Date: 19/2/2019 19:8

Customers Q&A on Webley Rebel Air Rifle

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  • Lucky from USA asked:

    Is the receiver plastic or steel?

    • mrmrogden from USA asked:

      What is the pull weight on the trigger and how is the travel and break?

      • Dan the Man from USA:

        2 lbs, very crisp on the break.

    • from USA asked:

      How's the build quality? I haven't found any actual reviews of the gun online, but have heard any of them are failing. Anyone with first hand experience?

      • Keith from USA:

        Keith From California I have the original Sharps Innova which the Rebel is a copy of and one of these in 22 cal, the receiver is a heavy plastic polymer, the pull weight is short of 4lbs give or take but I found that this perfect for this gun and I have had my Innova for 10 years with no problem and my rebel just short of two years. There easy to maintain just clean the barrels after a few hundred shots and add crosman pell gun oil when needed and your good to go. I bought my Innova for rabbit hunting and can knock out a long ear at 75 yards - but the innova's fps is 1100. The Rebel has enough power nail a long ear at 35 to 40 yards. You have to remember they are set at 12lbs because of the English airgun laws but with some re-tuning it can get the 18lbs back and be like it's grandfather the Innova

      • Jerry from USA:

        overall quality is pretty good

    • from USA asked:

      Anyone have real world velocity and accuracy numbers for the .22 webley rebel?

      • Stanley from USA:

        Specs say 690fps , should be pretty close to that give or take.