Date: 28/10/2020 10:26

Customers Q&A on Springfield Armory M1 Carbine, Blowback CO2 .177cal BB Rifle

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  • Sonny from USA asked:

    Does the Springfield Armory M1 work well with Crosman co2 cartridges?

    • Mark from USA:

      Other CO2 cart brands will work better.

  • Ricardo from USA asked:

    Does anybody have encountered the same problem I have, BB rolling down the barrel when I put the barrel down. Don't need to be too down, just a little.

  • Thomas from USA asked:

    Can you recommend a suitable and appropriately sized metal upper Picatinny rail, such as shown in one of the customer images?

  • Keith from USA asked:

    Has Springfield fixed the magazine problems?

    • Mark from USA:

      New magazines are on their way, They should be improved.

  • DAN from USA asked:

    Will locking the bolt back reduce the co2 consumption when shooting ,allowing more shots.

    • Mark from USA:


  • leo from USA asked:

    Is there a way to open the mag I have a few broken ones I want to try to fix

    • Mark from USA:

      You can replace the magazine follower. We do not repair them.

  • Gabriel from USA asked:

    My gun has gone fully auto also it has Dumped the Co2 in one shot And the magazine valve seems to stick. Has anyone encountered this and if so can the valve in the magazine be replaced?

    • Mark from USA:

      The magazine should be replaced. You have a 30 day warranty. There are no parts at this time.

  • andrew from USA asked:

    I have had two magazines for the M1 carbine fail. Gun is out of warranty. Has anyone found the latest replacements to be better? Hesitant to order another at this time.

    • Mark from USA:

      We have follower replacements. We have not received a updated magazine at this time.

  • James from USA asked:

    Is it possible to attach an M1 Carbine scope mount (frame mounted)?

    • Mark from USA:

      The gun is very close to the original dimensions. We have not tried to fit a firearm scope mount on the M1. It may not fit. Airgun actions are very different than firearms.

  • Peter from USA asked:

    Has anyone encountered an issue where the magazine follower broke? I need to use a small tool to hold back the follower so that I can load it. The cheap plastic component the only negative issue about this rifle.

    • Steven from USA:

      I had both of mine break, but since I'm out of the 90 day warranty period, I'm out of luck.

    • Mark from USA:

      E-mail Pyramyd Air. We can send you a replacement follower.

  • bowwild from USA asked:

    I bought this. Cool. Can I replace plastic stock with real wood?

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes. The wooden stock is $199.99.

  • Dennis from USA asked:

    Can this rifle be disassemble or field stripped?

    • Mark from USA:


  • Lawrence from USA asked:

    When will the improved, actually functional magazine be offered.

    • Mark from USA:

      We are expecting the new magazines in stock in the next 2-4 weeks.

  • Sean from USA asked:

    Does anyone know the best way to reseat the spring in the magazine? Just received this in the mail today, went to load it and the spring bowed out. Can the magazine be dissassambled?

    • Mark from USA:

      The magazine is defective. Return it.

  • Stephen from USA asked:

    Does the bolt holds open and action stops after the last round or it continues to blow CO2?

    • Mark from USA:

      The bolt will continue to cycle after the BB's are shot. It will expend the CO2. You have to count your shots.

  • Michael from USA asked:

    Will there be a chance to buy the wood stock by itself to upgrade one that has a plastic stock?

    • Mark from USA:

      Yes; You can buy the wooden stock,

  • Lawrence from USA asked:

    Almost all reviewers report magazine problems. Will an improved, new designed magazine be offered by the manufacturer ? Who is the manufacturer of this carbine?

    • Mark from USA:

      We have advised the manufacturer. WeTech from Taiwan. They say they will improve the magazine.

  • Douglas from USA asked:

    Can I disassemble the M1 to put on a buttstock pouch?

    • Lawrence from USA:

      The fat Springfield mags, BB or airsoft, will not fit into an original USGI or reproduction M1 carbine pouch. It will have to remain empty. To tall and does not close.

    • Mark from USA:


  • Dave from Panama asked:

    Can this be shipped to Canada?

    • Mark from USA:

      Ships to Canada!

  • Gerald from Canada asked:

    Anyone having a problem with metal follower in magazine that pushes BB to the top of mag. breaking off from part that you pull down with your thumb? I have broken 2 mags. this way, first time using each. Mag that came with gun, and spare mag. Also follower not locking into place to stay open on spare mag.

    • Jeffrey from USA:

      Yes, I had the same thing happen on the INCLUDED mag. The spare that I ordered is working fine. Pyramyd is being great in replacing the defective one! I'm trying to find a part number for a replacement follower, but am having a hard time. I'll update if/when I progress.

