Date: 18/3/2019 10:33

Customers Q&A on Stoeger Arms X20S2 Suppressor Air Rifle

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  • Dane from USA asked:

    Looking to switch scopes on the rifle. Would I have to change rings on it? Any affordable 3x9x40 recommendations?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Depends on the scope you switch to. Some scopes would require different rings. I'd check out Leapers, they make a good price point scope. Leapers UTG 3-9x40 AO True.... You should be able to use the rings that came with the rifle for this scope as well.

  • Paris from USA asked:

    Does the scope on this gun have a lil dot reticle?

    • Charles from USA asked:

      Can you ship this air rifle to a dealer in New Jersey ?

      • Douglas from USA:

        Residents can buy them from us through a designated local gun store after acquiring the appropriate firearm permit (airguns are considered firearms per NJ state law

      • Stanley from USA:

        At the bottom of this page click on the SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS TAB ? It should tell you everything you need to know?

    • Dexta from USA asked:

      How long is the Stoeger x20

      • Stanley from USA:

        43 inches.

    • Rajit from Malaysia asked:

      You can guarantee this item can be sent to malaysia?

      • Stanley from USA:

        See answer above?

    • trung kien from Vietnam asked:

      I am in Vietnam. How to buy this product, thanks

      • Stanley from USA:

        See answer above?

    • Ferry chandra from Indonesia asked:

      Why there is no point of target on tip of Rifle , is it posible shipping to jakarta indonesia ? Detail price after shipping ? Thanks alot

      • Chevota from USA:

        Many of the guns sold today are for scope only, but you can add your own sights if you really want. Not sure if they'll ship to you but this gun is a Chinese B18 with an added suppressor. I'd imagine a regular B18 would be much easier to get locally?

    • Douglas from USA asked:

      Can you remove the shroud/supressor? How?

      • Chevota from USA:

        I guess they don't like links, let's see if this works; go to tinyurl dot com and add the following to the address: /yc2e8okf Or you can write me at chevota at hotmail and I can send you a much better pix that clearly shows the threads.

      • Chevota from USA:

        The tip is screwed on. You should be able to see a seam a few mm back from the muzzle. They use a thread sealer so how much yours happens to have will be how difficult it is to remove. I suggest being careful b/c you don't want to look at vice grip marks from here on out. I suppose rubber of some sort to grip the plastic and whatever tool has curved jaws to better grip it. - Here's a pix I saw online where you can see the threaded end cap.

    • Kevin from USA asked:

      Trying to decide on either the Stoeger X20S2 or the Benjamin Summit? Need a super stealth rifle since I live in a residential area. Thanks!

      • Chevota from USA:

        This gun and the NP2 are still loud by stealth standards. I know what you mean, neighbors, and they will know when you shoot either of these. I have some thoughts if interested, which is take this rather good deal at $100 and do some mods to make it much quieter. Too much to explain here but I have a tuning pkg (free) I can send you, just ask: chevota at hotmail. It can cut the noise way down but I think neighbors will still hear it. Mine do but my hood is super quiet so... The quietest airgun I've heard so far is a Marauder I had (.22) with an extended suppressor, hammer debounce and adjusted to ~890fps. Kind of a high setting for quiet but it was still much quieter than this, even after I did the mods. Adjusted down to this guns power level it would no doubt be half as loud, so if you're willing to drop the $ I think the Mrod is what you need. Some buy the Discovery or Maximus and add an aftermarket suppressor, but at equal power levels I can't see how it could be as quiet as the Mrod, but it's much cheaper.

      • Arnold from USA:

        i saw NP2 DB sound levels and they are still somewhat loud.. try the SBD or this Stoeger

    • BackyardPlinker from USA asked:

      Had the X20S2 for a week now. After 200 pellets still smelling oil and seeing smoke in the barrel. How long will this go on? Seems it should be well past the point of burning off excess oils.

