Date: 24/3/2019 22:45

Customers Q&A on Tanfoglio Witness 1911 CO2 BB Pistol, Brown Grips

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  • Rafael from USA asked:

    Is some kind of smoke rising from the gun when I fire it considered safe? Same thing is happening with another BB gun of mine. Is it the C02?

    • Evan from USA:

      It's vapor from the condensating CO2, you'll also know that the CO2 gets extremely cold basically what you're seeing is ice

  • sourabh from India asked:

    i am from india i have perchuse tanfoglio 1911 pistol but i have not club member ship i am photographer tell me what can i do plz

    • jose from USA asked:

      For all BB gun owners which would you prefer: this tanfolio witness or the Swiss Arms SA 1911 TRS CO2 BB Pistol, Brown Grips?

      • Seth from USA:

        It depends if you want a very realistic ww2 1911 I would get the tanfoglio Witness.

    • Indresh from India asked:

      Will you deliver to India If yes what will be shipped cost

      • Tyler from USA:

        Yes, but you will need to send PA the following: Passport copy Rifle Association Membership card One declaration letter from Rifle association on their letter head in which it mentioned that the said consignee is member of our Association and he is importing Air gun for sports purpose only.

    • bin from USA asked:

      dose it ship to new York

      • Tyler from USA:

        What zip code?

    • bin from USA asked:

      the gun body is metal

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Christian from Denmark asked:

      does it ship to Denmark?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • frank from USA asked:

      I saw a similiar airsoft 1911 Style pistol. I have this Gun. are there .177" 4.5mm air soft ammo available. Like to be able to shoot 4.5 mm air soft in this gun. is it possile??

      • Tyler from USA:

        Not at this time

    • Haisem from United Kingdom asked:

      does this ship to the uk?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Luis from USA asked:

      Does ship it to Puerto Rico?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • Michael from USA asked:

      How many shots per fill can you get off of one co2?

      • Stanley from USA:

        50 to 60 .?

    • geno from USA asked:

      what is different between 4.5 mm and 5.1 mm and 177

      • Stanley from USA:

        4.5mm is .177 caliber , and 5.0mm is 20 caliber, 5.5mm is 22 caliber.

    • Francis from USA asked:

      Does it ship to California

      • Stanley from USA:


    • Joe from USA asked:

      i just got this gun every time i load it the rod that pushes the bbs into the gun gets pried up over the bbs and stops the clip from going into the gun and i have to pull it back and push it in, is this normal?

      • Eduardo from Mexico:

        no its not

    • Joe from USA asked:

      Does the slide lock back after the last shot?

      • David from USA:

        Yes, it does.

    • Micheal from USA asked:

      make a 22 version please

      • David from USA:

        Two problems with that. 1. .22 cal BBs. 2. The power is already low, only about 320 fps at it's peak. A .22 version would probably be clocking in at close to 200 fps.

    • Thomas from USA asked:

      I was trying to replace the plastic grips with wooden ones and I lost one of the screws (whoops). Does anyone know where I can get replacement grip screws? Or will actual 1911 grip screws work?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Actual 1911 wooden grips will work . And you probably could find screws that fit at a hardware store.?

    • walter from Colombia asked:

      Do you ship to Colombia ?

      • Tyler from USA:

        I don't see any specific restrictions for Colombia

    • Al in Wisconsin from USA asked:

      can this be field stripped. Thanks

      • Val from USA:

        Yes, watch the video :-)

    • Nathan from USA asked:

      Does the pistol have a smoothbore or rifled barrel? Stupid question, probably....But, What the hey!!

      • Val from USA:

        Smooth bore

    • Trevor from USA asked:

      So I'm assuming you can remove the magazine without the CO2 leaking? That's new to me. Is there a valve or something in the top of the magazine to keep it locked while not in the gun?

      • Val from USA:

        That's exactly right. Selft-contained magazine that has the valve built-in.

    • Aylton from Brazil asked:

      Do you ship to Brazil ? As would be the cost of shipping ?

      • Nathan from USA asked:

        I recently bought the gun, Does anyone else have the issue where, when the C02 gets low, the air releases in the gun itsself? I am talking BBs-falling-out-of-the-barrel low...

        • Karl from USA asked:

          Does the grip safety function as it does on the real gun?

