Date: 16/2/2019 21:46

Customers Q&A on Walther Terrus Air Rifle, Wood

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  • Ehsan from Iraq asked:

    Hi , i bought walther terrus air rifle .22 ,and i use Ranger Dragon Pellet 1.2 g and 18.5 grain , how can i find out the pellet joule and effective range and in the last and final effective range pellet has how much joule or foot pound ...? thanks

    • Tyler from USA:

      You would need a chronograph to determine the velocity of the pellet, then you can plug those figures into a ballistic calculator (there are many free ones online) to determine the energy change over distance.

  • Robert from USA asked:

    I would like to know the noise ratings of the rifle

    • Mark from USA asked:

      where can I get a front sight hood that will fit this rifle ? I understand it has grooves on the front sight for installation.

      • Rudedawg from USA asked:

        *The "Technical Data" note below the description states it has a target trigger not adjustable for pull weight and the Specifications page states the Terrus has 2# trigger pull, can anyone verify this pull weight? I would have hoped Walther had put a fully adjustable trigger on this rifle to compete with other similarly priced German rifles (RWS/Diana, etc.). Thanks in advance.

        • dfemmert from USA:

          I read all the reviews I could find before ordering the Terrus. It was on sale for $149. during the end of last year at AOA so I had to try it. People said the trigger was 2.5 to 3lb and a few reported dime size groups out of the box. I'm use to dime size groups but with recoilless target pistols,rifle. This trigger is heavy. I ordered a trigger scale to see just how heavy and it's consistent at 4lb/4oz. The specs now show a 2lb trigger, it use to say 3lb so I'm wondering if they haven't put a lighter spring in the trigger. I read one post where a guy claimed to have done a trigger tune and put in a lighter spring and now has about a 1lb trigger. That's what I'm about to do. I was talking about the trigger in the GTA forum and a guy said the trigger is why he just sold his, because of the "two finger trigger" This is probably the biggest complaint and why I think they may have put a lighter spring in it since the specs now show a 2lb trigger. I'm going to tear into it this week-end and then check with gunsmiths in the area for a lighter spring. I also thought about calling Pyramydair to ask if they know about a change since they changed the specs. Maybe I can contact Umarex and order a spring. So far this gun is a project, it won't be a shooter until I have a light trigger.

      • Paul from USA asked:

        What does limited life time warranty mean?

        • Tyler from USA:

          That would be a question for Umarex USA, as they handle the warranty here in the US. Most of the time, limited life time means it is warrantied for life against manufacturer defect. Consumable parts like the spring, seals and some other parts are usually under a different time frame of warranty. But again, best way to find out is to contact Umarex directly.

      • James from USA asked:

        It appears to have a threaded muzzle. If so, what threading does it have?

        • Hugh from USA:

          It's a 1/2-20 thread.

        • dfemmert from USA:

          The Terrus muzzle has 1/2-20 UNF threads but the only silencers or muzzle breaks I could find are made in the UK and they can't ship guns or related products out of the country. I have read a review on the Terrus where a guy said he put the Hatsan air stripper on his...but don't use it for more cocking leverage as I also read it will break/cut you, and it's not hard to cock.

        • BOB from USA:

          It is a 1/2 inch thread. Don't know if it is 18,20 or 22 thread. The Hatsan air stripper works well; a little loose going on but tightens up well.

      • Ernest from USA asked:

        it's a 34 clone---so---made by RWS ?

        • Ernest from USA:

          Ruth - my above question was directed to John

        • Ruth from Canada:

          No, it is made by Walther, and not at all a clone of the RWS 34

      • JEFF from USA asked:

        Does this rifle have the same internals, bearinged piston like the LGV?

        • Ruth from Canada:

          This rifle is a new designed rifle from Walther. It has nothing to do with any parts/internals from the RWS 34. As it is a new design, it is unlikely to have many of the same internals of the LGV.

        • John from USA:

          This rifle is a clone of the RWS 34. The internals will be the same as the RWS 34.