Date: 26/1/2021 10:17

Customers Q&A on Seneca Wing Shot Shotgun

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  • Wyatt from USA asked:

    What hand pump should I buy for the wing shot and what rip should I get

    • Jordan from USA asked:

      Can I use #2 or BB size lead birdshot in the empty shells?

      • Herman from USA asked:

        Two questions: How well 5 shot work with this gun and can I use BB Lead shot not steel?

        • Cesar from USA asked:

          Can I use a hand pump to fill Seneca wing shot ll? And what kind a hand pump and quick conectors should I use?

          • Cesar from USA:

            Thank! Very helpful

          • Mark from USA:

            Yes. The hand pumps that have a female foster on the hose end will fit. (most have it)

        • Mike from USA asked:

          Hi,is the wingshot legal to hunt on a California state hunting refuges?

        • Joseph from USA asked:

          Will it kill a squirrel

          • Mark from USA:


        • JOHNNY from USA asked:

          for some reason I seem to only have one setting when pulling my bolt backwards, isn't it supposed to have a half, and a full power

          • Mark from USA:

            Fixed/adj. power: Fixed

        • JOHNNY from USA asked:

          does the wing shot have half power and full power selections

          • Mark from USA:

            The wingshot has fixed power.

        • Chris from USA asked:

          Will the original Wingshot still shoot bolts?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes, still need to remove the choke to do so

        • Tyler from USA asked:

          Is there any word if there will be a rifled barrel for the wing shot in the near future?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Have not heard anything like that, so not likely.

        • Darren from USA asked:

          Does the wing shot come with the sliding bolt on the left instead of right for left handed shooters?

          • Tyler from USA:

            No, only on the right hand side

        • Louis from USA asked:

          I have a hand pump is this shotgun hard to pump up. I have purchased some that I could not pump

          • Tyler from USA:

            Any big bore is going to be hard to pump, but it is doable. You'll have to cock the bolt before attempting to fill.

        • Ryan from USA asked:

          Is this gun good for home defense or what gun would be the best

          • Tyler from USA:

            NO. No airgun is going to be well suited to home defense in comparison to a firearm.

        • John Sheridan from USA asked:

          I use a hand pump, so prefer operating at lower pressures. Can the gun be successfully operated at 2000 psi? What velocities, and how many shots?

          • Tyler from USA:

            It will shoot at 2000 psi, but you're already on the backside of the velocity curve at that point and the velocities will continue to drop from there. Wouldn't recommend running this from a 2000 psi. 2500 psi would net you two viable shots.

        • gil from USA asked:

          Does this model come with the 11mm weaver rail?

          • Tyler from USA:

            It does not. You can purchase an 11mm dovetail that can be added:PY-A-5920

        • Robert from USA asked:

          I have a wing b shot 2. The 50 cal air venturi round slugs seem awful big for the barrel. Won't even fit past the breech. Do I fire anyway and assume the air forces the slug down the barrel safely?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes, they will fire without issue. Just make sure to remove the choke first!

        • DANIEL from USA asked:

          Will this gun take out a coyote if need be? And at what range with a slug?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes, more than enough power to do so with a slug. Accuracy is going to be the issue when using a slug in this gun, I would say about 25 yards is going to be your max distance with a slug for acceptable hunting accuracy.

        • Garrett from USA asked:

          Could i hunt turkey with this

          • Patrick from USA:

            No, this gun does not have enough power to ethically hunt turkey. As it says in the description, dove or quail sized birds.

          • Tyler from USA:

            That depends on your state regulations, you'd want to check with your DNR first

        • Mark from USA asked:

          How loud is this shotgun compared to a 410?

          • Stanley from USA:

            Way quieter than a 410 .

        • ryan from USA asked:

          Can I shoot 00 Buckshot in my Wing Shot? I made up some shell's with 2, 00buckshot filled with 8 1/2 . And shells with 1, 00buckshot #4 and 8 1/2. I've also make shells with #4 and 8 1/2. Should they be fine to shoot? Thanks for your time.

          • Tyler from USA:

            You can certainly try them out. Not sure how they will do in terms of accuracy though.

        • Brian from USA asked:

          Will this humanely kill a pheasant?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Out to about 20 yards, yes. I'd recommend #6 shot.

        • ray in wi from USA asked:

          As the Wing Shot has a screw off choke, is there a rifled choke available to in effect make it a "smooth twist"?

          • Tyler from USA:

            Not at this point in time

        • Micah from USA asked:

          I already have a wing shot , is the rib ed barrel for sale separate ?

          • Tyler from USA:

            It is not

        • Jeremy from USA asked:

          Has anyone shot the air bolts from the wing shot? And if so what kind of accuracy are they getting?

