Date: 27/9/2020 9:53

Customers Q&A on Winchester MP4 CO2 Rifle

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  • Rami from USA asked:

    What's the status of this gun? Where can I buy it? Any word?

    • kristopher from USA asked:

      What's the best co2 bbs and pellets to use with this gun?

      • Abel from USA asked:

        Is this discontinued or is it out of stock?

        • Ray384 from USA asked:

          What is the shortest length of pull, with the stock set to minimum length?

          • Mike from USA asked:

            does the flip safety actually work?

            • Tyler from USA:


          • Hector from USA asked:

            Can I convert to a pcp rifle using a adapter in the co2 magazine?

            • Tyler from USA:

              I suppose it would be possible

          • Kenneth from USA asked:

            Is the muzzle break removable?

            • Tyler from USA:


          • Arran from USA asked:

            Can I take off/put on the barrel and quad rail easily for storage? And is 38.5 inches with the stock extended or not?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Not easily

          • Corey from USA asked:

            what size mm are the rails? want to get a red dot but want to be 100% of the size

            • Tyler from USA:

              22mm, standard weaver/picatinny width.

          • christian from USA asked:

            Can any type of pellet fit

            • Stanley from USA:

              Yes .

          • Kevin from USA asked:

            can this mp4 be shipped to sweden ?

            • Tyler from USA:

              You'd want to check with your local customs office before ordering to make sure they will allow the product into the country.

          • Avery from USA asked:

            Can you upgrade this gun to get a higher FPS.If so what would be the highest fps I could get out of it.Thanks

            • Tyler from USA:

              There is not a kit or accessories that will increase the velocity of the gun.

          • Edwin from South Africa asked:

            Can this item be shipped to south africa

            • Tyler from USA:


          • Edwin from South Africa asked:

            Does the gun make a loud noise

            • Tyler from USA:

              It's got a decent pop to it. If you have neighbors close by, they will definitely know you are shooting something.

          • Austin from USA asked:

            Is the stock changeable?this is a huge factor in me buying the gun because I love everything else but really don't like the stock:(

            • steve from USA asked:

              can you mount a scope ?

              • Carlton from USA:

                Yes a scope can be mounted.

            • Tony from USA asked:

              Which is the best swivel to use for this beautifully crafted sourcery?

              • Kevin from Canada asked:

                Can the co2 magazine be shipped to Canada?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  If you're referring to the housing for the CO2, we do not have that part. You would want to contact Daisy about getting one.

              • Chago from USA asked:

                Mine jams a lot does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

                • Carlton from USA:

                  Make sure the pellets are the right length. Recess them (use a pellet pen for good results). 7 - 8g non-pointed pellets work the best.

              • AIRGUNNERMO from USA asked:

                Will aftermarket stocks for the real AR-15 work on this gun?

                • Carlton from USA:

                  Some will. You will have to experiment to get your answer.

              • Abel from USA asked:

                Were can I find the co2 magazine at?

                • Stacey from USA:

                  PA should have them soon but you should be able to call up Daisy and order

                • Stanley from USA:

                  Enter Winchester M14 & MP4 and... in the search bar . Available at 6.95.

              • Asher from USA asked:

                how many shots do you get per 2 co2 cartridges?

                • Greg (PA SALES) from USA:

                  about 60-80 good shots

              • Steve from Greece asked:

                Can this item shipped in greece?

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Sadly, no

              • Levi from USA asked:

                What is the barrel length?

                • david from USA:

                  Closest I can measure is about 19.5 inches. The real barrel is back about 5/8 inch from the end of the flash hider. It starts somewhere just ahead of where the pellet holder goes. Cannot really see up in there. Hope this helps.

              • Asher from USA asked:

                What is the gun made of? Is it metal?

                • Carlton from USA:

                  Mostly metal & some plastic. Substantial, solid weight with material build.

              • cj from USA asked:

                Can it kill a frog at close range?

                • Carlton from USA:

                  At close range assuming 10-20ft, it will destroy anything moving using 7-8gr pellets. Will take out birds out to 15yds with the same pellets. Speaking from experience. . .

                • trentin from USA:

                  It averages 700 FPS with 4.0 gr. pellets so yeah but pretty much any .177 cal. should do the trick on frogs with a heavy enough pellet.

              • Sol from USA asked:

                Do I need to use two co2 cartridges for the gun to function? If I only want a few shots, say to get the squirrels off my bird feeder, can I just load the one cartridge?

                • Carlton from USA:

                  It will work with one but two is recommended and better for optimal performance.

                • Val from USA:

                  You need to load both cartridges in

              • ray in wi from USA asked:

                I have the MP4, and I plan on using the bulk adapter. Can I get an extra co2 magazine/holder to modify for the adapter? That way I can change out from the bulk fill modified one to the 2 cart 12 gram co2 mag.

