Date: 23/11/2020 16:57

Customers Q&A on Tanfoglio Limited Custom CO2 Pistol

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  • Keith from USA asked:

    Anyone know if the magazine release can be reversed for a left handed shooter. Thanks!

    • joseph. c from USA asked:

      Did this happen to anyone the safety broke right off the gun a would like to buy a new gun but wondering if the safety will brake again

      • Bob1 from Finland:

        Have not broke. But thanks for the information. I will be watching out for it. Have shot lotsa with it after purchase. One of my favorite BB shooters. Well working crisp blowback and quite accurate. Shoots too high even for the adjustable rear sight but that does not bother me at all.

      • Luis from USA:

        Yes, the safety on mine also broke. It's made of metal so it must be cheap metal for it to break just while cocking the gun. The pistol is adult owned and it hasn't been dropped or mistreated at all. I wish I could upload pics to show there's no damage at all except for that dumb safety thing breaking. I hope they acknowledge and fix this issue on the newer guns :(

    • Michael from USA asked:

      Is anyone else bothered by the nearly winglike safety levers? I can't help but think these things are unnecessarily wide. Would it hurt the gun any if I took a file to them and reduced their size a bit? OH! And the mag release button! I'm a lefty and that thing sticks out WAY too far for me. Thoughts?

      • William from USA asked:

        I am impressed with this gun. It shoots well. It is a very good copy of the CZ firearms. It shoots high for me and I would like to get a taller front sight. Do you know where taller front sights are available?

        • Vijay from Canada asked:

          Hi Is this a "full" blowback... as in does the slide move the full travel on blowback? If not do you know of any that do? Doesn't feel like a "replica" with out the full blowback. Thanks.

          • sean from USA:

            Yes, it is a blowback bb gun

        • joseph. c from USA asked:

          I am new at this what does single action mean does it mean that the hammer does not work it's all in the tiger

          • sean from USA:

            It also means that hat you must first cock and he gun before it will fire the first round.

          • Stanley from USA:

            Single action means you must pull the trigger back each time to fire the pistol.

        • Gary from USA asked:

          I'm only getting about 25 shots per CO2 cartridge. Is this the norm? Also I find this gun very difficult to load BBs into. The spring does not lock down on the magazine. Is this a common problem?

          • Bob1 from Finland:

            25 shots per co2 cartridge?? Not normal I think. I get 4 mags of 14 BBs exactly on mine. Shoots hard to the very end - after that it is all dead. Probably my favorite BB shooter for now. You could try tightening the big co2 seal screw that is up in the magazine. It may have loosened a bit. Notice - the threading may be left handed, so you might have to tighten it counter-clockwise, as it is on the KWC made P226 X-Five.

        • Ken from USA asked:

          What's the difference between this gun and the "Tanfoglio Witness 1911?"

          • Tanstaafl from USA:

            The Tanfoglio Limited Custom is a very realistic replica of a 9mm 'race gun', based on a CZ design. The Tanfoglio Witness 1911 is a replica of a .45 caliber 1911 design, with a functional grip safety; all the controls are very similar to the real firearm.

        • David from USA asked:

          Can a rail system or bridge be put on the gun to allow for a dot sight

          • Logan from USA:

            There is a version that comes with a rail system

          • Ken from USA:

            I think that would take gunsmithing. There is no dovetail mount.

        • Kelly from USA asked:

          Could anyone comment on the difference in FELT trigger pull between the Witness 1911, the Blackwater BW1911 R2, and the Tanfoglio Limited Custom 1911, all in Co2, BB with blowback? i need a gun for practice and proficiency, so I am looking for a realistic and good "shooter".

          • Kelly from USA asked:

            Can the Grips on this gun be changed? Also, are spare parts like extra The CO2 cartridge cap s available?

            • Tanstaafl from USA:

              The grips can certainly be removed, and it's possible that aftermarket CZ grips may fit. I would measure carefully and even then you may have to do some work with a file or a Dremel tool. The Tanfoglio Limited Custom is also supplied with one spare CO2 cartridge cap, which is a good thing - one of mine stripped out with very little use.

            • Ken from USA:

              The grips on the Witness 1911 are held on with screws, but it looks like these are permanently attached. I have lost the threaded plug that tightens the CO2 powerlet and was informed that I would have to buy the whole magazine, that the importer doesn't supply parts.

          • Snip from USA asked:

            Is the front sight adjustable? Am I imagining it? Small allen screw behind tip of sight! Check it out and let me know what you think,

            • Tanstaafl from USA:

              The front sight is not adjustable, but the one on mine was loose out of the box. I recommend using loctite on it, along with the rear sight and the mag well screws.

            • JOHN from USA:

              No, The front sight is not adjustable.

          • Jaedon from USA asked:

            is this a replica of anything

            • Tanstaafl from USA:

              Yes, of Eric Grauffel's 'race gun'. Five-time IPSC World Champion.

            • bennett from USA:

              actually it is a replica of a tanfoglio witness 9mm firearm

            • Jerry from USA: