Date: 26/9/2020 7:41

Customers Q&A on Umarex Steel Force CO2 BB Gun

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  • Julio from USA asked:

    Can you change the muzzle?

    • Mark from USA:

      You may be able to. We have not looked.

  • Richard from USA asked:

    Two bbs are now stuck within the magazine spring (pushed in by the speed loader when not perfectly aligned). How can I get them out? I have tried two needles, magnets, and tweezers). Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution? Thanks.

    • Mike from USA asked:

      With trigger depressed gun will only fire when I hit the stock with my palm. This is the only way it will fire. Dangerous I know. Help!!! Ty

      • Mark from USA:

        The gun is defective. return it or get serviced.

    • Aaron from USA asked:

      I lost my gasket for my co2 MAGAZINE where can buy new ones?

      • Mark from USA:

        For The seals ,contact Umarex USA 479-646-4210

    • Evan from USA asked:

      What size c02 does it shoot

      • Jordan from USA:

        12 gram cartridges.

    • Victor from USA asked:

      umarex steel force co2 bb gun (airsoft) the trigger no action what can i do?

      • Douglas from USA asked:

        is the buttstock removable to make it a pistol?

        • Terry from USA:

          It's removable like an AR or M4/M16

      • Jeffrey from USA asked:

        Where can I get the grenade launcher I saw in the pics? Is it functional? If so, what does it shoot?

        • Matthew from USA asked:

          Is the buffer tube mil-spec or commercial, and can i replace the stock?

          • Darren from USA asked:

            What height riser do you need, to mount a red dot optic, to see over the iron sights?

            • Terry from USA:

              None, the sights flip down.

            • Darren from USA:

              .83" will give enough clearance.

          • Wayne from USA asked:

            Hey I was wondering if you could change the stock? Or what kind of "buffer tube" it has, is it mill-spec or commercial? Thanks for your time

            • Terry from USA:

              Yes it is mil spec.

          • Himat from United Kingdom asked:

            Can this bb gun be shipped to the uk?

            • Victor from USA asked:

              good evening , the trigger is no actioned ,wha can ido , lubricate !

              • Murilo Ungaro from Brazil asked:

                Esta Umarex Steel Force CO2 BB Gun tem o modo metralhadora igual vemos do filmes que com 1 apertar de gatilho dispara varios projteis? Notei que tem o modo full auto, Thanks

                • Caelin from USA asked:

                  what material is the gun? what part are plastic thanks

                  • Stanley from USA:

                    Mostly plastic on the outside.

                • Jeremiah from USA asked:

                  This question is for the guys that have found a mock suppressor on the steel force. What is the model and make of the suppressor? And where did you buy it from?

                  • Gregory from Canada asked:

                    Are the included iron sights removable? I'd like to attach my UTG carry handle/rear sight & front sights instead.

                    • GMS from USA:

                      No, they are fixed. For one thing the front sight doubles as the BB hopper door.

                  • Rodolfo from USA asked:

                    I know to use pellgun oil on co2 cartridge tips but do you oil the tip of the 2-co2 cartridge "magazine" that snaps into the gun on a steel force bb rifle?

                    • Tyler from USA:

                      You certainly can, but you don't have to.

                  • victor from USA asked:

                    did you guys sold parts for Umarex 2254855 Steel Force .177-Caliber BB Air Pisto,i need at list 2 new megazines

                    • Jeremiah from USA asked:

                      Where can I find the forward grips at?

                    • Julian from USA asked:

                      what parts are metal?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        The gun is largely plastic on the outside.

                    • frederick from USA asked:

                      Which bb's are best for this item ?

                    • jeffrey from USA asked:

                      Have an RD30 scope doesn't seem to fit on my Umarex Steele Force rail any suggestions ?

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        You may need to check how you have the RD30 adapter plate set up. It can fit both 3/8 and weaver rails so it can be adjusted for the Steel Force

                    • jack from USA asked:

                      what are the consequences of using zinc or copper coated BBs?

                      • frederick from USA:

                        Which bb's should I use with this item? thank you.

                    • Michael from USA asked:

                      I read somewhere that this can be fired with only one Co2 cartridge but the MV drops a bit and it wont do burst mode. Is this true and if it is, any idea what the FPS is? Thanks.

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        You can do this with most CO2 guns that take two cartridges. You just load an empty one and a full one into the gun. You get about half the shots. Less gas means less shots and more freezing when you shoot quickly which is why performance would be worse when trying to shoot in burst mode. The FPS wouldn't drop too much, but it will drop off faster in terms of the gradual decrease you'd see, but that's because there is only one full CO2 in the gun.

                    • Chris from USA asked:

                      does this gun have a semi auto setting or is it just the 6 round burst and full auto?

                      • Ralph from USA:

                        It's only Semi Auto and 6rnd burst

                    • Nicola from USA asked:

                      You know if I can buy this from Italy? Thanks

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        It cannot be shipped to Italy

                    • Michael from USA asked:

                      Is there a suppressor you sell that would fit this

                      • Ralph from USA:

                        The barrel is not threasded

                    • Walter from USA asked:

                      What kind of scope would be best fitted for this gun?

                      • Terry from USA:

                        Using an inexpensive CenterPoint Tactical Red Dot scope I can consistently hold a 1" grouping at 25 feet. That's a full magazine all in the red of a 1" bull on a shoot and see target. The only thing is there's nothing to see. 30 bb's in a 1" bull except a hole in the target!

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        As far as scopes go, something compact would be better and something capable of focusing at close distance. I would recommend a Bug Buster from Leapers UTG 4x32 AO Bug Buster...

                    • swamprocker57 from USA asked:

                      Is there anyway to attach a sling?

                      • Terry from USA:

                        You can get a short wrap around belt with a ring in it attach it right where the buffer tube comes out and you can use a single point sling. Other wise you can get a picatiny sling adapter. There's a slot in the stock for a wrap around sling but you can also use a mil spec sling adapter and attach it on your stock just like an M4/16. Look at the stock of the Hellboy on the very bottom of the corner. The Steel Force has the same stock it just doesn't have the sling adapter. I'm sure you could get it right here on PA, call customer service.

                      • Tyler from USA:

                        Stoeger Arms ATAC Suppressor Air... This adapter would give you a front sling mounting point, don't have one for the rear that I can see, but you can always look it through the slot in the buttstock.

                    • Bao from USA asked:

                      How can I get the extra magazine for this model?

                      • Chris from USA:

                        The Gun has an internal magazine like the Steel Storm

                      • Debbie from USA:

                        buy it from the store here

                    • infiltrator7 from USA asked:

                      What type of swivel can I attach to this rifle?

                    • tom from USA asked:

                      Get the bulk-fill adapter. No machining required. Just plug-and-play! It's easy to unhook if you want to revert to 12-gram CO2 again. The quick-detach unit let's you quickly switch back-and-forth.can this be used also is there any different the steel force and the Umarex Steel Storm CO2 Gun?

                    • randy from USA asked:

                      Can this rifle be shiped to michigan?

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        Yes, it doesn't have a rifled barrel.

                    • Michael from USA asked:

                      Where can I get another key to tighten the CO2.

                      • Ralph from USA:

                        It comes with 2 keys

                      • Dan the Man from USA:

                        You have to get them from