Date: 23/11/2020 22:59

Customers Q&A on WWII Limited Edition P08 CO2 Pistol, Full Metal

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  • Steven from USA asked:

    My Luger arrived today. I read through the entire thread of questions and have not come across a single issue as the one I'm having. As it would seem more times than not, I always seem to have an issue with my purchase. My gun shoots in full auto only. Obviously a defect which I will be send back for a full refund and then purchased from another company. Before this purchase, I purchased the Diana RWS Air King which came with missing bearings under the elevation dial. Not to mention a box which was in torn and in deplorable condition. Has anyone one else received a gun which shoots in full auto only?

    • Mark from USA:

      The first one I had some years ago developed into a full auto, Initialy it was kinda fun but grew old quick. Umarex sent a new on return without issue.

    • Tyler from USA:

      That's an odd one. Can't say I've heard of that outside of it happening when the gun gets low on CO2 (most guns can do that when low on CO2). I would definitely send it back for a replacement, especially since it's an odd ball issue, unlikely to happen again.

  • Jeff from USA asked:

    Will copper coated LEAD BBs work in this pistol?

    • Ken from USA asked:

      Where is the serial number location on the Legends P08 Blowback? The only number that I can find on the piece is under the barrel which I assume is the serial number.

      • Devon from USA asked:

        Should the left grip shake a little when the magazine is out of the gun?

        • Stephen from USA asked:

          I purchase 2 other model of the limited edition series and both of those guns had number xx of 500 on them. This model and the M712 both came in today and although they look the part and great at that, I was disappointed from a collectible point that neither has any indication of being a specific number from a collectible series!!! WHY?

          • Lawrence from USA:

            My luger limited serial number under the barrel ends with 369, I think that the last 3 numbers are the series number, 369? Is this correct?

          • schnauzer from USA:

            Most likely no number, so they can make as many as they can sell.

        • Charles M from USA asked:

          The original semi-auto blowback P08 soon became a full-auto blowback P08 due to wear on the internal parts. Has Umarex done anything to fix this problem for this WWII Limited Edition so that it will stay semi-auto?

          • Lawrence from USA:

            My pistol arrived dry. You need to lube all the internal parts remove the grips and oil it up with pell oil and teflon grease on the slide. I also noticed that the German 4 didgit serial # on the receiver and lower front receiver is not reproduced like on a real Luger. My pistol really was buffed to give it an aged look, so much so, I had to add a patina to dull down the shine. A great pistol if lubed. Unlubed it will hammer itself to death. Pot metal does not wear like real German steel, it's a toy. And this one is fantastic, so it stays in the box. I am going to get the normal one to shoot.

        • Lawrence from USA asked:

          Can reproduction wood Luger grips be fitted to this pistol or is there a size difference.

          • Daniel from USA:

            I have read that with hollowing out for the C02 they can, it takes some work. I have a pair on the way so I will update this after I try for myself.

        • Lawrence from USA asked:

          Will the pistol come in a special collector box or bubble wrap. And if preordered can the 10% email code also be used to purchase this special edition?

          • Stephen from USA:

            It does come in the nicely printed special collector box and is not exempt from discount coupons

        • swamprocker57 from USA asked:

          Let me put another way Pyramyd Air, does Umarex make a weathered looking magazine that you can purchase as an extra so it matches this WWII pistol like the magazine that comes with it?

          • Mark from USA:

            no plans

        • swamprocker57 from USA asked:

          Is this the extra magazine you can purchase for this pistol or do they have one specifically for the WWII model? Legends Blowback P08 CO2 Pistol,...

        • Eric from USA asked:

          Is the metal components finish more of a " parkerised" look as apposed to the very black finish on the regular po8 that you offer.? Are the grips brown as in the pictures? Thanks!

          • Lawrence from USA:

            The pistol has a dull black finish; it is not a real military parkerized finish. The weathered look is produced by buffing off the black, exposing the shiny pot metal. This amount of weathering varies by pistol, no two are similar. A similar look can be achieved with a soft green scrubby on the new extra magazine to give it the used look. Mine was really buffed exposing too much of the shiny pot metal and it required an application to dull down the exposed pot metal surface so it appears more like a real Luger finish. The grips are brown, thin plastic, but the color is contained in the plastic so the grips can be sanded with fine grit sand paper in order to produce a worn look. The grip color is as shown in the photos. After aging, (reducing the shine to a grey patina & smoothing the grips) it's really a fantastic piece. The original 4 digit German serial numbers as seen on an original Luger at the front frame and the upper left side of the slide were omitted. That would have been a nice addition.

          • Stephen from USA:

            Got mine today and it is exactly as pictures on PA

        • mrmrogden from USA asked:

          What part is it they expect to be broken just after 90 days?

          • Mark from USA:

            just standard warranty for CO2 action pistols

        • Roy from USA asked:

          Is there a video or illustrated set of instructions showing how to field strip this pistol?

          • Mark from USA:

            shows on the right hand side

        • Todd from Canada asked:

          What Caliber? FPS?

          • Mark from USA:

            .177, 300 fps

        • swamprocker57 from USA asked:

          Is there an extra magazine available yet for this pistol?

          • John Emm from USA:

            Yes, $40.