Date: 3/8/2020 14:30

Customers Q&A on Uzi CO2 BB Submachine Gun

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  • Brad from USA asked:

    Anyone find extra magazines for this model? The 25rd full size magazine with Co2 inside

    • Mark from USA:

      Currently there are no Uzi magazines available. Try Umarex USA 479-646-4210

  • Matt from USA asked:

    Is the bolt supposed to lock shut on last round? Mine isn't. Hasn't ever .

    • Mark from USA:

      The UZI will continue firing (cycling) after the mag is empty. It does not lock in any position.

  • James from USA asked:

    So, Just what is the twist lock adjustment on the barrel for on a REAL Uzi?

    • Mark from USA:

      If you mean the barrel nut. That is how the gun is field stripped.

  • adam from USA asked:

    Is it all metal

    • Mark from USA:

      Mostly. The grip plates are plastic.

  • Lenny from USA asked:

    Can anyone point me to a video that shows how to fieldstrip this airgun?

    • Mark from USA:

      The Uzi can not be field stripped.

  • Joseph from USA asked:

    What is the twist lock adjustment on the barrel for and is there a special laser that mounts under the barrel on the nub

    • Mark from USA:

      The Threaded barrel hut is the way the real Uzi is made. There is no rail to attach any sighting on the Uzi

  • Jacob from USA asked:

    Without any Co2, is the trigger not suppossed to pull while the clip is in? Mine wont pull at all when the clip is in. I have yet to test with Co2. Just wondering.

    • Jeffrey from USA asked:

      The top cover pops off when gun is fired. Is there a fix for this?

      • gary from USA:

        Mine did after cocking 3rd time had leaking when cocking 1st time was unable to fire all 25bbs on auto had about 10 left refill when CO2 ran out refilled bbs and co2 cocked ok 2nd time but gun stopped again after 5 shots on semi heard some leaking again pulled back to cock again and top with cocking handle fell off - pulled mag out took out remaining 15 bbs and removed CO2 cartridge - plenty of CO2 left - returning to Pyramyd Air

      • Tyler from USA:

        Give Umarex USA a call or email and ask. First time I've heard of that happening.

    • Kenny from USA asked:

      Anyone know if grips and fore-end for a real mini-uzi will fit this BB Gun? Thanks!

      • Shawn from Canada asked:

        Hello! I just got in my Mini Uzi the other day and was able to give it a test game today. However, in semi auto it likes to burst fire a few instead. Full auto works fine though. But when I pull the trigger and not hold it down for semi it will burst out 2-3 rounds, sometimes it will only shoot once though. Any ideas?

        • Chris from USA asked:

          My co2 wont undcrew from the Allan wrench in clip it just turns any way to fix or order new clip? Ive only shot about 5 times then it sit for bout 6 months ??

          • Tyler from USA:

            I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but it sounds like your piercing screw might be chewed up. If that's the case, a new mag would be in order unless Umarex USA will sell you just the screw.

        • Richard from USA asked:

          There is a lever on the top of the barrel in the front, it holds a collar, that serves what purpose? Is this where the blowback adjustment can be made? I'm trying to get a little more legs out of the o2 cartridges. Or does it hold the barrel, or both?

          • Peter from USA asked:

            Is there a specific base mount that I can use to mount a laser dot under the barrel?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Not that I have seen

          • Gilbert from USA asked:

            How many rounds per second does the full auto UZI fire?

            • Tyler from USA:

              The gun will dump a full 25 rd magazine in about 2 seconds

          • ronald from USA asked:

            Is it easy to change the co2 ?

            • Stanley from USA:


          • Peter from USA asked:

            can a laser dot be mounted under the barrel

            • Christian from USA:

              Only with a special mount. The UZI (even in real life) does not have accessory rails.

          • Cindy from USA asked:

            How do you attach a sling to this one?

            • Timothy from USA:

              There are Uzi SMG slings made by Galco leather. They work perfect for the Mini Uzi.

            • micheljgaudet from USA:

              Ummm... you can use the attached sling mounts for attaching the sling.

            • Michael from USA:

              There are two small pins with eyes in them through which you can clip a sling. Problem is the gun is so heavy it wants to lay quite awkwardly on your back.

          • Micheal from USA asked:

            will they come out with a 22 caliber version if so can it take pellets and have a rifled barrel

            • Jonathan from USA:

              No, they won't come out with a pellet shooting version, 22 or otherwise. The mechanics involved in the feeding mechanism are not translatable between the two projectile types unfortunately.

          • Brian from USA asked:

            what parts of this replica metal and which are plastic? Is this a to scale copy?

            • Timothy from USA:

              Many parts are genuine IMI/IWI surplus UZI parts. The barrel nut retainer is plastic and the frame is plastic. The barrel nut, top cover assembly, magazine catch and other items are IMI metal.

            • Michael from USA:

              Mine is almost entirely metal, only the grips are plastic as far as I can tell.

          • Dean from USA asked:

            Is this gun metal?