      • Chevota from USA:

        It seems Stoeger guns have more grease in them than other brands so it is what it is. Grease doesn't come out/burn off as easily as oil so you have the problem you're experiencing. You can take it apart and clean the excess grease out, which is what I do, or simply shoot it until it stops. I've always thought that extra grease is how they "claim" their guns don't need to be broken in, which is false, but it also creates your problem which many probably consider more annoying. The good news is at least it has grease because most guns these days have very little of a very thin oil which isn't enough. It's common for people to tell me it took 200 shots with a Stoeger, but the smoke/smell tapers slowly so when it "stops" is subjective. Lighter pellets burn more grease so if you have 'em you could see if they speed up the process. Taking the gun apart for a cleaning is really pretty easy. With just a #2 phillips and a small adj wrench I could have your gun apart in <1 min. If you've never done it before then maybe 10? Ideally I think everyone should take their gun apart for a little work, but up to you. If you want details on work they can bennie from (aka a tune) I can send it to you/anyone who asks; chevota at hotmail, just state the make/model/cal and what you want.

    • Bigo from USA asked:

      Can a sling be in stalled its for an elderly gent

      • Chevota from USA:

        You can add a front sling mount like a Benjamin Trail has, but I think most people would say it's too much work. chevota at hotmail if you want details. Otherwise I guess just screw in regular sling mounts in the stock wherever works. Obviously you can't put the fwd one in the center like a firearm, so just off to the side should be ok. You could also attach to the barrel but it's hollow plastic so be wary. The thing that concerns me about that Gamo Gun Buddy deal Stanley mentioned is if put on the X20S at the base of the suppressor then it may get caught on or wedged in the stock when cocking and bend or break the stock. The syn stock is pretty tough but fyi.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Being a break barrel option are kinda slim but Gamo makes the gun buddy sling # Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Sling,..., which as i understand fits these guns very well .

    • Marsha from USA asked:

      What is the cocking effort of the Stoeger X 20S2, 0.177 cal? My husband has a Octane Umarex (nitro piston) with 42# effort required. It's near impossible for me to cock, without standing up and using both hands.

      • Chevota from USA:

        It will be much easier, like closer to 28-30lbs at peak, but it's also easier in that you can put your hand over the end of the barrel unlike the Octane. Also unlike the Octane you can adjust the spring strength to as light as you want. The power goes with it so half the cocking basically nets you half the power but setting it at say 20lbs would be a good balance. It's not hard to do imo, basically you just shorten the spring spacer behind the spring. Removing the spacer completely cuts the force/power ~half, so you can est from there. chevota at hotmail if you need help/details

    • Michael from USA asked:

      Are these suppressed rifles legal in Suffolk County NY?

      • Tyler from USA:

        We can ship to Suffolk County, NY

    • chun meng from Malaysia asked:

      my x20 suppressor spring is broken where i can buy the spring to replace ? any website ?

      • Chevota from USA:

        I'd just discard the broken piece and call it good, or toss the whole spring use silicone sealant to keep the parts in place. If you meant the guns main spring then you can call Crosman and order # B18-00-4D. Same spring but unlike other airgun mfg/sellers Crosman has parts and they're cheap. I suggest a new main seal # B18-04-1A as well. Total cost for those two delivered should be <$12.

      • Stanley from USA:

        You could try calling 301-283-6300 .

    • Dexta from USA asked:

      whats the difference between new and refurb

      • Chevota from USA:

        Referbs are mostly returns, but imo a great deal of returns are because people don't understand springers so they have issues and return them. Like they didn't undesrtand how loud they are or can't hit anything with it. But there are a lot of guns that have real issues, like broken scopes, broken main spring or leaky gas spring, and a lot are truly inaccurate. This is why you generally see more springer referbs than say pcp. Whatever the case they are generally guns that weren't used very much at all and supposedly fixed. I always go for the referb when available, totally worth it. The referb warranty is less than the new but if the gun is bad enough that I'd return it then I'd know right away so no need for more warranty. Little stuff I fix or replace myself b/c imo it's easier than the hassle of returning, then waiting two months for repair. Sometimes I get the referb gun for as little as half price, and so far they all look brand new except for the R stamped on it so they can ID it as such. One gun had a marred up scope pin hole but can't see that with the scope on and well worth the ~$150 I saved.

