Date: 15/8/2020 12:20

Customers Q&A on Walther PPK/S Black BB gun


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  • Tim from USA asked:

    Is there an adjustable hop up? Mine seems to shoot consistently low.

    • Mark from USA:


  • gtrmn01 from USA asked:

    Just received my PPK/S and shot my first mag. Now I can't seem to get the hammer to close position, it is locked in the open position but I can still load another magazine and shoot as it should but hammer is STILL in the open position. Is this normal and how do I get it to close? Gun Defective?

  • Tyler from USA asked:

    I saw in the customer photos of one of these pistols with a suppressor. Is that custom or is there a barrel/suppressor kit for this gun? I would love to have this ppk with a suppressor kit!

    • Mark from USA:

      There was a fake suppressor kit produced at one time. It has been discontinued.

  • Mark from USA asked:

    Can I buy replacement parts for this gun? The co2 screw popped out to the side and broke the plastic retaining clip that has 2 pins running through it, that wraps around the bottom and over the co2 allen screw. I need a new plastic retainer.

    • Mark from USA:

      Any parts would come from Umarex USA.

  • John from USA asked:

    I have a brand new Umarex Walther Legends PPK/s. I cycled the slide and trigger several times without a CO2 cartridge. Now the hammer is stuck in the cocked position and the trigger doesn't do anything except move back and forth freely.

    • Mark from USA:

      The gun is defective. return it.

  • Terry from USA asked:

    I see that the slide is metal, Is the frame metal as well? Thank you.

    • Travis from USA:

      The gun (at least mine) has a full metal construction except for the magazine and grip covers.

  • Jay from USA asked:

    Has anyone ran into the problem of the gun shooting one bb at maximum velocity, then the second one with less, and the third not firing at all (trigger doesnt have any resistance) until the slide is pulled back again?

    • John from Philippines asked:

      Do you ship this gun to the Philippines?

      • mick from Ireland asked:

        I mean ,where can I get the new lock nut for holding the co2 cylinder in place on the Walter ppk co2 pistol

        • mick from Ireland asked:

          can any one tell me where can i buy the new base for the walter ppk .177

          • Tyler from USA:

            new base? You mean base for the magazines? Just buy new mags.

        • Jean from USA asked:

          Does the pistol use a magnet to hold the bb in place? I would hope not since Pyramid is including lead ,copper-coated amo with the gun.

          • Denise from USA:


        • Timothy from USA asked:

          Will Grips for the PPK/S firearm fit this new model PPK/S?

          • Tyler from USA:

            They will not

        • Dave from USA asked:

          Question: How do I modify the screw at the butt of the gun? Switch from the "tab" to an "Allen" type screw to tight the C02 cartage?

          • Kade from Canada asked:

            Does this come in the blister pack or a nice card board box.

            • craig from USA:

              blister pack

          • Howe84 from USA asked:

            Threaded barrel??

            • GMS from USA:

              No, the barrel is not threaded. The slide and frame is metal but the outer barrel and chamber block is plastic that can't be removed, so this pistol cannot be suppressed. You'd be better off looking for a decent AirSoft version, but it would be at least double the cost and you'd have to find a separate threaded barrel to change out the stock one. The barrel alone is also somewhat costly. Very few airguns come with threaded barrels, and even the ones that do usually have very odd threads that aren't compatible with most suppressors. Eg. take the P226 X-Five Open which has negative threads on the comp. and positive threads on the outer barrel - I have half a dozen various suppressors and none fit the gun. Keep in mind the manufacturer actually specializes in AirSoft, yet they didn't deem to use the universal 14mm size. If you want suppressed, go AirSoft and try to get a tactical model that already comes threaded, such as the USP45T, USP Compact Tactical, FNX-45, etc. Don't forget that when you add a suppressor, raised sights are required to see over the tube, and those guns include those as well.

            • craig from USA:


          • Michael from USA asked:

            I have seen pics where the co2 tightening screw projects out the bottom while other pics show nothing. Which version is current?

            • Yaakov from USA:

              This is a newer version without the bulky CO2 screw.

          • Elaine from USA asked:

            How do I remove a BB stuck in th chamber ?

            • GMS from USA:

              This gun doesn't actually have a chamber. Nor is there a hop-up ring of any sort to retain the BB; the barrel is completely smoothbore from end to end. The top of the magazine holds the BB in place until being shot. There isn't any room behind the mag. for any BB's to to get lodged in, and any that get pushed out the front should just roll out of the barrel. If you are unable to release the mag., that can make things difficult. In any case the only recourse may be to use an unjamming rod and try pushing the BB back into the mag. from the front. The blunt end of a skewer stick would work. Some of these are true to form and permit removal of the side. Doing so would allow better access to what's really going on in there. Hopefully the unit you have has this feature.

          • Paul from USA asked:

            Is the barrel threaded to take a fake suppressor?

            • Nat from Thailand asked:

              What is that sticking out under the magazine?

              • Drew from USA asked:

                Is the slide metal?

                • Dan the Man from USA:


              • clyde from USA asked:

                i have a blank fire pistol and gun oil came with it, can i use this oil in my bb pistol

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  No, only pellgun oil.