Date: 23/1/2021 17:55

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi .50 Cal, 210 Grains, Balle Blondeau Flat Head, 50ct


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  • joel from USA asked:

    can i get this in a store or only online

    • Mark from USA:

      You may be able to find them at a airgun specialty store. Otherwise only thru us.

  • Abdullah from USA asked:

    what is the diameter of these pellets, 510, or 495, or what????.....thanks

    • Mark from USA:

      These pellets are .50 nominal.

  • Shane from USA asked:

    Can someone please let me know the exact o/d of these .50 cal pellets.. Thank you!

    • Ron from USA:

      .4955 to .496 Measured with my Mitutoyo Digital Calipers...

  • Mike from USA asked:

    Is this pellet only for rifle or can I use it in a hand gun to

    • Steve S from USA asked:

      I know the smooth-bore Farco is closer to 0.510 in., but has anyone tried using these in one, and if so, how did they perform? I'm thinking it might be possible to slightly obturate the base to actual bore size for a better fit. With air or nitrogen at 1500 PSI, I'm predicting over 500 FPS. Thanks, Steve

      • Alan from USA asked:

        Pretty new at this and seems like a stupid question but got to ask... which way do the pellets (Balle Blondeau Flat Head) go into gun... flat side first or other

        • Jonathan from USA:

          Other way. Pointed end first