Date: 19/5/2019 13:37

Customers Q&A on SIG Sauer P226 CO2 Pellet Pistol, Flat Dark Earth

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  • Lenny from USA asked:

    Does this have a functional de-cocker?

    • Tyler from USA:


  • Kenneth from USA asked:

    Can you field strip this gun for cleaning?

    • michael from USA asked:

      Where do you get another magazine? or are you only allowed the magazine that comes with this pistol and that is all you can have?

    • Jack from India asked:

      Will it be able to shipped to India??and what else will come along with this gun....extra pellets?? Please response

      • Brock from USA asked:

        How would you compare this to the PX4 Storm? Accuracy? Loudness? Other comments? Thanks

        • Tyler from USA:

          In my testing the PX4 has done a bit better than the Sig, but not by much. And that is pellet and gun dependent. Loudness is the same. Both good guns, comes down to feel and that is all up to you.

      • clayton from Canada asked:

        Well now the fps has droped from 510 to 450fps. Does this pellet gun Shipp to canada now

        • Tyler from USA:


      • Enrico from Canada asked:

        What's the real fps of this?

        • Michael from USA asked:

          Is anyone having trouble with a huge velocity drop? I have three mags for this gun. The first mag fires maybe 5 shots before the drop is noticeable. By the end of the third mag the pellets pretty much dribble out the barrel. Anyone else?

          • Frank from Canada asked:

            do you need fire arms license

            • Val from USA:

              Not unless you live in NJ

          • Barry from USA asked:

            What kind of compresser will fit this pistal

          • Tony from USA asked:

            Can anyone say if this light tan color shown is the actual color or is it more like the drab muddy green I've seen on one?

            • Andre from USA:

              Mine is also an almost olive drab, not any FDE I've seen.

          • Michael from USA asked:

            can you use a gamo p85 magazine in this pistol? They look the same

            • Darren from USA asked:

              Is the barrel threaded? Looks like a thread protector on the end..

              • Allen from USA:

                Yes, the knurled nut at the end of the barrel can be unscrewed and removed.

            • Rick from USA asked:

              Will this P226 fit into a kydex-type holster designed for an actual Sig 226...for home-range practice sessions? Thanks.

              • Allen from USA:

                I would have to assume that it will fit since the P226 pellet pistol is physically/dimensionally identical to the firearm.

            • swamprocker57 from USA asked:

              Does the slide lock back when mag is empty?

              • Allen from USA:

                No, the slide does not lock in the back position after the last shot from the magazine.

            • swamprocker57 from USA asked:

              Any extra magazines available for the Sig Sauer P226 or the P250?

              • Sean from USA:

                Yes on this site, just search 'p226 clip' or 'p250 clip'. It's the same clip. They can come in and out of stock quite a bit, so if a set is available grab it up. If out of stock you can ask for email notification when they come in.

            • Wilson from USA asked:

              Interested in this for the grandchildren. How many pelt shots can one expect with a CO2 cartridge ....???

              • Allen from USA:

                I find that the power starts dropping off noticeably after about 60 shots.

              • Wilson from USA:

                Thanks .....

              • Mark from USA:


            • Kenneth from USA asked:

              Can you add a laser sight? Thanks

              • Sean from USA:

                I like the Swiss Arms Metal Micro Laser, it $23

              • Allen from USA:

                Yes, I added a laser sight and it works well (especially helpful for aging eyes). Holds zero well in spite of the gun's firm blow-back.

              • Mark from USA:

                of course! it has a rail under the barrel

            • Enrique from USA asked:

              Is this a Cybergun?

              • Val from USA:


            • joseph. c from USA asked:

              What magazines fit this gun help????

            • CB from USA asked:

              Does PA ever plan to have this in stock? Every time I look into this gun they have no stock & the estimated in stock date gets pushed back farther & farther. Why advertise something there's never stock on?

              • Sean from USA:

                It seems Sig Sauer doesn't put alot of emphasis on their BB and pellet guns.

              • Val from USA:

                yes, this is in stock.

            • johnson from USA asked:

              Why the estimated in stock date is always delay? And what's the exactly Max Velocity? Is the speed 510 fps ture? I saw a test report "Using standard Crosman 177 caliber lead wadcutter pellets, the average velocity clocked in at 325.7 feet per second. Switching to lighter and more aerodynamic Gamo platinum power pellets, the velocity jumped to over 400 feet per second." Why so different? I already booking it for more than 3 months and I want know the truth.

              • craig from USA asked:

                How many shots do you get per co2 cartridge ?

                • Stan from USA:

                  I get about 64 shots 4 clips before it falls off

              • craig from USA asked:

                What are the best pellets to use ?

                • Carlton from USA:

                  From experience, several will fit snugly and loose pellets are kept to a minimum if any. They are: Beeman Crow Magnum 8.80gr, Benjamin Hollow Point 7.9gr, H&N Sport Field Target 8.49gr to name a few.

              • Michael from USA asked:

                Is the barrel thread M9x0.75 or 1/2x28 or something else?

                • Allen from USA:

                  Appears to be M12x1.00

              • joseph. c from USA asked:

                Could you get extra magazines for this gun

                • Mark from USA:

                  they are coming

              • Jason from USA asked:

                Will this shoot in Single and Double action, or just double action? Anyone know?

                • B from USA:

                  Make sure you fully release the trigger as that "long take up" mentioned also rotates the magazine. If you release the trigger just far enough to "fire" it again you will be firing on an empty chamber!

                • Cory from USA:

                  I would like to add that it feels quite close to the firearm equivalent. There is the long pull length and the additional take up in single action. While not completely identical would be fine for practice as it is very close.

                • Cory from USA:

                  It is a SA/DA trigger. It will shoot in double action on the first shot if the hammer is not cocked. The slide action will cock the hammer on each shot after but there is the long take up left in the trigger left over from the DA pull.