Date: 17/10/2018 19:38

Customers Q&A on Umarex Fusion CO2 Rifle

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  • Mikel from USA asked:

    Does this have a Removable suppressor? Can this be shipped in oregon?

    • Tyler from USA:

      It is not removable. and Yes, can be shipped to Oregon

  • Douglas from USA asked:

    Can this be shipped to Illinois?

    • Val from USA:

      As of 12/8/2016 - the answer is Yes. No restrictions on .177 cal in IL, except for Chicago

  • John from USA asked:

    Which bipod fits this rifle and sling ?

    • Michael from USA asked:

      Any chance this could be converted to a repeater?

      • Val from USA:

        With time, energy and money anything is possible!

    • Tristan from USA asked:

      How many shots ( accurately ) dose this gun get per fill /replacement of the Co2?

      • Carlton from USA:

        Agree. . . .50-60

      • Stanley from USA:

        50 to 60.

    • ANDREW H from USA asked:

      Understand there MAY be need to replace the O-ring on the "silencer/muzzle supressor" often -- what is that size ?

      • Timothy from USA:

        I have had this rifle for a year. I shoot it fairly often as it's my favorite CO2 rifle. I have had no problem with this particular O-ring as of yet and everyhting is shooting great.

    • gabe from USA asked:

      If memory serves me correctly, wasn't Ruger going to sell an air rifle that was very similar to this? Can't remember what it was called.

      • Jerry from USA:

        they have nothing available in a CO2 model yet

    • luke from USA asked:

      What size pellets does it use?

      • Val from USA:


      • Moss from USA:

        Read the specs

    • luke from USA asked:

      What size ammo does this gun use

      • Carlton from USA:

        Read the specs

      • Val from USA:


    • Paul from USA asked:

      dose it come with co2 cartriges

      • Jerry from USA:


    • Jack from USA asked:

      What brand is the scope? 1" or 30mm? The description says 35 yards parallax setting . does that mean it's fixed? Is it with less at 10yds? Thanks.

      • Geno from USA:

        1" fixed 4x mag. 32mm objective

    • Bernie from USA asked:

      Is this a good starting gun for a 10 yr old girl?

      • Val from USA:

        Under the supervision yes, however the trigger length of pull is a little too long for a young shooter (>14"). So the answer is as usually - it depends!

    • scolest from USA asked:

      Is there a configuration with open sights?

      • Andy from Canada:

        The "Fusion" is modeled after the "XISICO XS60C", which is available w/ iron sights, so look for it down the road.

      • Tyler from USA:

        Not at this time.

    • Joseph from USA asked:

      Will this become available in .22?

      • Andy from Canada:

        The "Fusion" is modeled after the "XISICO XS60C", which is available in .177 and .22, So, you may see it offered at a later time.

      • Val from USA:

        As far as we know there are no immediate plans.

    • nicolas from Germany asked:

      is it possibble to hunt with this gun

      • Carlton from USA:

        Yes especially short range (<20yds). Have easily eliminated pest at this range. Not sure about longer ranges 20>.

      • Andy from Canada:

        If this gun is anything like the QB-78 Deluxe, then it surely is capable of putting dinner on the table.

      • Val from USA:

        The answer is - It depends. Read this article to learn more about hunting with airguns.