            • Micheal from USA:

              Material Metal/ABS plastic Stock Synthetic

          • ELITEkickBOXER from USA asked:

            Is the full auto a legit modification or are the gunsmiths just altering the gun to shoot full auto. (was it originally designed to shoot full auto)?

            • Timothy from USA:

              This gun is very similar to the Uzi semiautomatic carbine inported by Action Arms Ltd. in the 1980's. You have to file off the nub which prevents the fire selector from moving forward to the 'A' (Automatic) setting. Once this nub is filed off and smoothed out, the selector will move forward and the gun will fire full auto.

            • Val from USA:

              The gun was originally designed for full-auto.

          • Stan from USA asked:

            Does the full auto version 7175 also have semi auto or is just full auto all the time?

            • Mark from USA:

              Yes, all the upgrade does is enables the full-auto mode. Semi-auto mode is still there.

          • Cristian from USA asked:

            How do I purchase this pistol in the full auto version?

          • Kelly from USA asked:

            How different is the full auto and semi auto on BB usage? How much ammunition (roughly) would you go through in both modes?

            • Arin from USA:

              In semi-auto from 2-3 clips in full-auto 1

            • Cory from USA:

              You can shoot about 1 magazine full of bb's before C02 change in full auto (use controlled bursts not a complete dump) and approximately 2 magazines full of bb's before a change in semi auto.

          • Kelly from USA asked:

            How many CO2 tanks does this product go through in semi-auto and in full auto? What would be the difference between modes on CO2 usage?

            • Cory from USA:

              At optimal ambient temperatures you should expect around 1 mag in full auto (or just under if 1 constant burst, suggest using a few bursts with a short break in between as this will give many more shots) and around 2 magazines full of bb's in semi auto.

          • Robert from USA asked:

            Can it really fire 71 yards (210 feet) with any power?

            • Cory from USA:

              That would be maximum distance traveled, you would most likely want to keep 20 yards or under for target shooting.

          • Michael from USA asked:

            Can u hook up large co2 tanks to it

            • Cory from USA:

              There is not a way to do that at this time.

          • james from USA asked:

            I just recently purchased this product and I would like to know how you can make this a full auto I am intrigued ?

            • Cory from USA:

              In order to keep the full product warranty intact this a modification should be completed by a Pyramyd Air Technician. The modification to full can be accomplished by removing the trigger group frame and cutting/filing the blocking tab off the bottom of the receiver. This permanent change will void the warranty on the gun.

          • scott from USA asked:


            • Cory from USA:

              This is the same as a Mod version, it is done by a Pyramyd Air technician.

          • Cameron from USA asked:

            So the Full Atuo upgrade version,does the fire selector allow you to fire in Semi-Auto aswell?

            • Val from USA:


          • TomBones from USA asked:

            in the vain of the "grip or mag" question... is this a gun or lollipop?... ANS : YES (LOL)

            • Henrik from Sweden asked:

              Anyway to convert it to use larger CO2 carts or mags?

              • Cory from USA:

                None that I am aware of.

            • Gary from USA asked:

              Is the co2 compartment in the grip or mag

              • Timothy from USA:

                It is contained in the magazine. Once you drop the mag, there is no Co2.

              • Val from USA:


            • John from USA asked:

              Were do you fi d out how to do mod for full auto

              • Joe from USA:

                Pyramyd Air now offers the full-auto version and their upgrade does not void the warranty!!!

              • Cory from USA:

                I would not recommend any modifications to full auto as they will void the warranty and most likely wear parts prematurely if not break them due to the additional stresses.

            • Kalob from USA asked:

              is this the one where you can mod it to be full auto ?

              • John from USA:

                You can do a very simple modification but it will void the warranty

              • Richelle from USA:

                No, any modifications will void the warranty.

            • WEI from USA asked:

              My uzi starts to "leak" sometimes after a few shots. The gun hisses and no longer fires. Is this a gun problem or mag problem?

              • Jeff from USA:

                CO2 seal broken?

              • Dan the Man from USA:

                Sounds like the mag, are you using Pellgun oil?

            • Matthew from USA asked:

              Can you attach a sling to this gun?

              • WEI from USA:

                Yes, you can.

            • Danny from USA asked:

              is this the one with the strong recoil?

              • brian from USA:

                Yes the blowback bolt mechanism is wieghted and the blowback gas porting function uses the majority of the available air for each shot and also is the greatest contributor to the overall sound of each report when fired.

            • Danny from USA asked:

              Who's the manufacturer? Umarex? Cybergun?

              • Val from USA:

                It's really made by KWC. Used to be licensed under Cybergun, now under Umarex.

              • brian from USA:

                I am 99% sure that the O.E.M. for this product is indeed Cybergun. They supply this to several different distributors and even make licensed and unlicensed IMI Uzi reproduction with the Uzi Stampings on the frame. If its offered Umarex than it is a licensed version with Uzi stampings.Also...Cybergun manufactures an 8mm airsoft version also. I understand that both the 4.5mm/.177 version and the 8mm/airsoft version share all the same parts except the barrel liner and magazine. Both models have exchangable parts and is why the steel model is so easily modded for full auto.