Date: 14/12/2018 13:16

Customers Q&A on Umarex Octane Elite Air Rifle Combo, Gas Piston

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  • byran from Canada asked:

    is this gun aloud in British Columbia canada

    • Tyler from USA:

      Pyramyd Air cannot ship this product to Canada

  • Mark from USA asked:

    According to the specs the original octane has a 19.5 inch barrel and the Elite has a 15.6 inch barrel. Is this a misprint or is this StopShox system. If true, does the 4 inch difference in barrel length have an adverse effect the accuracy?

    • John from USA:

      The longer barrel could be beneficial in longer range shots and minimal increase in velocity with magnum type air rifles. I would prefer a longer barrel for that reason. Long range sniper rifles using the largest caliber ammo do benefit in longer ranges and velocity to reach out further, especially with .50 caliber ammo. That is why snipers that made long range shots and kills used those longer barrels, especially in the Barrett sniper rifles. I have the regular, non-no shox Umarex Octane in .177 and .22 caliber by choice. I have no problems with the recoil. Get a chronograph. Woodys World

  • seth from USA asked:

    i just got this first shot with exact diablo sounded like a shotgun and i shot it a few more times and it is still really loud. i dont know what the problem is

    • Tyler from USA:

      That is because the factory oils and lubricants are burning off. Once you've put 50 shots or so down the barrel, it should quiet down. And if you are using .177 and have lightweight pellets (or even lightweight .22 pellets under 14 grains) you will want to go with heavier ammo. That will slow the gun down and in turn bring the noise down.

  • Garrett from USA asked:

    This will be first break barrel which will be easier for a beginner to shoot this octane elite or the orginal octane in .22

    • John from USA:

      Stop Shox doesnt make it easier to cock. Woodys World.

    • Tyler from USA:

      There won't be a huge difference but the addition of the stop shox system will hopefully mean the scope lasts longer and holds zero, which was always a concern with the original octane.

  • Richard from USA asked:

    What is the difference between the elite and other of this model?

    • John from USA:

      The original Octane also has a longer barrel. The Elite has a longer and beefier stock that houses the Stop Shox System. Overall length is still the same. Get a chronograph. Woodys World.

    • Tyler from USA:

      The elite features a different stock as well as the Stop Shox system from Umarex that is supposed to dampen the recoil. The original octane does not have this feature

  • Gene from USA asked:

    Is the stock on this rifle plastic or composite? Do they use this recoil dampening system on any other product?

  • Ed from USA asked:

    Is this made in USA?

    • Tyler from USA:

      No, china

  • Kevin rogers from USA asked:

    Does any one else have the problem with the barrel not catching the latch and won't hang untill u hit the side of the gun mine has done this 3 times and at random now it slipped out my hand and bent the barrel

    • John from USA:

      No. Not on the original Octanes, I have them in .22 and .177 calibers. I purchased the .177 Octane after the Stop Shox came out. I considered the Stop Shox version, but since I dont have any accuracy problems or issues, and I like the original Octane, I stayed with it, I do not regret it. Get a chronograph. Woodys World.

    • John from USA:

      Call Umarex customer service and advise your complaint. You have a 3 year warranty. Woodys World

    • Richard from USA:

      yes i think the reason is that the automatic safety moves about half way to engage from the recoil when you fire the gun i solved my problem by engaging the safety manually before i cock the rifle to reload

  • Justin from USA asked:

    It claims to be out of stock. My question is how is the Umarex Octane Elite better than the Umarex Octane? And the specs clean they have the same FPS as the original that I already had on my shopping cart until I found out that there is a 2017 version called the elite. Oh and it's 30 to $50 more than the original too. There are no reviews yet can anyone answer this question please?

    • John from USA:

      YOU, have to decide whether or not YOU need to have this StopShox model, and is it worth the extra dollars in cost. I have the regular Umarex Octane, which has the same specifications/stats. The only difference is the beefier forearm stock and StopShox system. I have had mine 28 months now and I do not have any issues with mine. Nobodys review will convince me that I need the StopShox version because they do. I have the .22 Octane, my next addition will be the .177 Octane without the StopShox. Whatever problems someone else is having with targeting, they will still have it with the StopShox. Just read the reviews. Get a chronograph. Woodys World.

    • Richard from USA:

      with the stopshok system on the elite it absorbs the recoil making the gun more accurate because it is not hold `If you go on you tube type in umarex octane elite look on airgunwebtv product spotlight it features the elite with Rick Eutsler

    • AJ from USA:

      Ignore that last comment, I was figuring it out. But as Tyler said there's a difference in stock, the stop shop system which absorbs recoil and less stress on the scope plus it has a grip at the center whereas the original doesnt

    • AJ from USA:

      Not a robot

    • Tyler from USA:

      It's yet to be released. But along with the visible differences (stock), the Elite features Umarex's stop shox technology which is supposed to aid with scope longevity and maintaining zero.

  • Terry from USA asked:

    How do you remove the stock? I know there are 2 screws in the forearm but the Elite has no screw behind the trigger guard like the regular Octane does. What holds the stock to the barreled action in the rear?

    • Richard from USA:

      How do you remove the plastic cover

    • John from USA:

      There is a pin at the rear of the stop shock that holds it to the stock. Simply remove the pin. There is a plastic ventilated cover over the rear of the stock.