Date: 25/3/2019 8:46

Customers Q&A on Daisy Match Grade Avanti Precision Ground Shot .177 Cal, 5.1 Grains, Steel BBs, 1050ct

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  • Ray from USA asked:

    Tyler. Them why does the word AVANTI appear in the description above ???

    • Tyler from USA:

      Probably because these used to be known as AVANTI precision ground shot. Maybe just an error on PAs part

  • Ray from USA asked:

    Where does the description Avanti appear on the package. What does Avanti mean if it is not shown on the container of bbs.

    • Tyler from USA:

      Avanti no longer appears on the package for these.

  • Wyatt from USA asked:

    What's the difference between these and the premium ammo?

    • Tanstaafl from USA:

      Daisy 'Match Grade Precision Ground Shot' is a "premium ammo". They're more expensive than, say, Copperhead BB's, and that's because they're more consistent in weight and diameter. I've found them to be more accurate than many other BB's, as well as being slightly larger in diameter. With some rotary magazines, Copperheads are too small and fall out of the 'clips'. These, along with Hornady Black Diamond BB's don't have that problem.

  • domenick from Canada asked:

    can this be shipped to missisauga ontario

    • Tyler from USA:


  • derek from USA asked:

    Can you reuse these after they been shot

    • Tanstaafl from USA:

      Sure, you can. Should you? Probably not. Even though they may still look spherical, once they've been shot, even in a low-powered air gun, they're likely to be slightly deformed. That means that they could cause problems if reused. Problems like getting stuck in a magazine or the loading mechanism, or possibly damage to the barrel. BB's that have flat spots from hitting targets or backstops are sure to be less accurate as well. Round shot tends to fly truest when it's close to being a perfect sphere.

  • Matthew from USA asked:

    A Can this be shipped to my home in michigan?

    • Ashley from USA:

      Yes, it can.