      • Val from USA:

        Pyramyd defines refurb airguns here:

    • scotty from USA asked:

      what is the best pellet in this air rifle in .22

      • Chevota from USA:

        Oh John, messed up... Whiskers I guess ok, just don't hurt a sweet wittle bittie kitten :( I'd say on avg the JSB round nose are outstanding and not too expensive. I'd also say the 14.3gr is ideal but you could try one weight up or down. The Crosman Premier round nose are excellent, as are the H&N FTT. I'd say get a tin of each and see since each gun can differ in what it prefers. Those should all shoot ~700-750fps. Heavier ones are generally more accurate but you lose both velocity and power. The JSB 18.1gr is possibly the most accurate ever, but I'd guess ~620fps, and the very heavy H&N Baracuda at ~21gr is outstanding but ~550fps. If you want a hollow point pellet you're kinda screwed because most HP's either don't work at all or won't work at the X20S velocity. Crosman Destroyers will but they won't be the most accurate, but totally worth a try because they're great close range squirrel ammo. Pointed pellets are neat but really kinda useless, meaning round nose beats them in every category except coolest looking. Wadcutters are great but the BC is very low so the further the target the more power you lose out on. Check out the free program "Chairgun", you can plug in the BC and velocity numbers to see what your power and trajectory will be downrange so you can better decide what pellets you consider acceptable or not. BC #'s can be tricky to find but on avg wadcutters ~.011, pointed ~.017, round nose ~.028. Maybe TMI but won't hurt ;)

      • John from USA:

        The one that knocks the whiskers off a kitten but doesn't wake up its owner or their other 33 cats.

    • Tricia from USA asked:

      Hi, i'm a little skeptical because it is not a gas piston, but it looks like a great gun and my question is, dose it shoot ok in the winter or should i look for a different gas piston?

      • Chevota from USA:

        Keep in mind that gas springs are being pushed by the mfg's, like peer pressure, you're not cool unless you have one. I think they're great as long as they don't leak, which I've had bad luck with. The negatives about coils is mostly BS, and generally what few actual negs can be fixed with a little work. What hurts the guns power in the cold is mostly the lube, which thickens and the spring has to fight thru it. Imo the coil spring in this gun is generally powerful enough or almost enough to be an ideal match for this gun, the gas spring that fits it is a bit overpowered imo so when it has cold grease the gas wins since the had excess strength. So just stay away from thick and especially sticky grease, and if you want just use thin motor oil. The problem with Steoger is they use grease and a lot of it, the fix would be to simply replace it with thinner stuff or thin down what it has with motor oil. Another option would be install a stronger spring, or a gas spring if you really wanted, or had your heart set on gas. If actually concerned about any power loss from cold then you might ask if this gun is powerful enough to begin with. What's your power and velocity needs? Will the scope work for you considering that (imo) it needs to be moved aft for realistic eye relief, but for the $ you can't really complain... If you want details on lubes or whatever I mentioned here, you can ask me at chevota at hotmail. Just tell me the gun model, caliber and what exactly it is you want. I also have a tuning guide so if nothing else you can use it to help squeeze the most power and accuracy from it. Also includes how to greatly reduce the guns lube needs so you could easily go to 0wt oil to net max cold power.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Spring pistons do well in cold weather unless its bitter cold then maybe not . Gas pistons probably fare a little better .

    • david from United Kingdom asked:

      Just bought a used x20s .22 very happy with the rifle and after market scope looking to replace the spring any suggestions?

      • Chevota from USA:

        I assume you mean the main spring? If so you have a couple options for stronger springs, and many more options for making less power. A Crosman nitro will fit and aside from making max power it's also much quieter and imo rather easy to install. Fyi I've had several of those nitro springs leak so whie I think they're pretty cool I don't trust them. So if interested my email is in the above post.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Depends on how much magnification you'd like, but I would check this out: Mantis 3-9x32 AO Rifle Scope,... You can use the existing rings that are on the rifle.

    • Akin from USA asked:

      Can I hunt turkey with this in .22 version??? I bought a X20S about a year ago and have since almost eradicated my squirrel issues. I've busted 17 of them without spending too much time or effort. I've also missed my handfull (this is a budget rifle, by the way). I'm very happy with results. My question: Can this rifle knock down a turkey inside 50yd or less? btw: I upgraded the scope in the very beginning.