  • Bruce from USA asked:

    I see sling and oiler sets on Ebay. Do you know if these will fit this carbine?

    • Ralph from USA:

      Got a sling and Oiler from ebay, fit perfectly, adds a lot to look

    • Steven from USA:

      I bought one of those and it fits perfectly.

    • Mark from USA:

      The gun is a copy of the M1 carbine. The accessories should fit.

  • Ralph from USA asked:

    What sling would You reccomend?

  • Colin from USA asked:

    Will the NON-REPLICA magazine fit in a canvas cheek pouch? Will they come out with the full auto M2 carbine anytime soon? Will there be a folding stock version available anytime soon? Is there anywhere I can get a sling for it?

    • Jeffrey from USA:

      Forgot to mention that even though the mags won't allow you to snap the pouch shut, I use the pouch to carry 2 extra CO2 cartridges, the mag wrench, some oil, and of course extra BB's in small tubes.

    • Jeffrey from USA:

      I also got the replica mag pouch from World War Supply and it (and the sling) fit perfect. Doug is correct in stating that the mags are too tall. They also will not fit because of the contour of the stock. They are very tight in the pouch even before it is attached to the rifle. I also removed the snap on the back of the pouch so it doesn't mar the rifle or bite my cheek when I use the rifle. I don't really see any reason for it. I'm assuming that the original rifles had a snap on the stock so that the pouch would not move or rotate. It's a good pouch and sling at any rate.

    • Douglas from USA:

      The magazine is too tall for the cheek pouch flap to snap shut. You can get replica slings and pouches at World War Supply, online.

    • Val from USA:

      Full auto - no word from Air Venturi on the full-auto carbine. Maybe in 2020? They did mention folding stock at Shot Show, so probably...

  • Nerik from USA asked:

    Can you remove the stock and replace it?

    • Mark from USA:

      The carbine comes in a wod look synthetic stock or a real wooden stock.

  • mike from USA asked:

    I want to put this in a re-pop M1 carbine side folding wire stock.Do you think it is possible ?

    • Jason from USA asked:

      Will it make that awesome ping when the mag is finished

      • Peter from USA:

        I think you are thinking about the M1 Garand.

    • wcutrell from USA asked:

      Could you use lead BBs (smartshot) in the M1 carbine?

      • tyler from USA asked:

        Will the slide lock open when the mag is out of bb's?

        • Jeffrey from USA:

          Jordan, I did more research after my post, and it turns out that the bolt DOES NOT lock back after the mag goes empty. This was confirmed in Pyramyd's video on the M1 Carbine.

        • Jeffrey from USA:

          For whatever reasons, mine doesn't. (Wooden stock) But I don't care. It fires great and is accurate. Besides, I'm a shot counter, so minimal C02 goes to waste.

        • Jordan from USA:


      • Bob M from USA asked:

        Did they happen to make any change to the retaining nut that holds the CO2 seal in the magazine. I have the wood Airsoft version of this and could not get Crosman CO2 cartridges to install all the way before they totally leaked out. Then I tried a narrow necked precision sealed Swiss Arms cartridge and it worked just fine. This magazine may be cartridge picky. Do they recommend any particular cartridge maker?

        • michael from USA asked:

          Have you considered bundling the rifle with sling , Oiler, and two spare mags on the stock in a canvas mag pouch. That is the setup I and most Carbine owners use.

          • Paul from USA asked:

            Interesting that both versions are the same weight. Synthetic stock looks awesome!

            • Tyler from USA:

              The wood stock is just a hair heavier than the synthetic actually, right about 5.8-5.9 lbs

          • Lawrence from USA asked:

            Can you provide some pictures of the wood stock version and what type of box or packaging does the rifle come in: a plastic bubble pack or a nice collectable box? Please, can you provide pictures of the box & the wood stock version when you get these. Thanks

            • Douglas from USA:

              I just received my wood version of the M1 and it looks great. It comes in a very nice box and and the instruction booklet is very nicely printed in 4 color. A classy job.

            • Tyler from USA:

              If you select the wood version on the page, the image will show the wood stock. The gun will come in a box, no plastic packaging. Won't have pics of any packaging until they actually arrive.

          • Bobby from USA asked:

            Will a bayonet fit this rifle?

            • Lawrence from USA:

              Most reviews report an original bayonet will fit. Reproductions are much less expensive and also fit as reported.

          • Jim from USA asked:

            I just put in a pre-order for the M1 Carbine and 2 extra magazines. I did not see an option for a 2 year extended service agreement. Will that be available??

            • Tyler from USA:

              Not likely, service plans on CO2 guns are pretty atypical.