              • cheryl from Canada asked:

                can you ship this to canada

                • Val from USA:

                  No, it's over 500 fps

              • Peter from USA asked:

                Does anyone know of a mock suppressor which may fit this model?

                • RODNEY from USA:

                  Or, you can go on you tube and learn to make one. It's relatively a simple process.

                • Dan the Man from USA:

                  No, this rifle can not accept mock suppressors.

              • Peter from USA asked:

                I also have had trouble with constant pellet jams. Is there a fix??

                • Carlton from USA:

                  If you pull the trigger but not complete the shot, the clip with the pellet will rotate partially. When you pull the trigger again, the partially rotated clip will not line up with the breech. The pellet will jam for sure. To prevent jams, completely pull the trigger and follow through each shot. Correction below above answer. . . .should be 7-8gr non-pointed pellets.

                • Carlton from USA:

                  Use 7-88gr non-pointed pellets. Recess pellets in the clip with a pellet pen or equivalent. Should reduce/completely eliminate jams. Make sure to pull trigger all the way (not half) for proper clip rotation & placement into breach eliminating jams.

                • Anthony from USA:

                  If you use wadcutter or round nose pellets and seat them so they don't protrude at the front of the clip you should be OK. If you use pointed pellets or some hollow points you are just asking for jams.

                • HiveSeeker from USA:

                  You need to order a replacement CO2 clip from Daisy. Some clips do not line up correctly with the barrel.

                • Val from USA:

                  The clearance between the breach and the pellet clip was corrected to allow the pellet clip to rotate correctly. Please contact Daisy and they will help you out with your airgun: (479) 636-1200

              • Art from USA asked:

                Which pellets do you recommend? I have tried four different ones and they all jammed after a few shoots.

                • Carlton from USA:

                  Good brand wadcutters, Beeman Hollow Point, H&N Hunter, Crossman. . .all in the 7-8g range produce good results. Seat well with a pellet pen to minimize and/or eliminate jams.

                • Val from USA:

                  The clearance between the breach and the pellet clip was corrected to allow the pellet clip to rotate correctly. Please contact Daisy and they will help you out with your airgun: (479) 636-1200

              • Harry from USA asked:

                Just arrived and both sights are mounted the same way, and I see no way to adjust the rear sight. What am I missing?

                • Charles M from USA:

                  The rifle's shot elevation is adjusted by moving both the front and rear sight forward or back. Move the rear sight forward as necessary to get a reasonably focused view of it when aiming. Then move the front sight either closer or farther away from the rear sight to adjust the shot elevation. Aim through the sights as illustrated in the manual.

              • ATMG68 from USA asked:

                Can you buy more 16 Mags for this ??

                • Carlton from USA:

                  Yes. . .back order at PA

                • Markus from USA:


              • Veerawat from USA asked:

                USA made??

                • Markus from USA:

                  Made in Japan for Daisy/Winchester

              • Terrance from USA asked:

                why cant I order this product yet? it has been online for a month or 2 and still cant make mu purchase

                • Carlton from USA:

                  Yes. . . .excellent price at PA now available.

                • Nadav from Israel:

                  now you can purchase it.

              • Franklin from USA asked:

                WIll you be able to upgrade?

                • Ruary from USA:


              • Franklin from USA asked:

                I know gas guns don't work good in cold, but is co2 the same?

                • rick from Canada:

                  Fps drops drastically if you like to rapid fire and will even freeze up sometimes. Warming up the co2 cartridge under warm water not only give's a extra boost of power but will help out with rapid firing.

                • Val from USA:

                  CO2 is definitely temperature sensitive (the colder it is the worse it performs). It actually does NOT apply to other gases like air or nitrogen. Those are very forgiving to temperature.

              • Nadav from Israel asked:

                Would it be powerful in 10 meters ? could i use it as my backup bird hunting weapon ? and what is the real world FPS while using 7.9 pellets ?

                • Carlton from USA:

                  Results and not FPS are the measure. It will eliminate birds from several feet out to 10 meters with 7.9gr pellets.

                • Franklin from USA:

                  It wouldn't kill the bird in 1 shot from far away. But if you shot in close range it should do the trick.

              • shawn from USA asked:

                How many shot do you get on the co2

                • Carlton from USA:

                  5-6 16rd magazines. Or 80-96 shots in 75-80 degree + weather.

                • Anthony from USA:

                  At least 80, but I'm in Florida. "Cold" here is 55 degrees.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  It is brand new so the shots per fill has not been tested yet. That should be updated once we get it tested.

              • Manuel from USA asked:

                I have been having problems with the Crossman co2 leaking as soon as I start to tighten... Is there a cure?

                • Carlton from USA:

                  Try a different brand co2. Excellent performance with Swiss Arms co2's.

                • Peter from USA:

                  Keep you gaskets well lubricated and put a drop of oil on each cylinder when replacing. This may help.

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Keep tightening. You need to tighten it past that point and it should stop once you do.