Date: 26/3/2019 13:34

Customers Q&A on Smith & Wesson M&P 40, Black

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  • Seth from USA asked:

    Is this a good quality air gun?

    • Tyler from USA:

      I've had very good luck with mine, no issues to report yet.

  • vincent from USA asked:

    Is the rear sight adjustable?

    • coleen from USA asked:

      my smith & Wesson m&p 40 blow back is jammed with a bb in the barrel. I watched a tutorial on cleaning and that's when it jammed on me. the bb wont come out of the barrel at all.

      • jose from USA asked:

        How many shoots per co2 cylinder?

        • jose from USA asked:

          mine dropped the silver tape that came in the slide (inside), this affects its operation? Where can i buy another slide?

          • coleen from USA:

            my Metallic slide sticker fell off mine the first day. now my barell jams with 3 bbs

          • jose from USA:

            I asked them and they send me a new one slide and barrel just for free. Im very thankful!

          • Tyler from USA:

            If they are available, Umarex USA would be the only place to get them

        • Alan from USA asked:

          Can anyone tell me why Umarex always says that CO2 problems with this gun are because we don't use their CO2? Does anyone use Crosman CO2 in it succesesfully?

          • Alan from USA:

            This is sort of an answer to my own question. Ipurchased this gun and have been using Crosman CO2 in it without any issues. I'm using Copperhead bb's too.

        • Ricky from USA asked:

          Will the M&P40 shoot pellets

        • Joe from USA asked:

          I recently received my new mp40 only shot it twice and the mag started leaying gas I like the gun but I will return this item why is this occurring I have heard other people with the same issue on this type of mag .

          • Alan from USA:

            I think it's a quality control issue. It happened to me too. If Umarex doesn't step up soon and fix the issues with this pistol, we are all going to forget about getting one!

        • mark from USA asked:

          is the magazine release reversible for left handers?

          • Alan from USA:


        • Dmitry from USA asked:

          My MP 40 has several problems: When i cock it the slede often does not move back all the way Same is when i shoot: it either wont move back all the way or pretty much every other shot is empty I have shot Daisy bbs, Umarex bbs but its the same problem. Did anyone ran into similar issue? The problem is- it was a gift and i don't have a reciept. I only had it for a month, and this issue came up after 3rd or forth clip.What would u suggest?

          • Alan from USA:

            It sounds like you have a defective gun. Return it for another one.

        • Christopher from USA asked:

          How do I get this gun in dark earth color??

          • GMS from USA:

            You wait for it to be made, Pyramid Air to get it in stock, then buy it from them.

        • Jason from USA asked:

          Has anyone Chrony'd this pistol to see what it actually shoots at? I'm a little concerned at low fps. 300 is just bearable, but we all know many manufacturers exaggerate the claims a bit.

          • Jaguar from USA:

            Its around 310 fps

        • Tom from USA asked:

          I am looking for a downloadable PDF of the manual for this pistol - PA does not seem to have a link to the manual, and for some strange (?) reason, even the Umarex site does not even list this pistol...?

        • kenneth from USA asked:

          Is there anyway to modify this gun to get more power?

          • Jaguar from USA:

            No, not available at this time

        • Robert from USA asked:

          Ok! Just got mine. Anyone know why the slide release allows the slide to come off in it's normal position.

          • GMS from USA:

            More likely broken.

          • Jaguar from USA:

            The little lever located on the left must be down

        • Guillermo from USA asked:

          How many good shoots ? X cylinder?

          • Markus from USA:

            I've been getting 35 if you space them out! About three full mags if you are really easy and don't mind the drop off at the end.

        • jose from USA asked:

          were can it be found extra mags

        • steven from USA asked:

          can it be field stripped? does the slide lock back when its empty?

          • Jack from Canada:

            Yes and yes

          • Vincent from Canada:

            yes and yes

        • John from USA asked:

          I was told this will be a compact model, is this true?

          • Vincent from Canada:

            its the full size model

          • William from USA:

            I haven't heard that one yet.

        • Ray from USA asked:

          Does KWC manufacture this gun? They have an M&P Blowback model with a Hop-Up system . Does this gun have a Hop Up system? Thanks!!! Ray/USA

          • Eric from USA:

            Actually it does have a hop up. The only steel BB gun I have ever seen with one. There is a screw on the bottom of the barrel and I was able to screw it in a few extra turns and could see the "hop up" moving inside the barrel. This also helped a little with the gun shooting low. Still had to file the front sight down to get it to shoot to point of aim.

          • GMS from USA:

            Umarex gets the trademarks licensed to them, they don't make the guns/products. This most likely is a KWC product, based on the price, and the frequency of leaky mag. complaints plus other problems. Check to see if it's made in Taiwan. I don't have one...yet...but may not ever if they don't fix the issues.

          • Tom from USA:

            This pistol is made by Umarex, with Smith & Wesson licensing...

          • William from USA:

            Not sure if kwc manufactures this gun. But this gun does not have a hop up system as it is a steel bb pistol.

        • jose from USA asked:

          were can I get extra mags fore the gun

          • robert from USA:

            This site has them. Look at accessories

        • David from USA asked:

          Can the gun be field stripped

          • Tom from USA:

            Yes, but mine is VERY "finicky" about it - they need to provide proper field stripping instructions in the manual because it is possible to miss a step and get really "stuck"...

          • Vincent from Canada: