Date: 20/5/2019 21:42

Customers Q&A on Umarex 9XP/40XP CO2 BB Pistol, Metal Slide

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  • Dakoda from USA asked:

    Will it take airsoft bbs?

    • Mark from USA:

      The Umarex 9XP takes .177 cal steel BB's

  • Randall from USA asked:

    I have a cheap Serpa Sportster holster from my local Walmart, designed to fit most glock variants, including the 19, 22, and 23. Can anyone tell me if this will fit?

    • Dante from USA asked:

      can i keep co2 in gun overnight?

      • Peg Leg Keity from USA:

        Of course,,,

    • GLENN from USA asked:

      Why is it that t Pyramid Air doesn't know the difference between double action and single action..? I just got this Umarex 9XP/40XP CO2 BB Pistol,,, and I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED,,,. The info here says it's a single action only pistol. But the blow back does not cock the gun and it most definitely has a DOUBLE ACTION TRIGGER...! THE AD IS WRONG...! I'm sending it back for a FULL REFUND...!

      • Peg Leg Keity from USA:

        Where in the description does it say , "single action only", ???

    • Jason from USA asked:

      I had a CP99 Compact, and the BB's rolled out the barrel if shooting downhill at all. That sort of turned me off of BB action pistols. Does this do the same thing?

      • Anthony from USA:

        I have two cp99s and they have BB dribble. I have two of these, and they don't.

    • Khanh from USA asked:

      Is it a replica of the Glog 17?

      • Brian from USA:

        Actually its designed to look like a Springfield Armory DX... Which itself is a Croatian made knock off of a Glock ;-P

      • Douglas from USA:

        No, it has been designed so as to NOT look like a Glog - so as to not cause any problems with patent infringement.

    • Justin from USA asked:

      is there a specific kydex holster that might would fit this pistol on the market? It is not a direct clone of any particular gun so im not sure what type of holster it will fit. Thanks.

      • cam from USA:

        Fits and sits well in Just about every holster I have for my Glock 19 (9mm) Even something like a low hanging holster for a .357 revolver like the one Rick Grimes of the walking dead uses for his colt Python .357 whom which I also use for my Umerex Colt Python chrome .357 works just fine for this as well as honestly most handguns. Look it up online, I don't know the exact name of the holster Grimes carries uses but there's many variations of the style and are an all around exceptional (one size fits all) solution rather than trying to guess a holster size for a gun that doesn't exist. Hope it helps! -Cam