Date: 20/5/2019 21:48

Customers Q&A on SIG Sauer P320 CO2 Pistol, Metal Slide, Black

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  • Pixly from USA asked:

    I've seen many reviews mentionning the fact that it jams often,is it really that bad ?and does it work with pointy pellets as those predator polymags?

    • jose from USA:

      Yea its that bad and doesnt works with pointed pellets

    • Shane from Canada:

      When I first got it I had no issues using crosman 7.4 wadcutters. Then I switched to 7.9 hollow point and it jammed all the time, pellet would stay stuck in the clip. I tried crosman 7.4 premier pointed and have had 1 maybe 2 jams in the last 400 shots. IMO it needs lighter pellets with a small head.

  • Nicholas from USA asked:

    on the sig P320 co2 pistol can you use crosman .177 cal destroyer pointed expanding pellets

    • Terry from USA:

      From everything I have read about all of these Sig Sauer pellet guns (and I have been researching a ton), they don't do well with pointed pellets. So if that's what you want to use, I'd steer away.

  • Hugh from USA asked:

    Anybody have experience shooting sharp pellets like H&N Hornets ? Thanks.

    • rfguy from USA asked:

      Does the belt (only) from the different MCX / MPX Magazine fit the Magazine of the P320? I know the magazines are different, but are the belts (only) capable and does it require a pellet seating tool to push the pellets into place?

      • Aaron from USA asked:

        I want to use this in place of a blank pistol. Will firing this without pellets harm the gun. If so, will it function with felt cleaning pellets?

        • Tyler from USA:

          Firing without pellets will not damage the gun.

      • MauiWally from USA asked:

        This P320 air pistol is based on the P320 Nitron Full Size semi auto. The real P320 has modular components that allow for 3 different grip sizes. Does anyone know what grip size the P320 air pistol matches? (Small, Med, Large)

        • Guy from USA:

          The P320 and P250 airguns (ASP) appear to be built on the same frame. My P250 ASP has only one size, Im guessing it's the medium. For my fairly small hands (glove size men's small or medium), the P250 ASP grip is slightly large but OK. The P226 ASP I tried was clearly too big, significantly larger than the P250. I haven't tried the P320 ASP.

      • Kelvin from USA asked:

        Received my P320 a couple of weeks ago and just getting a chance to shoot it. Is anyone having a problem with the magazine/ammo jamming? I used the SIG .177 Wrath pellets and they jammed twice in 11 shots!!!!

        • Richard from USA:

          A big thank you to Mir from Pakistan. Those videos saved me a ton of headaches.

        • jose from USA:

          Same problem here! I've tried gamo tomahawk, domain pointed and crosman domed and it just jams every time, what kind of pellets works just fine in this p320?

        • Ross from USA:

          I had continual jamming (trigger and magazine stuck) when I used the Crosman competition 7.4 grain wadcutter pellet. The handgun would fire reliably when I switched to the RWS Hobby 7.0 grain wadcutter with ribbed skirt. See the following you tube videos for jam clearing and jam elimination info: Clearing your jam- How to make gun reliable-

        • Mir from Pakistan:

          Ive had the same problem after around 500 pellets and then at 800 it would do on every shot. The gun doesnt work anymore with the loaded mag in place. Trigger gets very hard to pull. Pellets head brakes before the magazine release.

        • Tyler from USA:

          Have you tried other pellets?

      • GLENN from USA asked:

        sights..? are they white dot..? Seems odd that a $100 gun would have lame sights,,, not adjustable and plain black.

        • david from USA:

          I painted my sights with a luminescent paint (orange) to see it better.

        • Tyler from USA:

          Yes, they are white dot sights

      • wnij from USA asked:

        no one knows when the mags. for the 320 will be available. you would think they would be available when the gun goes on sale not a month or two later. bummered.

        • Tyler from USA:

          Saw the same thing when sig came out with the mpx/mcx, guns were out for a few months before spare mags became available.

      • joshua from USA asked:

        can the belt inside the magazine be shared between the MPX rifle and this pistol since they're both 30rd and do you sell spares

        • wyndy_p from USA asked:

          What moves the belt, the trigger or the blowback?

          • wnij from USA:

            TO bad the blow back did not forward the amo belt. it would eliminate the speed bump on the trigger pull.

          • Gerry from USA:


          • Tyler from USA:

            The trigger

        • Michael from USA asked:

          How would this rate against the P250 in terms of fit and finish, and overall function?

          • Michael from USA:

            Thanks Tyler. Appreciate the answer. The P250 is one of my favorite pellet pistols so I'm sure the 320 will be just as enjoyable based on your answer.

          • Tyler from USA:

            They're very much the same, the big draw of the 320 is the 30 round mag

        • Warren from USA asked:

          One poor review on this gun. But man, the specs sure make it attractive. Is it really just a 2 star gun?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Check again, new reviews are coming in daily. My $.02, this is definitely not a two star gun.

        • David from USA asked:

          Does the "30 max shots per fill" mean that you get 30 shots per CO2 canister?

          • Gerry from USA:

            Getting around 35 shots before it really starts to drop off. For this reason, I prefer new CO2 each time I reload. This makes spare mags much less appealing IMHO.

          • James from USA:

            I'm getting about 60 shots per CO2 canister

          • David from USA:

            Its a general estimate. My experience so far, one CO2 gets me about 35-40 shots

        • michael from USA asked:

          When will spare mags be available?

          • Val from USA:

            in a few months. end of summer at the latest.

        • Adam from USA asked:

          Does the slide lock back after the last shot?

          • Gerry from USA:

            Nope. :(

          • Vincent from Canada:

            probably no, its 99.99% similar to the p250

        • Joe G from USA asked:

          Can the slide be cocked back and released?

          • Gordon from USA:

            Yes, but it is not necessary to cock and release the slide. The pistol is ready to fire immediately after the magazine has been inserted -- not realistic.

          • Vincent from Canada:


        • matt from USA asked:

          Is the belt that holds the pellets, the same belt that's in the mpx and MCX magazines?

          • John from USA:

            NO. Different magazine.

        • John from USA asked:

          Any info on how soon extra magazines will be available? As soon as the pistol comes out?

        • Joe G from USA asked:

          If I pre-order this item now, is it going to begin the shipping process on the day PyramidAir has it's first batch in stock and ready to go or is it going to arrive in the mail on the release day?

          • Val from USA:

            It's going to ship on the release date.

        • Joe G from USA asked:

          Is this going to have a fully functional realistic moving slide that can be pulled back with a nifty faux ejection port you can see the barrel through as it pulled back to load?

          • Vincent from Canada:


        • Dean from USA asked:

          Threaded barrel for LDC add on?

          • James from USA:

            No threaded barrel

          • David from USA:

            Right now, no

        • Tony from USA asked:

          Will extra magazines be available? If so how much?