      • Chevota from USA:

        What William said, but also consider accuracy, can it/you hit that little head at 50? Generally I'd say this not accurate enough. If not and you want to do a chest shot then note power at 50yrds will be ~half that at the muzzle. After plowing thru feathers and beefy breast meat is there enough left? Not cool imo to let it run off to die a lingering death so imo I'd say on avg it's not enough. I'd really lean towards a much more powerful gun or more more accurate for that head shot, and maybe quieter too. The Marauder is all those things, and power is adjustable so if you wanted heart/lung shots with a hollow point you could do it. Btw the X20S is not powerful enough to open a hollow point at that range so nothing to be gained by it.

      • William from USA:

        You can take a turkey with a head shot. I have seen a few taken with this gun.

    • CRAIG from USA asked:

      I had the 10 for $10 before this rifle was shipped. I have been using H&N Sport 13.73 grn and 18.13 JSB Jumboy Heavy Diablos. Even off a bag I can't get a useable group with the Stoeger. At the same distance and target I can one hole Super Colibras out of 2 different manually cycled 10/22s I have which I also have special magazines to shoot Colibras. Any suggestions on alternative pellets? I want to be able to humanely kill pests but with this accuracy I wouldn't want to shoot at a critter. Craig from USA

      • Chevota from USA:

        I use the regular Colibri which are super quiet. They're cool huh! My pests are rats and gophers and I think I use the Colibri more than airguns b/c it's quieter. I didn't know they had mags for that ammo... My 10/22 was a nightmare, my Marlin 60 usable but a pita, so I broke down and bought a Marlin 925 just to shoot that ammo. Super happy with that decision. Anyway, these airguns are not nearly as easy to shoot as a firearm, and often a rest can make it worse. Then there's the gun which can have a variety of issues including a bad barrel, or I should say how bad is it b/c I don't think any are actually good. So first thing I suggest is slug the barrel to get a feel for its condition. Normally chinese barrels have tight spots which as you can imagine will wreak havoc on accuracy. Often the crown or just below it will have an issue so feel and eyeball it to ~5mm down for damage. Plus the barrel can be loose, usually side to side play, and air leakage at the breech can cause issues. The scopes parallax can too, and you most likely need to shim the scope. I can't argue with Akin about getting a better scope, but I have very good luck with cheapo bundled scopes so I'd say it'll be good enough once adjusted. My email is a few posts above if you want fixit info on any of the above, including those tight spots. It's basically a guide/info pkg to make the guns work better and it includes a lot of pix w/ arrows etc.

      • Akin from USA:

        Throw away the scope that was shipped with this rifle. I got a UTG 1-Inch 3-9X40 AO True Hunter IE Scope and it changed the game for me. Granted, this rifle will miss from time to time when you try to take head shots at squirrels from 30 yds, but if you take body shots the scope makes the difference and the rifle is consistent for the most part. DIABLO Exact Jumbo for the win!!

    • Burke from USA asked:

      Does the X20S use a pin or a screw for the barrel pivot?

      • Chevota from USA:

        A screw. It's been a while but I remember the screw being just like a typical Crosman.

    • Joe from USA asked:

      I am having problems on my first shot not being consistent. If the rifle sits over night and I load a pellet (or if I leave a loaded pellet in overnight (which I know I am not supposed to do)) it is all over the place. Once I fire the rifle a second time, its very accurate with very good groups. But its the first shot that I depend on the most for varmits hunting. Any suggestions?

      • Joe from USA:

        The same thing is happening to me. VERY Frustrating. The rest of my groups are super tight at 1" or less at 25 yds, but that darn first shot is 4" out. It makes it extremely unreliable on the first kill shot on a squirrel or the like. Im to the point where I might build a bullet/pellet trap for inside my house where I can just waste the first shot and not lose the element of surprise on the pest. Any other suggestions would be great. I have replaced the scope (big help) and did a homemade fix on the trigger. Overall great shooting rifle after the first shot.

      • Chevota from USA:

        I've heard that complaint before but I don't know why, and my guns don't do it so I can't troubleshoot it. Not buying the warm seal theory at all but stranger things have happened. I suppose I'd be sure the breech seal is good, barrel lockup is good, and side to side play is minimal. Parallax might be an issue too but it should be random. Parallax is all about your eye position relative to the scope, and the gun is sensitive to how you hold it, so maybe one or both of those you do a little differently for the first shot? Just a thought...

      • Paul from USA:

        That's not unusual for a spring piston gun. The piston seal needs to get moving in order to get warm and seal against the compression tube.The piston seal actually generates heat when it compress's the air.

