Date: 20/10/2020 21:15

Customers Q&A on Umarex Steel Strike CO2 Air Rifle


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  • Jimmy from USA asked:

    I have the UMAREX STEEL STRIKE, and I've shot all the BBC's in the magazine, but now the magazine will not come out. I've pushed the button and it wont come out

    • Mark from USA:

      Contact Umarex USA for technical advice/service 479-646-4210

  • Nathan from USA asked:

    Can this gun be dry fired?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, should be no problem

  • Bryce from USA asked:

    When will it be in stock

    • Tyler from USA:

      At this point, not sure.

  • Heyward from USA asked:

    Is this more reliable than the steel force/storm? Had two that lasted a week or so and broke.Extemely fun while they lasted.

    • Keith from USA:

      I have a Steel/Storm and have had no problems. Fun and accurate

    • David from USA:

      I had the same problem with all 4 Steel Forces I bought. But my Gawd, were they fun.

    • Tyler from USA:

      No clue, they're not out yet

  • Chris from Canada asked:

    Does this ship to Canada?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not at this time

  • Jonpaul from USA asked:

    How is this significantly different from the already existing Steel Force AR looking semi/burst BB gun other than looks?

    • anthony from USA:

      2X12oz CO2 has moved to the stock. The Mag now houses the reservoir as well as the 30 rnd clip. Neat design.

    • GMS from USA:

      Steel Force uses a 300rnd reservoir with 30rnd integral magazine in the forearm/forward-receiver. CO2 cartridges are held in the removable box magazine, and can be used with just 1--albeit not optimal. No usable rail at 9 o'clock side. Steel Strike uses the removable box magazine to hold 900rnds with 30rnd feed, much more realistic. The CO2 cartridges are in the telescopic stock's gas tube. I suspect they must be used simultaneously. Rails are on all 4 sides.

  • Greg from Canada asked:

    Since this is BB loading in the mag, will there be extra mags to buy? Thanks

    • GMS from USA:

      Not likely! Even IF so, not for a looonnng time. Look at how many, MAAANNNY years it took, before Umarex finally clued in and released spare mag's for the MP5K-PDW? And that held only 40rnds! Because of that {and semi-auto only} I chose the Mini-Uzi instead, and never got the MP5K. They should've just modeled it after the SP89, although that doesn't have a stock. Extra mag's (and I for one really appreciate you using that term, not "clip") for this isn't really necessary though, when it holds a whopping 900rnds. Unlike it's predecessors, the mag. actually is a mag. on this one, instead of housing the CO2 cartridges.