Date: 22/4/2019 17:0

Customers Q&A on Benjamin Nosler Ballistic Tip eXTREME Air Rifle Bullet, .357 Cal., 145 Grains, Round Nose, 25ct

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  • Liz from USA asked:

    Will this bullet fire from the Hatsan Hercules? And if not, which pellets/slugs etc. will?

    • RHytonen from USA asked:

      What about SINGLE FEED in the Ataman M2R ?

      • Tyler from USA:

        That would be fine

    • Jason from USA asked:

      Hey will these work in the Senaca Recluse 357/9mm.

      • Tyler from USA:


    • joe from USA asked:

      It says not to use the Benjamin ballistics in the evinex but it gives us these saying we can use them if we use them will they jam the gun

      • gerald from USA asked:

        what is the BC when fired from a benjamin bulldog

        • Chris from USA asked:

          Will these fit the Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore?

          • Timothy from USA asked:

            Will the Dan Wesson 25ct pellet-bullets fit the SNR357?

            • Jerome from USA asked:

              Do they have this in a 45 caliber

              • BBWOLF from USA asked:

                Hi can use this pellets in Ataman M2R Tact Carbine Type 1 Air Rifle 357...???

                • Tyler from USA:

                  Single feed would be fine

                • RHytonen from USA:

                  What about SINGLE FEED?

                • Alexander from USA:

                  No. You may damage the riffle.

              • Steven from USA asked:

                Would these work in an "AirForce Texan Big Bore 9mm/357"?

                • Big Shady from USA:

                  Oh Yea

              • christopher from USA asked:

                will these fit evanix windy city

                • Big Shady from USA:

                  Absolutely No

              • christopher from USA asked:

                will these fit evanix windy city

                • Mario from USA asked:

                  How the hell are we to buy, if you won't answer important questions on weather the ballistic benjemin extream tip will fit the Evanix sniper ?

                  • jasper from USA:

                    It say in big red letters do not use in evanix guns

                  • Mark from USA:

                    will not...

                • jim from USA asked:

                  do they make it in 457 caliber

                  • Mark from USA:


                • Kelly A from USA asked:

                  Evanix Sniper wide magazine model , will these fit ? THANKS ! :-)

                  • Mark from USA:

                    No. Evanix, even wider one accepts pellets up to 0.60" long

                  • Mario from USA:

                    Will these fit the mags for the evanix sniper, 357 cal. + 45cal., 50 cal.

                • Alan from USA asked:

                  Does Crosman have a single shot tray in the works for the Benji Bulldog?

                  • Cory from USA:

                    Not that we are aware of at this time.

                • Alan from USA asked:

                  Without the clip, what is maximum bullet length you can feed into the Bulldog by hand?

                  • Cory from USA:

                    We have not tested the maximum length that can be inserted, but if you are hand feeding the projectile please be sure it is centered to the bore when inserting to keep from damaging the breech seal.

                • Oliver Rafael from USA asked:

                  Can I use these pellet on a Evanix Sniper Rifle?

                  • Tyler from USA:

                    The ammo would be too long for the Evanix magazines.