          • Karl from USA:

            (Answering my own question now that I have one:) It does.

          • Micheal from USA:

            I would assume so but I would contact customer support cause all I can do is look at the picture all day and make assumptions

        • Benjamin from Canada asked:

          Are the grips on this pistol made of wood or plastic?

          • Micheal from USA:

            Grip Ambi

          • Micheal from USA:

            its in the customer reviews, Things I would have changed: Well there's not much to change, maybe some woodgrips would be great, but you can also find them on ebay and adapt them to your gun.

        • Kelly from USA asked:

          Could anyone comment on the difference in FELT trigger pull between the Witness 1911, the Blackwater BW1911 R2, and the Tanfoglio Limited Custom 1911, all in Co2, BB with blowback? i need a gun for practice and proficiency, so I am looking for a realistic and good "shooter".

          • Micheal from USA:

            if you look under customer reviews that will help you a lot Verified Purchase Things I liked: realistic look, able to field strip. nice feel to it. ok accuracy when it worked What others should know: this pistol is a piece of junk, shot it twice, both times it jammed up. feeds two or three bbs at a time, slide doesnt fully go into battery. called palco sports about repairing it, they told me sorry its out of warranty. offered to pay to have it fixed, tech told me he cant get any parts, its a 99.00 paperweight now

        • Richard from USA asked:

          so I just got this gun and it's amazing I love the weight, the look and the feel of it. I noticed some scratches on the barrel and the underside of the slide. Is this common?

          • Micheal from USA:

            best thing to do is ask customer support by calling their number

        • from USA asked:

          I want to try and shoot iron plate action with my witness. Are there lead round balls that will work for this gun? The gamo round balls are too big.

          • Micheal from USA:

            I would not recommend homemade ammo but try matching up the side of the ammo u use now with the lead balls

        • Kenny from USA asked:

          Can you shop this too Massachusetts

          • Val from USA:


        • Kenny from USA asked:

          Do you ship to mass?

          • Val from USA:


        • Abdullah from USA asked:

          Can you ship this gun to Sarasota Florida!!

          • Val from USA:


        • stephen from Canada asked:

          where can the wooden grips be ordered from? Is much modification required?

          • Peg Leg Keity from USA:

            I bought some unfinished maple, and cherry grips from amazon for under $20. I had to hand carve out the bottom of the grips to fit the handle,, they look AWESOME ,,,

          • Micheal from USA:

            if you want wood grips check ebay

          • Jerry from USA:

            grips and guns are different, you would need to find out if the screw holes line up with the grips you would like to purchase, we don't offer the wood grips

        • Dmitri from Canada asked:

          Hi , I need help to replace a gas tube on this gun Tanfoglio Witness 1911 ,I bought gun from this site a year ago , and now the gas tube not going forward and backward, any help would be great , Thank you

          • Robert from USA:

            Do you mean the tube with the square hole for the CO2 that's inside the slide and fits in the barrel. If that's the part your talking about, then their is a spring in their. Make sure its working. There is a Allen screw where the hammer hits remove the screw and the part lifts out. there should be a long skinny spring on the side of the tube..

          • Jerry from USA:

            You will need to contact the manufacturer

        • James from USA asked:

          am new to air pistols. What exactly is blowback

          • Nick from USA:

            Blowback is when the slide of the gun "Blows back" every time you pull the trigger cocking the gun again and making it realistic

        • Nick from USA asked:

          Does is come with co2?

          • Stanley from USA:

            Not included

        • An from USA asked:

          Does it come with orange tip?

          • Nick from USA:


        • Tiernan from USA asked:

          Is there a way you can change the brown grip to black?

          • Nick from USA:

            Yes and no. You can't select the option on this website, but you can buy black grips on eBay or another site. You could also just buy real 1911 grips and do a little moding to them to make them fit.

        • Ergash from Canada asked:

          Why the slide stays on the place when the last bb's gone and goes not back?

          • Val from USA:

            to better simulate the firearm. that's what happens when you shoot your last round out of 1911 to give you (the shooter) feedback - you are out of ammo - stop pulling the trigger!

        • Ge from USA asked:

          Does this gun blow back?

          • Val from USA:

            yes, it does

        • Adrian from USA asked:

          what is the barrel lenth?

          • Douglas from Canada:

            5 inches