Date: 21/3/2019 21:14

Customers Q&A on Umarex XBG CO2 Pistol

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  • julia from USA asked:

    my air leaks can i buy a seal and will that fix it

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not likely. For a $30 pistol, the manufacturer likely doesn't repair them

  • elbert from USA asked:

    What clips fit the xbg pistol I lost mine

  • Bryan from USA asked:

    Im shooting today and its been a while why are my bbs coming out of the magazine and not shooting out of the gun correctly

    • Christopher from USA:

      If it's within 30 days you need to call pyramyd air customer service and exchange the pistol or have it refunded

  • Justin from USA asked:

    If i order this pistol can it be shipped to Philadelphia?

    • Sean from USA asked:

      Anyone know of a good laser I can mount on the bottom weaver rail? It would have to pretty small, not really concerned about great quality. Don't want to spend more than 30 bucks, heck the gun cost that. Just think it would be cool.

    • Dipenshu from India asked:

      does this gun come with co2?

      • Sean from USA:

        Wouldn't think so. If you buy the package deal for 10 bucks more you get 12 CO2 cartridges and 1,500 steel BBs.

    • Edward from USA asked:

      Is this a blowback gun?

      • Tyler from USA:


    • gary from USA asked:

      How long will the co2 last if not being fired??? It's just sitting in it's case.

      • Stanley from USA:

        Air can not be stored with CO 2 it must be shot out .

    • Guy from USA asked:

      Would the magazines for the Walther CCP replica that Umarex markets also fit the XBG CO2 pistol?

      • Phillip from USA asked:

        Extra magazine available?

      • JimA2 from USA asked:

        Anyone know the trigger pull on this pistol?

        • RifledDNA from USA asked:

          Does anybody know how to take this xbg apart? I've found one video that's in Spanish and can't get the slide off, it appears the one top screw and then it pulls off but I can't get it to go.... Anybody know?

          • Jerry from USA:

            I would suggest calling Umarex USA

        • neil from Canada asked:

          the pin that goes into the co2 looks bent i need a parts breakdown list to repair or order parts for the xbg.. i love this gun i have had a few and this was the best

          • RifledDNA from USA:

            To order a part is going to run you right close to the cost of a new pistol, ayy? Why not buy another gun and have an extra of each part?

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            You'll need to contact for something like that.