    • C P from USA asked:

      I like this Stoeger X20S but I would want a different scope. Because of a permanently injured hand I can't change out a scope. Does Pyramid Air do that type work if you bought the rifle and new scope? If so who would I contact?

      • Chevota from USA:

        I've heard people ask before and the answer was no, but a phone call wouldn't hurt. I'd assume if you're able to cock and load the gun then you could change a scope? If you've never used a break barrel like this then I'd look into the mechanics of it first.

    • Joseph from USA asked:

      What is best scope to upgrade and easiest to install/zero?

      • Rudedawg from USA:

        I personally like UTG/Leapers 4-16x50 AO True Hunter scopes. I have 3: 2 on RWS34's & 1 on a Marlin .22 bolt action. I used the DNT06 droop compensator mount on my 34's which allowed use of low rings. If you don't need to compensate for droop then high rings will suffice. Good luck

      • Stanley from USA:

        In my experience i would choose a least a 4x16 x 40 mm with an adjustable objective. I personally like the hawk brand , but the choice is up to you , they can be kind of spendy , but the glass quaility is second to none , very clear optics.. If your installing on a break barrel like this one make sure you purchase heavy duty mounts to hold up to the recoil ( i like BKL mounts ).I installed a hawk 3x9x40mm A.O. scope on my Talon-p pistol very happy with it , easy to sight in and holds zero and makes it very accurate. My benjamin np 22 cal. came with a centerpoint 3x9x40mm A.O. still holding up good. Good luck.

    • Manuel from USA asked:

      You can send this to Mexico? In co2airgunsmexico the cost is very high

      • Tyler from USA:


    • rafael from Belgium asked:

      how come that on the review says that velocity is 687 fps and on the specifications says 1200fps ??

      • Todd from USA:

        That sounds about right for generic 14.3gr .22cal pellets. Tuning can bring it up maybe 50fps or so. A generic 7.9gr .177 should be around 850-900fps.

      • rafael from Belgium:

        ok many thanks .

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        687 fps is more likely with a heavier pellet in the .22 caliber version. 1,200 fps is what the rifle is rated for in .177 caliber with lead free pellets.

    • dominic from USA asked:

      what kind of bipod will fit this gun

      • Val from USA:

        only a clamp on the barrel

    • hugo from USA asked:

      how can a red dot scope be mounted or reflex sight be mounted?

      • Chevota from USA:

        If said optics need a Picatinny rail then you can buy a Dove to Picatinny adapter. Otherwise it has a regular Dovetail rail like most airguns.

    • swamprocker57 from USA asked:

      Is the scope long enough it appears short and looks like your eye would be to far away to site in on a target?

      • lyle from USA:

        just remove the scope, disassemble the rear clamp and reverse the pin. you get amosttwo inches aft movement, much better!

      • Chevota from USA:

        The scope is a bit short, and my eye relief was short too so I had to stretch 3" to see thru it as mentioned a couple Q's down. If I didn't return it I suppose I would've tossed the scope or rigged it to sit further aft which can be done with a special mount and/or drilling a new hole further aft in the gun for the set screw in the mount. Fyi, my gun was bought in late '11/early '12 (I think), so I thought they might have corrected this obvious problem, but I see a post 7 Mar 2015 with the same complaint. Being a springer the gun is also louder than you might expect, so some tuning and/or spring tar is needed to quiet it down imo.

      • Cory from USA:

        It is a compact scope but the eye relief is correct for this rifle and it will work fine.

    • dereck from USA asked:

      what is the best ammo that is cheap but accurate too

      • Edward from USA:

        Do a site search using the search box at the top of this page. Search for- SAMPLER PACK .177

      • Randy from USA:

        Unfortunately, this is not a simple question. Like all airguns and firearms, you will have to find out what yours likes to shoot. Your best bet may be to find someone near you with the same size pellets you need and see if they can give you a few different ones to try out in your airgun. You can probably get away with cheaper pellets during the break-in, but after that, you will need to find what your airgun likes the most through trial and error.

