Date: 19/10/2018 18:55

Customers Q&A on Umarex Fuel Air Rifle

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  • James from USA asked:

    Does the pellet have to be seated ? How far down ?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Seating usually varies from gun to gun in terms of effectiveness. So you'll have to experiment to see what works best with your pellets and rifle.

  • Mark from USA asked:

    Can the included Weaver/Picatinny mount be easily removed to install a compensating mount like the UTG Super Slim 20 MOA mount? I don't need it yet as when first installing the included scope on the included mounts I was 4 inches high at 25 ft. Well within scope adjustment range.

    • MICHAEL from USA asked:

      is this the AO scope incuded on the .22?

      • Tyler from USA:

        No, the included scope does not have an adjustable objective

    • Nicholas from USA asked:

      would you recommend the Umarex fuel over the crosman nitro venom dusk?

      • Tyler from USA:

        I like the fact that it has the bipod legs built on, so yes.

    • cj from USA asked:

      how much energy does this gun produce

      • cj from USA asked:

        can i kill a squirrel with a body shot if loaded with crosman destroyer pellets?

        • Stanley from USA:


      • Sam from USA asked:

        Can you ship to illinois now that .177 pellet guns are no longer classed as "firearms", regardless of fps? Example: Umarex (UX-2251313 [Umarex Fuel Air Rifle...]) Thanks

        • Patricio from Chile asked:

          Do they make deliveries to Chile ?, there are additional costs for this?

          • Mike from Slovakia asked:

            Can you ship it to Slovakia ?

            • ben from USA asked:

              Is there ever going to be a .25 version of this?

              • Gene from USA asked:

                I have an RWS 48 22cal with a BSA223 scope for squirrels at 52 yards, dedicated sighting at that distance. I hit maybe four out of five shots with the RWS. Would this Umarex be accurate enough to replace my RWS spring gun for that distance?

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Maybe its just me but i would not substitute a RWS 48 or any other RWS model for a fuel. One could buy almost three fuels for the price of one RWS. If you can hit a target at 52 yards 4 out of 5 shots then thats a tribute to tradition. Unknown if this fuel can do as well or better? Its up to the shooter?

              • Jeff from USA asked:

                Can anyone figure out why this gun is called Fuel? At first I thought they were doing something really high tech and clever like introducing a tiny amount of fuel behind the pellet for Diesel combustion and added velocity. Of course they are not. So why do they use that name?

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Don't know its just a way to sell a product i would guess?

              • bob from USA asked:

                It looks like this gun has a silencer, is this correct?

                • JimPysht from USA:

                  Definitely. And it really IS quiet.

              • Alford from USA asked:

                Does Umarex plan on introducing a .22 cal. version of the Fuel?

                • Val from USA:

                  yes, Q1-Q2 in 2015

              • john from USA asked:

                How do you remove the rail mount??

                • JimPysht from USA:

                  4 hex-screws removal. But then, might be a problem in removing rail from the dovetail (without prying it off w/ a screwdriver. If you can, please advise.

                • JimPysht from USA:

                  Why would you want to remove it? It's the best part of why the Uma holds a scope.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  If you are referring to the scope mounting rail, it is secured via 4 screws on the side of the rail.

              • DALLAS from USA asked:

                Where is this rifle made?

                • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:


              • Buddy Daniel from USA asked:

                What brand scope is the included 3-9X32?

                • Val from USA:

                  says Umarex on it

              • Tom from USA asked:

                I need a pellet gun that has the range of 75 ft

                • Val from USA:

                  This qualifies.

              • Claude from Canada asked:

                Pyramyd Air marks some items with red "ships to Canada" icons. How about this guy? Are there any restrictions?

                • Val from USA:

                  This air rifle shoots over 500 fps so they cannot ship it to Canada. You might be able to find it locally but would need to get a PAL as it would be treated like a firearm in Canada.