Date: 19/10/2019 19:52

Customers Q&A on Umarex Steel Strike CO2 Air Rifle

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  • Nathan from USA asked:

    Can this gun be dry fired?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Yes, should be no problem

  • Bryce from USA asked:

    When will it be in stock

    • Tyler from USA:

      At this point, not sure.

  • Heyward from USA asked:

    Is this more reliable than the steel force/storm? Had two that lasted a week or so and broke.Extemely fun while they lasted.

    • Keith from USA:

      I have a Steel/Storm and have had no problems. Fun and accurate

    • David from USA:

      I had the same problem with all 4 Steel Forces I bought. But my Gawd, were they fun.

    • Tyler from USA:

      No clue, they're not out yet

  • Chris from Canada asked:

    Does this ship to Canada?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not at this time

  • Jonpaul from USA asked:

    How is this significantly different from the already existing Steel Force AR looking semi/burst BB gun other than looks?

    • anthony from USA:

      2X12oz CO2 has moved to the stock. The Mag now houses the reservoir as well as the 30 rnd clip. Neat design.

    • GMS from USA:

      Steel Force uses a 300rnd reservoir with 30rnd integral magazine in the forearm/forward-receiver. CO2 cartridges are held in the removable box magazine, and can be used with just 1--albeit not optimal. No usable rail at 9 o'clock side. Steel Strike uses the removable box magazine to hold 900rnds with 30rnd feed, much more realistic. The CO2 cartridges are in the telescopic stock's gas tube. I suspect they must be used simultaneously. Rails are on all 4 sides.

  • Greg from Canada asked:

    Since this is BB loading in the mag, will there be extra mags to buy? Thanks

    • GMS from USA:

      Not likely! Even IF so, not for a looonnng time. Look at how many, MAAANNNY years it took, before Umarex finally clued in and released spare mag's for the MP5K-PDW? And that held only 40rnds! Because of that {and semi-auto only} I chose the Mini-Uzi instead, and never got the MP5K. They should've just modeled it after the SP89, although that doesn't have a stock. Extra mag's (and I for one really appreciate you using that term, not "clip") for this isn't really necessary though, when it holds a whopping 900rnds. Unlike it's predecessors, the mag. actually is a mag. on this one, instead of housing the CO2 cartridges.