    • tim from USA asked:

      For small game hunting I'm torn between the stodgier x20s. An the benjamin Titan np. Any help out there. Thanks

      • Chevota from USA:

        I would get the Titan,especially for hunting since it's more powerful. They each make about as much noise, but the sound is different. The Titan is quieter to the shooter, the 20S is quieter to the target. The Titan can be made quieter by putting a suppressor barrel on it which is $20-30 depending on if you reuse some existing parts. The 20S can be quieted too with some spring tar or other methods. I and some others consider the scope of the 20S unusable because the scope won't slide back and the eye relief too short so it's about 3" too far fwd. The Titan is cheaper, more powerful, more versatile. Titan's are also available as referbs which can be as cheap as $80 or so.

    • rosangpuia from USA asked:

      how can i get gamo big cat .22 air as i am from mizoram, india

      • Tricia from USA:

        if you are from india than why dose your name say ''rosangpuia from USA?"

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        No, Pyramyd currently can not ship anything that shoots to India.

    • rosangpuia from USA asked:

      is there a way to ship gamo airgun to india,as i am from india

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        No, Pyramyd currently can not ship anything that shoots to India.

    • Evan from USA asked:

      Can a sling ans bipod be affixed to this rifle? And does the scope come with the rifle, or does one need ordered separately?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes a sling can be added to this rifle. Yes this rifle comes as a combo unit- with scope included as pictured.

      • Jerry from USA:

        the scope comes with the gun. the only type of bipod that can be used would be a clamp on

    • Evan from USA asked:

      Is there a video review of the .22 version posted online?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Yes just type in what your looking for.

    • Dennis from USA asked:

      Apparently the X20S is capable of driving some of the lighter 177 pellets supersonic. If a pellet breaks the sound barrier, then the suppressor isn't going to stop it from being obnoxiously loud. First question: How heavy a 177 pellet do you need to use to stay subsonic? Second question: As a practical matter, is it easier to find 22 pellets than heavy enough 177 pellets?

      • Chevota from USA:

        Mine could not go ss even with 5.2gr alloy. 8gr hit 800, 10.5 685. 177 pellets are typically easier to find, and cheaper. The 22 version makes more power but the trajectory is worse. The loudest part of the gun is the spring so I would use spring tar or another method to quiet it. Not much point is having what is probably the quietest suppressor out there when the spring is so loud.

      • Dennis from USA:

        Thanks, that's exactly what I needed to know.

      • Christopher from USA:

        I have owned this rifle for 2 years and have put over 4000 pellets through it. Anything 10 grams or more stays subsonic. Some of the 8 gram pellets I shoot (RWS Superdome) also stay subsonic.

    • Tim from USA asked:

      What size rings are on the rifle?

      • Stanley from USA:

        From the photos i would say probably medium rings are included. Its only a 4x32 scope so you wouldn't need very tall rings.

    • Gary from USA asked:

      Can you suggest a lead pellet that will travel under 1000 fps, be accurate,and be a good option for pigeons?

      • Christopher from USA:

        Yes, Baracuda 10g or more or Diablo 10g or more stay under 1000 fps, are extremely accurate and take pigeons down easily.

      • Val from USA:

        Try Baracuda Hunter or Beeman Kodiaks. Anything over 10 grains should slow it down enough.

    • tracy from USA asked:

      how dose this gun come packege clam shell or in box

      • Tyler from USA:

        It comes in a box

    • Josiah from USA asked:

      How heavy is the pull on this gun...Would a 10yr old be able to break it?

      • Matthew from USA:

        With the right leverage a 10yr old may be able to cock it, but it sounds like he will be alone when using it wich I don't recommend. This has enough power to seriously hurt someone including himself.

      • Chevota from USA:

        The cocking effort is adjustable if you want to open the gun up. The power drops to match but it also gets smoother, quieter, and more accurate as you go down. It's something to think about since it's really the only way to get a lighter cocking gun, and it's adjustable anywhere between full to ~half power so you can start low and increase it he grows. I have a Crosman (which is the same inside) that cocks at 12lbs. chevota at hotmail if you need how to info.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Cocking effort is 28 pounds a little stout for 10 year old. This is adult sized air gun.

      • Val from USA:

        Do you mean cocking effort? It's a magnum air rifle, so it would not be suitable for a 10 year old.

    • Ernest from USA asked:

      To Edith---Are you an employee of PA? YOU gave me an honest and straight forward answer. Thank you, Ernest USA

      • Edith from USA:

        Ernest--I'm a consultant to Pyramyd Air and glad I could help!