          • Val from USA:

            2" at 40-50 yards. Gets less accurate than Dragon Claw after that, but it is more powerful (less friction due to bore being smooth).

        • James from USA asked:

          I just purchased the Wing Shot and plan to use mostly as a shotgun but know I will like to try out pellets or round ball. Can anyone recommend a good pellet/slug for the best accurate and range. THANKS

          • John from USA:

            The round balls and conical bullets group about 3 inches at 30 yards. Im not sure about the accuracy at 50 yards but i would assume the group would open up around another inch or so. This kind of accuracy is pretty respectable considering the kill zone on most medium game is around 6 inches and the barrel is a smoothbore. The air bolts also group well at range

        • Carol from USA asked:

          Is there any way of acquiring a rifled choke for this shotgun? Also what kind of accurate range are y'all getting with bullets or round balls? And does it have 11mm rails?

        • Wayne from USA asked:

          I am wanting to buy this gun. What do I need to fill the air tank?

          • Val from USA:

            Click on the PCP Hookup tab to see your options.

        • Scott from USA asked:

          this shotgun is blowing back into my eye every shot. is there an o-ring that goes on the channel at the back of the breech? seems like the breech cover use to lock when twisting it.

          • Tyler from USA:

            Yes, there is an o-ring that is supposed to be present at the back of the breech. I'd recommend talking to Pyramyd's tech department. 888-262-4867

        • Wayne from USA asked:

          I'm new at airgunning I shoot cartridge black powder and air. I've never owned a pcp yet but I want this gun. What do I need to fill it with?

          • Tyler from USA:

            You will need a source for high pressure air. Either a hand pump or tank of some sort. There are various option for each. A tank is easiest, but you will need somewhere locally that can fill it. Ideally you'd get a carbon fiber tank that can be filled to 4500 psi. This is lighter than a traditional SCUBA tank and will give you more full fills of the gun. Check around at local scuba shops, fire departments or welding supply shops to see if they can fill a carbon fiber tank to 4500 psi.

        • L. khang from USA asked:

          How good is this for waterfowl hunting?

          • Scott from USA:

            single shot, low velocity, and small weight make this shotgun a poor choice for waterfowl. would produce lots of cripples.

        • Robert from USA asked:

          Is there any reason I can't, or shouldn't, use B-Bs or #4 shot in this gun? I want to discourage the iguana invasion and fear #6 might be too light.

          • Val from USA:

            You can use #4

        • Crew chief from USA asked:

          Is the barrel compatible with non lead or lead alternative shot

          • Val from USA:

            .50 cal slugs will work.

          • Chevota from USA:

            I know shotguns well but I know very little about this air gun. The short answer imo would be Bismuth would be fine, and imo the only realistic alternative. Long answer: Other materials have risks, like will the plastic cases stay intact until the choke breaks 'em, or will they break on launch? Steel is also much lighter so you'd be stuck with a very light load in those shells. You could improvise your own longer shells but due to the breech length you'd probably need to load them from the muzzle. A 36GA wad would likely work for home made ammo, but good luck finding any, especially longer steel versions. Making wads from cardboard and shot wrap would no doubt be in the way too much hassle category.

        • JON from USA asked:

          I am considering using an air gun as my bug out weapon accompanied by a 55lb recurve bow. The AirForce offerings are a little short in the FPE area, due,IMHO to a 43.2 grain limit projectile, At any rate, can this air gun be filled with a hand pump? I have read reviews about the 9mm version of the SY and the answer was a resounding "no". Will a good hill tank fill this one up? What about some other brand pumps?

          • Chevota from USA:

            I can't see why anyone would say it cannot be hand filled. It would not be fun considering the pump to shot count ratio, but that's your decision. I'd also take into consideration the noise, since AirForce offers suppressor models. If noise is not an issue then I'd much rather have a 22LR. Pumps also have seal issues, so check into which lasts and get spare seals. I remember the Hill being the best per people who have tired others, but the cost + rebuild kits really adds up. Google some airgun forums about pcp pumps, tons of info....

          • brett from USA:

            Yes it can be filled was a hand pump. The only problem comes when filling guns over 3000 psi. (It becomes vary hard to do.)

        • Neil from USA asked:

          an adjustable choke like the cutts compensator used on the old Ithaca pump mod 37 should work well here. Need a gunsmith or a good machinist for that.

          • Chevota from USA:

            I'm certain it would be much easier and cheaper to just have a variety of chokes made. Plus you have to factor in the plastic shells, which no doubt require xx much choke to break and do so well enough to give a good pattern. A Modified for example may break it in far fewer pieces and ruin the pattern. At some point the shell would be like a Glaser safety bullet. You'll never know until you try, but sounds like an expensive experiment. Post if you do it...

        • Gerald from USA asked:

          What is the size of the fill port? Is it a Foster?

          • Val from USA:

            Yes, it's a quick disconnect.

        • DAVID from USA asked:

          I understand this is no powder burner, but I do own a side by side that's just above power rateing with full & full full fixed chokes. wing shot should do good on small game birds, I don't see mallards in there doves seem about right.Am I correct on this? anything bigger than a dove is a no go? but I may be wrong please correct me?

          • Derek from USA:

            Correct. Within it's limitations the Wingshot will take down dove and quail. There isn't enough shot to reliably kill animals bigger than that.

        • DAVID from USA asked:

          would this air shotgun be effective for hunting drakes,mallards,rabbit,quail? I own a side by side hammergun wich shoots light loads full and full-full chokes, and reading the spec's on this air shotgun it's just about the same.

          • Derek from USA:

            Rabbits, quail and dove would be perfect for this gun, within reasonable ranges of 15-20 yards. I cannot recommend shooting any bigger animals than those however.

        • kevin from USA asked:

          What choke does it come in

          • deerflyguy from USA:

            According to posted data on the PA description page, The choke reduces the inner barrel diameter from .494" to .486".

        • kevin from USA asked:

          How many shots per charge

          • Scott from USA:

            in the field, 3 shots before time to recharge

          • Stanley from USA:

            Specs say 5shots.

        • JACK from USA asked:

          is this gun modeled after the dragon claw and does it have a interchangeable barrel that is rifled that can be purchased separately?

          • Val from USA:

            Yes, it's based on dragon claw but no barrels are available.

        • Gordon from USA asked:

          Will it kill crows, badgers, possums, skunks and squirrels? And maybe even a good size Buck White Tail in the front yard?

          • Val from USA:

            Using as a shotgun you can kill crows and squirrels. Shooting the slugs would work on larger game, just need to keep in mind low accuracy this being smooth bore

        • Gordon from USA asked:

          Can I refuel it with a 3000 psi scuba tank?

          • Val from USA:


        • Gordon from USA asked:

          How loud is it? I live in a country subdivision but still need to keep the noise to a minimum. The neighbors don't like it when I pull off a round from my 45/70!

          • Derek from USA:

            It's a big bore, so it's going to be fairly loud. Definitely not backyard friendly.

        • John from USA asked:

          What is the reservoir fill size? Marauder is 215cc...

          • Val from USA:

            244 cc, since this single tank. Dual tanks are 500cc.

          • John from USA:

            500cc. Told same size as other Sam Yang PCP's

        • Kade from Canada asked:

          I wish they made one that Canadians could buy! Wink wink nudge nudge

          • David from USA:

            Move to the southern states of the US and buy one!

        • Jerry from USA asked:

          What is the expected accuracy when scoped, firing .50 cal balls at 50 and 100 yards with this smoothbore?

          • deerflyguy from USA:

            I own both the SY Dragon Claw and the SY Wing Shot. I wanted very much that the Wing Shot would perform well with either shot or slug. It's a poor choice for either use, but as a SHOT shooter, it works best. As a SLUG shooter it is at its worst.The bore of my SY Wing Shot is actually narrower at the point where a slug leaves the chamber than at the unchoked muzzle! That means that any weight, or shape, of slug you might choose will not fit snugly as it propels down the smoothbore of the barrel and approaches flight from the muzzle. Since the barrel is manufactured as a smoothbore, the whole scenerio makes for extremely poor accuracy and performance when slugs are used. This gun is a SHOTgun first and foremost, and shooting slugs except in times of emergency purpose, should be discouraged - NOT encouraged! Shooting slugs should be done through a SY Dragon Claw, NOT a Wing Shot! Just as the Dragon Claw is a SLUG shooter, and not a SHOT shooter, the Wing Shot is a SHOT shooter, not a SLUG shooter! My suggestion - buy both the Dragon Claw AND the Wing Shot. If you think about it, the premise of one gun being appropriate for every purpose, has been tried many times in the past, and I can't think of one time when the effort ever succeeded!

          • Derek from USA:

            At 40 yards I was able to achieve 3" groups with slugs. Round ball was completely erratic and not accurate at all. I'm very doubtful that you would achieve anything close to a group at 100 yards with a smoothbore.

        • marvin from USA asked:

          Does this have the same cocking handle arrangement that the 909 and Recluse have ? And how would you compare the noise to a .410 ?

