Date: 20/2/2019 7:25

Customers Q&A on Air Venturi Long Shotshells With #6 Shot, 50ct

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  • Adam from USA asked:

    Are these a one-time-use shell? Or can I reload them after I've used them? Do I need to have them pressed? Or is it just simply pouring my shot cap it and go

    • Brad from USA asked:

      Is this steel shot or lead shot. If not steel can steel be made or would i need to buy empties. And fill them myself. And can they be made in 3# or 4#shot? Thank you!

      • Jeff from USA asked:

        Do these come in .22 and/or .177?

        • Val from USA:

          no, and probably never will. Just don't have enough shot to make them work in .22 or .177. Even .25 and 9mm would be questionable.

      • Jose from USA asked:

        Can these shells be shot from the Dragan claw

        • STEVE from USA asked:

          Can I use these in my Sam yang dragon claw?

          • Val from USA:

            You can, but results may vary. These were designed for WingShot choke to break them as they leave the muzzle. They do break when shot out of Dragon Claw as well, but no patterns have been published out there.

        • Brent from USA asked:

          Can these be used with any other .50 cal. rifle?

          • Val from USA:

            Yes, you should be able to, with no guarantee on results. Need to test yourself.