Date: 17/2/2019 20:8

Customers Q&A on Weihrauch HW30S Air Rifle

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  • Martin from USA asked:

    Why isn't this available anymore? It has been even to this day an extremely popular and loved gun :c

    • Tyler from USA:

      Same gun as the Beeman R7. So it's still available, just with the Beeman branding

  • Peter from USA asked:

    Are there stock extenders available for this rifle. It is little too short for me.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Not ones that are factory made. What a lot of folks do is make spacers to put between the buttpad and stock to get the appropriate length of pull.

  • Clay from USA asked:

    I purchased this rifle marked HW-30S on a used gun rack. It does NOT have any safety whatsoever. It is in perfect condition and has a high grade diopter peep sight on it. Using medium weight .177 JSB pellets it only achieves 540-550 fps. Is this normal or is it down tuned for competition?

    • Scott M from USA asked:

      I was looking at purchasing these guns for our summer youth program. Are the front and rear sights replaceable? These guns will end up being used by hundreds of kids.

      • Tyler from USA:

        While both sights can be removed, I have not seen a different front sight on these guns. Some folks do remove the rear sight in favor of a williams peep sight mounted to the scope dovetail. If you mean replaceable as in spare parts available, then yes. Spare rear and front sight units can be had easily right through this website.

    • Steven from USA asked:

      Is it true that once you disengage the safety the only way to re-engage the safety is to cock the gun?

      • Paul from USA:


    • Craig from USA asked:

      I am not a fan of springers, having only shot a Diana 34 and just one day. They do have a certain allure and purity and I suppose I should have one for further familiarity. It is frequently seen on GTA and elsewhere including here that more often than not, tuning and spring replacement right out of the box is necessary. This HW30S at $329.99 is a VERY expensive beginning springer and to not have it functioning at a high level right from the manufacturer is rather bothersome. This is also seen on higher priced models. Is this what should be expected?

      • Tyler from USA:

        A lot of that comes down to expectation. Often, airgunners are tinkerers, and with that comes the wanting to get the very most out of their gun. It also means that working on the gun is part of the fun and experience. Is it necessary to replace the spring and/or tune the rifle out of the box, heck no! If you want to get rid of any and all vibration, enjoy the process of going through a gun and are capable of doing it, then go for it. What I did with my HW30, I shot it for a long time...a few years in fact in the box stock configuration. One winter, when I found the rifle was mostly just sitting I pulled it apart and dropped in a tune kit. The rifle didn't shoot any better, but it did get rid of that slight vibration from the factory. Though, tune-in -a-tube will do the same thing now, without having to take it apart. The HW30s will last a lifetime as it comes from the factory, and that's the important part.

    • Alan from USA asked:

      Does the 30s perform well with alloy pellets?

      • William from USA asked:

        does the 30s come with the delrin insert on the cocking arm like the 50s?

        • smellslikeadults from USA:


      • bobbi from USA asked:

        can anyone post john Thomas address

        • Paul from USA:

          Go to the yellow forum and use the search function you will find John's information.

      • Greg from USA asked:

        What is the pull length?

        • Timothy from USA:

          13.5 Inches

      • motorscooter from USA asked:

        what type of rear peep sight will fit on this rifle?

      • Carl from USA asked:

        one reviewer-alan-said the scraping noise was from the cocking linkage and a protective device was needed,if one buys the 20 for 20 ,can this be fixed ???

        • Dan from USA:

          I have owned and been inside this old favorite "Beeman R7/HW30" of mine for more than 30 years and countless others.. Almost all of the R7/HW30 I have owned and shot for a good period of time end up making this terrible grinding noise. Sometimes a new out the the box rifle will immediately do this. What Is going on?? I will tell you. When the spring tanks a cant and it seems it may when installed or after hundreds of shots, the springs rotates around and eventually ends up making contact with, and pushing against the cocking lever inside the receiver. The grinding starts here and ends up canting the lever to other end into the receiver on the outside, grinding into the receiver outside as well. If this starts to happen STOP shooting immediately! It needs a new (straight) spring. The best way to remedy this continuous occurring problem is to use a aftermarket spring with a totally contained spring like the Vortek Tuning Kit and others have incorporated so the spring is always contained in a tube to keep it straight. The kit for the HW30 is 69.00 and very easy for the DIY to install.

        • Chevota from USA:

          Update to my re: I had no idea the linkage was two piece, I "assumed" it was one-piece like the HW80 and others I'm more familiar with. A two-piece linkage slides down the exterior of the tube at great pressure, so yes it needs some form of protection otherwise it's harsh metal to metal scraping. I'm literally shocked that Weihrauch has done this, and more shocked they've been doing it for decades and haven't fixed it. Wth??? Other guns like Crosman and similar use a plastic piece on the linkage to act as a slider that prevents metal to metal contact, and Diana uses a little metal wheel to roll across the surface. As for the 35, I would not cock it until something is added to protect the metal. There are lots of options that can be fabricated at home, but essentially you want something plastic and tough attached to the linkage, then greased. Many people have lost or broken the slider on their Crosman guns and have improvised by using misc items at hand. For example; a chunk of plastic from a toothbrush which is actually excellent material, and unlike other options, very easy for anyone to get. Delrin, Nylon, Teflon, even PVC pipe, plastic from a broken toy/device, and one person even used a nylon ziptie. A real shame about that tho, I'm very disappointed...

        • Chevota from USA:

          Most all scraping noises can be fixed with sanding and lube, but The 10 for 10 or 20 for 20 will do nothing for you there and is imo a waste of $ better spent on pellets. I've never heard of a protective device for the linkage. I suppose it's possible but you'd probably need to sand on the gun to protect the device from scraping damage so it seems pointless to me.

      • Jim from USA asked:

        Can this be shot left handed?

        • William from USA:

          The photos show an identical cheekpiece on both sides of the stock, so it looks completely ambidextrous. I think that earlier ones were not truly ambidextrous, having a cheekpiece on the left side for right-handed shooter and a bulge, though not a cheekpiece, on the right side for left-handed shooters.

        • Jerry from USA:

          yes however there is no raised cheek piece when shooting it left handed

      • Dan from USA asked:

        In your description of the HW30S you say it's not marked that way on the breech ? How is it marked ? And why wouldn't it say HW30S ? I'm interested in buying this rifle and wondered what your recommendation is for a scope and mount. And do the existing open sights have to be removed ? Regards--Dan Bregar

        • Val from USA:

          I think they are trying to say - it's marked HW30 (no S)