Date: 19/3/2019 2:50

Customers Q&A on Seneca Recluse Dual Tank Air Rifle

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  • Bryan from USA asked:

    What's the fpe for this pcp?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Depends on the slug weight, but usually in the 165-175 FPE range

  • Francisco from USA asked:

    What is involved in a tuning job of this gun?

    • Bob from USA asked:

      how can i replace the o ring at the breech where it closes over the ball on the recluse 9mm

      • Asylum81 from USA asked:

        My front fixed blade sight looks bent when viewing through the rear sight. Is this normal, optical illusion? it appears to be straight when rested and viewed from all sides and angles. Is this due to the nature of the guns natural seating in the shoulder? If not, how can it be fixed since it is fixed?

        • Robert from USA asked:

          What is the heaviest round that give accuracy and fpe

          • pepegraves from USA:

            AERO MAGNUM 128gr Devastators

          • Edward from USA:

            The best round that i used is the 95 grain it has the range, fpe and accuracy

        • Marino from USA asked:

          Is the Recluse barrel threaded?

          • pepegraves from USA:

            Yes, I got a R Kasten Lead Dust Collector

          • Edward from USA:

            it is threaded

        • ted from USA asked:

          I recently purchased an Airforce talon ss , I like the fit , finish and build quality of the rifle. Will I be happy with the same on this gun ? I don't want to regret my purchase

          • Derek from USA:

            They are completely different guns. The fit and finish is of higher quality on the Air Force line of guns in my opinion as well as better ergonomics. If you're considering a big bore, you might look at the Air Force Texan.

        • henry from USA asked:

          will this accept a scope and bipod

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            Scope, yes. Bipod, you would have to tap the wooden for grip.

        • rrtrgt from USA asked:

          What do you use to get 3000 psi when a compressor is only 125 psi

          • deerflyguy from USA:

            IMHO your best move would be to buy your own high pressurre compressor. It won't be cheap, but if you're going to be a PCP shooter, you will probably get one sooner or later. Also, IMHO, the best appearing, most reliable, best performing, most user friendly such compressor is the Omega Super Charger air compressor, that can charge to 4,500 psi. It will set you back about $1,879.00, but it's a real sweetheart! Having your own compressor will save most folks much time and trouble seeking locations to fill portable air tanks (if you have any such a place in your location), and hand pumps are notorious man killers to rely on.

          • pepegraves from USA:

            4500 psi SCBA CARBON FIBER TANK

          • Marino from USA:

            3000 PSI hand pump.

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            By using a shoebox compressor with your shop compressor.

        • Kenn from USA asked:

          Will this gun be good for 50-75yards on coyote

          • Clayton from USA:

            Not to be smart but how long have you been shooting airguns I hate coyotes with 25 caliber hot sounds 30 or 40 yards and drop them with a 357 I've been knocking them out 110 - 30 yards with a 35 hollow point Out of rekluse and night vision the nitesite Viper Not being smart or not in but you can drop a coyote Like I said no problem with the 357 and whitetail deer also I have put it right through a whitetail deer weigh 126 pounds with a 357 recluse at 95 yards And got the film to prove it If you'd like to see it let me know I'll give you my email and I'll send it to you Don't believe everything you hear man get out there and hunt and use them and you'll see what they're doing Long as you got the right bullet you're fine or pellet I should say you're fine Got to get them samyang Korean gunsAnd if you get the air boat that goes in them you can drop a 200-pound dear no problem Arrow go right through It sucks cuz got to take some down 75yards

          • pepegraves from USA:

            X2 William...with proper placement, YES

          • William from USA:

            This gun with proper size bullets will work for coyote and deer at 50 to 75 yards with proper shot placement.

          • Richelle from USA:

            This does not have enough energy to shoot a coyote at that range. You will want to look at a .45 or .50 cal air rifle at 30-40 yards.

        • nick from USA asked:

          will this take down a deer

          • Hans from USA:

            You can take a deer with the new .357 air bolt

          • pepegraves from USA:

            Tyler is right, and Tom Gaylord is could possibly take deer but, it must be within 20 yards with a head or neck shot. But, this is not a deer - sized game gun.

          • Fred from USA:

            The rifle is capable, are you capable enough to place the shot in a kill zone?

          • Edith from USA:

            Most state laws do not allow taking deer with airguns. I mentioned your question to airgun writer Tom Gaylord, and he said this is not an appropriate gun for deer.

          • Terry from USA:

            Think about it, this gun has appx. the same muzzle energy as a 32 ACP pistol. Just sayin'.

          • Nathaniel from USA:

            Get a .45 Sam yang 909s

          • Tyler from USA:

            At closer ranges, yes it does have the energy to take a deer.