          • Stanley from USA:

            If you watch the videos on this shotgun it shows it has the same cocking handle arrangement you refer to. Maybe as lound as a airforce talon or so (unsilenced).

        • marvin from USA asked:

          Does it have the same cocking handle arrangement as the 909 and Recluse ? And how would you compare the noise level to a .410?

          • Derek from USA:

            The cocking handle is the same. It's about as loud a .410 shotgun without as much crack.

        • Steve S from USA asked:

          Howdy: First, as far as the gauge goes, 50 cal is approximately 37 gauge, assuming pure lead is about 6.5729 oz/cubic inch. 28 gauge wads will not fit - they don't even fit in my 0.510" Farco. Question: Five "good" shots are claimed - has anyone crono'd the five shots to see how much the velocity really drops? Thanks - Steve from PA.

          • t.b.c. from USA asked:

            How many shots do you get in the shotgun & howmany in the slug ?

            • Val from USA:

              same. 5 powerful shots on full power.

          • Dave from USA asked:

            It's listed as a level 5 for loudness, how loud is it compared to my Marauders which I consider almost silent.

            • Robert from USA:

              There are no large caliber air rifles that are quiet or "backyard friendly". Not one. They probably shouldn't be fired anywhere where noise would be an issue either. The .50 cal rifles have many times more power than a Marauder..

            • Val from USA:


          • Jan from USA asked:

            What shotgun gauge would this be equal to

            • dan from USA:

              Fifty caliber is closest to 28 gauge in standard nomenclature.

            • Dale from USA:

              It would be slightly larger than a 410 gauge. The Judge by Taurus in the 45 Colt , will shoot 410 gauge shells.

            • Qjay from USA:

              The Wing Shot is close to a 28 gauge (.550 cal) shotgun at a .50 cal bore measurement, but that is in bore size only. In FPE, patterning, follow up shots, range, etc., there will be differences between air and standard shotguns.

          • Clyde from USA asked:

            Wouldn't this actually be the third production air shotgun? Behind Gamo's offering that slip's my mind at the moment and the Crossman Model 1100 from the 1960's? I know there are other air shotguns that were at best "semi custom" products.

            • Robert from USA:

              Extreme Big Bore sells a PCP shotgun pistol that is far more powerful and accurate.

            • Qjay from USA:

              This is the first production PCP Shotgun. The Gamo is a springer and the Crosman was a co2. That said, this one is the first production air shotgun viable for actual hunting at more than a few yards out.

          • Richard from USA asked:

            How much was the total weight of shot that was used for the rated FPS? Also, the same question for the .50 caliber bullet?

            • Mark from USA:

              oops. you are right. misread the report here: 185 grain round nose producing 800 FPS. 185 grain slugs at 800 fps, so 260 fpe

            • william from USA:

              and 336 grain slugs going at almost 800 fps That would be over 470 fpe. I don't think so.

            • Val from USA:

              shells filled with 112 grains worth of lead going over 1100 fps, and 336 grain slugs going at almost 800 fps

          • dan from USA asked:

            Is this manufactured in Korea?

            • Val from USA:

              yes, South Korea

          • Marcel from USA asked:

            What pattern range does the choke produce? Will they be coming out with a rifled choke similar to a rem choke?

            • Scott from USA:

              the pattern is fairly tight with the stock choke. similar to improved cylinder. the low velocity limits the range along with the small amount of shot. reminds me of 410 competition in sporting clays - got to be accurate. #9, #8, #7 1/2 max shot size.

          • Chuck from USA asked:

            Will this be coming out with a dual reservoir

            • Derek from USA:

              Not as of now as the gun was designed with a single tank so it was more swingable as a normal shotgun

          • Rolf from USA asked:

            Is the barrel rifled? How is accuracy when used as a rifle? What is the effective range when used as a shotgun with 71/2 shot?

          • Clay from USA asked:

            How accurate for hunting with smooth-bore barrel and lead pellets? Is loaded steel shot available for us poor Calif. hunters?

            • Mark from USA:

              You can shoot airguns for hunting purposes with lead pellets in California. New law applies to firearm hunters only.

          • Fred from USA asked:

            What is the max psi on this gun? What connections does it use?

            • Mark from USA:

              3,000 PSI. Quick Male disconnect.

          • David from USA asked:

            In the video demo with Jim Chapman, both guys have shotguns with Monte Carlo stocks and cheekpiece. Is this stock an option for these guns? Dave Mason

            • Mark from USA:

              No, they are shooting a prototype gun, that did not have the straight stock.

          • william from USA asked:

            Is there a steel shot or steel shot alternative available for hunting waterfowl with this gun

            • Mark from USA:

              empty shells are available, so you just need to fill them yourself...