Date: 24/5/2019 2:3

Customers Q&A on Schofield No. 3 Nickel CO2 BB Revolver, Full Metal

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  • Drewster from USA asked:

    Bear River Outdoors says that this will shoot either BBs or Pellets, with the right cartridges. Is this accurate? Is there any possible harm that can come of this?

    • Jordan from USA:

      Do not believe so you would need different shells.

  • jose from USA asked:

    The old black finish Will be available again?

    • Mark from USA:

      Currently only the nickel plated version is in production.

  • Caleb from USA asked:

    Will there be a pellet version released? I think this is an awesome gun, but I prefer accuracy even in a target gun. If not do the colt peacemaker shells fit this gun?

    • matt from USA asked:

      can this shoot pellets if used with pellet cartridges

      • Tyler from USA:

        While I don't believe it is recommended, I have seen it done.

    • Bobby from USA asked:

      Will this gun shoot pellets with accessorie pellet cartridges?

      • Jed from USA asked:

        Is the nickel finish chrome or more satin like?

        • Jed from USA:

          Robert is right! I was not disappointed when I got mine. Not quite chrome and brighter than satin.

        • Bob M from USA:

          Satin like. It's not as bright as a chrome finish, less reflective but still shinny. The cylinder has a machined finish in that you can see very fine cutting lines all around it, The cylinder indentations remain satin shinny. I prefer this over chrome. You will not be disappointed in its looks. Grips look great too.

      • Mark from USA asked:

        If I buy several guns... including this PRE-ORDER gun... will I still get free shipping? And will the in stock guns be shipped right away or will they be held back until this gun is available for shipping?

        • michael from USA asked:

          would think they would have a night shift working to get this in before the Holiday season. Hopefully it won't arrive in the low level blister pack ,and if I were king , it would be offered , like the Colt Peacemaker 7 1/2 version, with optional poly ivory grips

          • Jed from USA:

            I ordered the new "after market" ivory grips yesterday here from Pyramyd Air.

          • Bob M from USA:

            It does come in a blister pack. Ivory grips are obviously here, wish they were offered when I placed my order. Hopefully they will offer all these grips separately, even custom ones !

        • Michael from USA asked:

          Whenever I view this gun the Webly speedloader appears as "recommended accessories". Do these truly fit this gun?

          • Jed from USA:

            Yes, they work perfectly with mine.

          • michael from USA:

            neither the one that came with my revolver or the webley revolver work with the Schofield

          • Val from USA:

            yes, they do