          • John from USA asked:

            WOW...a 17" barrel and only 400 FPS?? The physics on this appear completely off. This gun must really have a constricted Co2 valve or the majority of the air is being used for the blow-back. Tyler when you have a chance could your please confirm the FPS. Thank you

            • Tyler from USA:

              The FPS is correct at 425. And that is a true velocity, not inflated. Any blowback gun is going to use some of the gas for that operation and shoot slower as a result.

          • jeff from USA asked:

            just read this will have an optional real wood stock.true not true details?

            • Tyler from USA:

              It's an option on the page now. You can purchase the gun with the wood stock already installed if you want to

          • Robert from USA asked:

            Will this rifle fit into a GI walnut carbine stock?

            • Lawrence from USA:

              Stock inletting is slightly different on a real USGI carbine, just look at the trigger group on each carbine. It would take some work to refit the BB version. M1 carbine USGI stocks cost $100 +. Easier to buy the wood stock version. Apply fake stamp cartouches and you are ready to go.

            • Tyler from USA:

              Unlikely, but there is a wood stock option also available now

          • Michael from USA asked:

            What does blowback mean?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Blowback means the bolt actually moves while firing like the firearm does.

          • Francois from Canada asked:

            Will you have spare magazine for the US M1? Price? Thanks Francois

          • Kelly from USA asked:

            Will there be spare magazine for this rifle

          • Lawrence from USA asked:

            Will you offer the optional wood stock model, and will you offer a spare magazine? Then you have a sale. The wood stock will sell like crazy. How do I get one.

          • Herm from USA asked:

            So are they also going to come out with a Pellet firing version? They could easily do a belt system like the Sig MCX. Why do all the cool replicas come out in BB, and not pellet versions?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Because it's easier and less expensive to make a BB version, especially with blowback. I've not heard about a pellet version. Bear in mind, there is really one big manufacturer overseas that makes the CO2 pellet repeaters. And they have all the patents on the magazine and feeding systems, so until someone new figures out another way to make a good quality pellet repeater on a CO2 powered platform, we're going to see more BB guns.

          • TERRY from USA asked:

            If it is a EXACT Replica ... can you install the Original wood stock?

            • Tyler from USA:

              I don't believe this will fit a real M1 Carbine stock, but I don't know it it's even been attempted. There is a wood stock option available.

          • Paul from USA asked:

            I got my order in! Yes!!

            • zimbabweed from USA asked:

              can the windage ONLY rear sight be replaced with a genuine M1 carbine rear sight ? When will the pellet version be on sale ? Ed

              • Lawrence from USA:

                The BB sight has square base, a real USGI M1 Late War adjustable sight has a triangular tapered base. They are notched differently on both carbines. A USGI sight costs approximately 50-80 bucks and you would have to hand file the BB gun to make a triangular notch on each side of the square notch at the top of the BB gun sight mount. I have no idea if there is any meat to its body at this point that would allow for hand fitting of an original sight. And I do not know yet, if both sights are identical in size. Are the bases similar in width? Are the rifle's notches similar in width? After I get my wood version BB carbine, I can make some measurements and see if the base size is the same on each sight and if the notch size is similar/or different on each rifle. For now the shape of the notches are different on each version of a carbine. In any event, it will take some skill and time, most likely void any warranty, and you may not have the proper thickness of metal on the BB version to file the required size base notch. I have to have my BB carbine in hand to be sure. For now it's NOT ANY EASY SWITCH. It may be easier to modify an original USGI sight base to a square if the BB carbine's sight notch is smaller than a real USGI carbine. Lots of factors to measure; one needs both carbines in hand to make measurements. However, I also note that the BB gun rear sight is set to its top position( 300 yards). Will the BB carbine shot low out of the box? There may be no need to lower the peep from its highest position if its firing dead on target at 25 yards. Since there is no reason to lower the peep, I assume the Taiwan company adjusted it so it fires on target at 20-25 yards for a BB gun. They cut the buck by not making a real USGI sight since one is not needed. Putting on a USGI sight may actually be useless depending on how the BB gun version shoots. Remember its sight is set to the top, not the bottom.

              • Tyler from USA:

                There is no pellet version that I have seen or heard about. The rear sight looks to secure differently than the firearm rear sight, so it's unlikely.

            • Robert from USA asked:

              Is this, or will this, be available for the .177 pellet? I like the M14 pellet replica, but cannot quite go for a BB gun.

              • Tyler from USA:

                Possibly. They did not show any pellet versions at SHOT Show. It's much harder to make an accurate and functional pellet repeater than a BB repeater sadly.

            • dan from USA asked:

              Does anybody yet know if the synthetic stock is solid or hollow?

              • Tyler from USA: