Date: 16/2/2019 9:24

Customers Q&A on Walther MaximaThor Air Rifle

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  • todd from USA asked:

    How many useful shots per fill and is this regulated?

    • Leo from Australia asked:

      how loud is the gun?

      • Tyler from USA:

        Very loud

    • Michael from USA asked:

      Does this gun come with a moderator? Thanks

      • Tyler from USA:


    • deerflyguy from USA asked:

      I'd love to buy this gun, but I can't find anywhere on the net where .25 cal. extra magazines can be found for sale? I won't own a gun that has only one magazine to depend on! Can anyone tell me where I can get one in .25 caliber? I know that plastic mags for .177 cal. and .22 ca. are available?

      • michael from USA:

        I found factory Mags and fill probs on E Bay UK (Archery Equipe) is the store. After looking all over in the us with no luck I found factory alloy mags for .17, .22 and .25 and probes in of the uk. youll have to wright them and ask to have the items shipped to you in the states, (I paid 10.00 US to to Oregon) I had no problem and now have spare factory alloy mags and an extra fill probe.

      • Stanley from USA:

        You could contact Umarex at 479-646-4210 and ask for the service department.

    • Kun from USA asked:

      I bought this air rifle with .22 cal. Now I would like to have .25 cal. Is it Ok to change the barrel?

      • Stanley from USA:

        That could void the warranty if you disassemble the rifle (just saying ). Call 479-646-4210 and inquire?

    • Robert from USA asked:

      The barrel looks shrouded but the description states that it's medium loud. Is this back yard friendly or loud?

      • michael from USA:

        I just measured my .22 Maxima Thore it has 13 x 1.25 mm threads at the end of the barrel

      • Stanley from USA:

        It does come with 1/2 UNF threads so a moderator could be installed and or a Hatsan air stripper (caliber specific) would also work )same threads .

    • robert from USA asked:

      is there a regulator for the walther maxima thor .22 and if so where can one be purchased; also does anyone know what pellets fly the best in this same air rifle?

      • Gerald from USA:

        18 grain jsb is what I've seen shoot the best in this gun..885-900 fps

    • Domingo from USA asked:

      Does anyone have the chrony reviews on the maximathor .25 cal?

      • barry from USA:

        980fps with 28gr from mine

      • Gerald from USA:

        Airgun web tv/ Rick eustler did a squirrel hunt with this gun in .25 & said he was getting over 51 fpe ..if that help

    • Gerald from USA asked:

      Does it have a built in regulator

      • Gary from USA:

        No, it does not.

    • Domingo from USA asked:

      Does this rifle can be loaded manually singleshot without the mag? Does the magazine is wide enough to fit longer pellets?

      • dongning from USA asked:

        My maximathor just do 40 shots, from 200bar to 50 bar, is this normal? should i adjust some thing?

        • dongning from USA asked:

          what kinds of QD swivel should i purchase for this rifle, my uncle mike's swivel looks like little bit thick,and doesn't work with the QD base this rifle already have.

          • Kenneth from USA asked:

            1) Doubt this gets anywhere near 100 shots per fill in .22 or .25? Also 1000+FPS in .25? 2) Is the trigger still plastic like the Rotex?

            • herbert from Costa Rica asked:

              cuantos cargadores trae el rifle. o le sirven los del rotex

              • nathaniel from USA asked:

                Does this rifle really get 100 shots per fill?

                • Gerald from USA:

                  If it does..this would be the Bentley/rolls Royce of pellet is a beatiful airgun...100 shots at 1000fps