Date: 15/7/2020 15:4

Customers Q&A on Umarex MORPH 3X CO2 Pistol & Rifle

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  • Sean from Canada asked:

    Is the replaceable barrel sold separately, or is there another brand that will fit?

    • Mark from USA:

      Any parts would come from Umarex USA.

  • Chi-kwoong from Canada asked:

    Could this pistol ship to Canada?

    • Mark from USA:


  • Michael from USA asked:

    a friend gave me this gun, how do I break it down?

  • Ronald from USA asked:

    Will the blank bullets fit on this umarex morph?

    • Mark from USA:


  • Jordan from United Kingdom asked:

    Hi my morph 3x is leeking co2 I have tried PTFE tape no luck with that so I no it's problem with seals but I don't have a clue how to open it up end up brakeing it could you send us pdf or a email containing the instructions thanks

    • NutNBuTrouble from USA asked:

      I received my Morph X3 yesterday and have put at least 300 rounds through it. I've been using Crosman Copperhead BB's and every now and then on a slow slow squeeze trying to zero it in at 20 feet the trigger wont release the BB at full squeeze.. Then when I release the trigger the BB pops out at half charge. This happens with new and partially charged CO2. There are no adjustments to the trigger that I have read about so does anybody know if the Copperheads are to blame? Are they also to blame for not being able to zero in this gun? Using a fairly pricey UTG 4.2" CQB red/green T-DOT sight is utterly worthless unless I'm doing it wrong. I don't want to have to return the weapon unless someone can help. Plink safe!

      • Jeroen from Netherlands (Holland) asked:

        My bullets got stuck so I decided to open the gun up... I have no clue how tot fit everything back together. ;( can someone help me??

        • john from USA asked:

          Why should you only use steel BBs in the morph 3x?

          • Jeroen from Netherlands (Holland):

            Lead and probberly other matterials will get stuck, and you will need to open up the gun and get the bullets out.

        • Esger from Azerbajan asked:

          Pistol velocity is 380 FPS or 480 FPS ? Because, It is 480 FPS in the video part!!!

          • Esger from Azerbajan asked:

            What is the highest rates in this weapon is increasing? Silencer to wear highest FPS?

            • Michael from USA asked:

              I'm trying to determine if I can mount an AR style front sight to the barrel portion. Can anyone tell me what the OD of the 12" barrel is?

              • Michael from USA asked:

                What is the outer diameter of the rifle barrel extension?

                • Steven from USA asked:

                  Will the Morph 3X shoot the new H&N Excite copper plated lead bb's?

                  • Val from USA:

                    Yes, it will

                  • John N from USA:

                    On OTHER Umarex weapons...NO. they don't say it in the manual, but I returned a gun with a problem (it kept Jamming BB's-The Excites) and they said I shouldn't have used them in 'Their' Barrel...I made a call to them re; the Steel Storm and they said those BB's are lead,copper coated, and can deform in the mag,thus causing a problem. I don't remember the guys name at Umarex ,but he knew his stuff. The Excite BB's can be dented, and they are kinda soft. if I remember right ,the gun did not care for them either. I gave them to my nephew to shoot in his Red Ryder. If you want a Premium,accurate BB, I just Love the Daisy Avanti's...they shoot awesome, and are accurate as can be. You'll see the difference when you 'try' to pick one up...ultra smooth, Love 'em.

                • Pierre from Canada asked:

                  Ships to Canada ?

                  • Val from USA:

                    no, it's over 500 fps

                • wade from USA asked:

                  This is a fun gun, but in rifle I find it low and to the left. Dose anyone have a recomendation on afermarket adjustable sights?

                  • wade from USA:

                    I Know it seems weird to answer my own ?, but here it goes. It is true pistol sites! That means I have to keep both eyes open and look down the center of the sights. Sitting and resting the gun a am naturally right eye dominant and want to close my left eye. If that is your case put the forward site to the right side of the rear sight and aim just a bit high, you'll hit every target, no matter the distance each and every time. Otherwise hold the weight of the gun in your non dominant hand, keep both eyes open and cycle back 3/4's of the trigger, re-sight, and squeeze. Know you and I know how to get it done!

                • Bob from USA asked:

                  Is this air rifle powerful enough for small varmints {mice and wood rats} or do I need a more powerful air gun?

                  • Jerry from USA:

                    Mice yes, wood rats only if very very close.

                • RJ from USA asked:

                  Have fired about 500 BBs with good accuracy in rifle configuration. However, today there seems to be a jam in the chamber with a muffled sound when the trigger is pulled and no BBs coming out. Tried several new cartridges--each time I get a 'burst fire', but no BBs left the gun. Thoughts on a remedy?

                  • Ken from USA:

                    Try removing all the bb's from the reservoir and gently push a ramrod down the barrel, with the muffled sound yoou describe it sounds like a bb or something is lodged in the barrel. By comtinuing to shoot you'll only jam it tighter. good luck.