What is the Barrel thread on the MPX, when muzzle is removed.

            • John from USA:

              The muzzle cannot be removed.

          • Will from USA asked:

            How long is the rifle without the stock and no co2 cartridge ?

            • GLENN from USA asked:

              Definitely a .22 caliber version would be a BIG hit. But there's an elephant in the room here. The Trigger ! there's no mention or specs on the trigger here. Specs say this gun is "Action Semiautomatic", but YouTube reviews say Double Action yet still call it semiautomatic. Is there any internal blowback to this gun ?

              • GMS from USA:

                A trigger's action doesn't determine the firing mode. Whether it is single-action or double-action can still be semi-auto or fully-auto. Think about handguns: they have either SA, DA/SA, or DAO trigger's, yet aside from machine-pistols most are semi-auto. 99.999% of full-auto long-arms have a single-action trigger; the rare exception that I know of having a DA trigger is the Sites Spectre M-4 SMG. For airguns, any that shoot in full-auto are either uniquely designed, or are usually based on AirSoft variants and copy the firearm - hence are single-action select-fire. AEG's change the rule as they are electrically controlled so there is no requirement to charge a bolt. I have not yet discovered a full-auto airgun that shoots pellets. Due to current technological limitations, pellet guns with any sort magazine feed are either disc- or belt-fed, and bolt-action repeater or semi-auto requiring a DA trigger to advance the feed. Crosman's famous 1077 is a perfect and earliest example of a semi-auto pellet rifle with disc-in-box-mag. and DA trigger, while Hammerli 850 AirMagnum and Benjamin Armada would be a couple decent bolt-guns with rotary (disc) mag's.

            • Laurent from France asked:

              Hello, do you ship to France ? restrictions about powerfulness ? Thanks. Best regards

              • Edward from USA asked:

                Where is the .22 cal version?

                • Val from USA:

                  No updates from Sig Sauer, but they are not launching it this year for sure.

              • davetc8 from USA asked:

                I ordered my .22 cal version about a year ago, still on back order I would like an update please .......sheeeeese!!!

                • Val from USA:

                  No updates from Sig Sauer, but they are NOT launching it in 2096 for sure.

              • Michael from USA asked:

                Simply out of odd curiosity, what would happen if I tried to use BBs. Would they just roll out?

                • Val from USA:

                  They would not sit in the belt

              • Gregory from Canada asked:

                What happened to the 475fps .22cal. Version?

                • davetc8 from USA:

                  Back Ordered lol

              • kevin from USA asked:

                This question is to P.A. How about a custom bundle? I'd much rather have an extra mag/belt than a spinner. How about it? Some of the stuff offered is so not me. Like a red dot would be cool in the bundle also. Holler at me and let me know.

                • Chia-Hsiang from USA asked:

                  Do you have color in Flat Dark Earth?

                  • kristopher from USA:

                    They do but with either a red dot or scope, not just plain like in black which sucks

                • malcolm from USA asked:

                  Do you replacement belts / cilps and cost per unit? Thank You

                  • Richard from USA asked:

                    What's it weigh

                    • Carl from USA asked:

                      Is this rifle accurate enough to head shoot rats at 10 yards and closer? I've seen some reviews on there pistols and a few people are disappointed with the accuracy.

                      • Micheal from USA asked:

                        Is this rifle good for SELF DEFENSE against robberys

                        • GMS from USA:

                          Pretty much NO airgun is good for self defense...apart from scaring those who are easily afraid of guns and might think it is a firearm. Think about this: a .22LR is a firearm, and anything but a well-placed headshot would require NUMEROUS rounds to assuredly put down an assailant. With that said, a .22LR is many folds more powerful than any airgun. Furthermore, if the target is incredibly strong and/or on drugs, even a 9x19mm/.38Spl may require multiple rounds. With how easy it is for criminals to obtain firearms, chances are you might encounter someone armed with a gun. Last thing you'd want is to bring an airgun to a gun fight. You're better off bringing a (good) knife because at least with that, IF you can close distance in time, you might cause serious debilitating injury to the intruder(s).

                        • Mark from USA:

                          No, it is NOT

                      • Akpawicha from USA asked:

                        This rifle are coming with co2 tank yet? And what i got when i buy this one?

                        • Micheal from USA:

                          I just ordered one and my main thing is I don't think it does I think ammo and co2 is seprate

                      • stanley from USA asked:

                        Is the barrel threaded? If so what size?

                        • Lucas from USA:

                          The barrel is threaded in two however the A2 flashsuppressor is faux and it cannot be unthreaded from the second half of the outer could order the MCX outerbarrel since its from the manufacturer and add that barrel shroud but you inner rifled barrel will stop before it enters that long as you watch your gas level it should fly straight threw the end cap...lower co2 and it might not line up threw end hole...however it's metal so there's always the drill bit...

                        • Micheal from USA:

                          I assume you mean threaded as in can you put a tip on it and again id call the website on it because they sell the gun they should know

                      • LvtheOtdrsman from USA asked:

                        I know this is a New Deal for SIG SAUER asI am a SS Fire arms Owner 1911 226 2022 and Looking at Buying this Model in Real Center Fire AR Rifle. So I thought why not ;-) to get used to this New Phenom in Air soft and Pellet and BB Simulation fire for Plink and pest and Comp Target.I have been using other Products and had to keep a price watch and this I hope will be agood deal.Question is there a Suppressor and adapter for this Model ? does the Muzzle break come off ?

                        • Micheal from USA:

                          id say to be sure give the 1-888-262-4867(GUNS) (the websites number) a call and ask the people who run this site they should know about their products if not try looking up the SIG SAUER web site and asking them

                      • Andy from Canada asked:

                        Will this air rifle (475fps) be available for shipping to Canada?

                        • GMS from USA:

                          Where do you see a 475fps variant?? If you're talking about a .22 ver., that would still exceed uncontrolled firearm status as it is not just the muzzle velocity that is considered. The 500fps limit is based on .177 caliber. Also note: "Available to US customers exclusively". I haven't found any retailer in Canada that sells the SIG rifles yet, at least not legally. Even if you go down south across the border or have someone do so for you, the only ones available are the .177 Cal. models therefore a P.A.L. would still be required to clear C.B.S.A.

                        • Micheal from USA:

                          check your local and country's laws if you cant ship to Canada ask a friend in the usa