Date: 21/1/2021 22:13

Customers Q&A on FX Hybrid Slug, .22 Cal, 22.0 Grains, Hollowpoint, 100ct

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  • Bruce from USA asked:

    Can I shoot these in my FX Impact X with .22 smooth twist 700mm barrel without damaging the gun?

    • James from USA asked:

      Will they work with a crosman summit ranger?

      • Leo from USA asked:

        Has anyone used these in the Benjamin Marauder? Will they fit in the rotary magazine ?

        • Stephan from USA:

          They fit

      • Michael from USA asked:

        I have a Benjamin point 20 to break barrel and would like to know if these slugs come and 5.5 mm instead of 5.5 1 mm

        • Wes from Belgium asked:

          Will these slugs work in my Crosman Trasher NP elite .22 breakbarrel?

          • chris from USA asked:

            Will this work in a Gamo Urban?

            • Md from USA asked:

              Is this only for PCP airguns? My Diana Magnum 360 has a bit more velocity than lets say FX Crown PCP Air Rifle (1000 fps vs 890 fos). So, will it work for Diana magnum better than FX Crown? What other factors play role in whether I can use these slugs or not?

              • Mark from USA:

                Slugs tend to work betterin PCP airguns, Particularly in non-choked barrels.The only way to find out is give them a tryout.

            • Justin from USA asked:

              Best drag function for hybird 22 gr at 950fps??

              • shawn from USA asked:

                Will these shoot well at 775 fps? What is the best speed to shoot them?

                • David from USA asked:

                  Will these work in my 22 cal fx streamline? And, will they load in the magazine?

                  • Marcus from USA:

                    I can load them in the mag of my Diana Stormrider and they feed beautifully. Don't know if they'll work in your streamline but, if it's a .22 PCP, I'd say yes.

                • spencer from USA asked:

                  Would this work with Beeman qb78

                  • Mark from USA:

                    These are too heavy to shoot at all well from a CO2 powered rifle.

                • David from USA asked:

                  Does anybody have an idea if they will fire from a Diana stormrider

                  • Marcus from USA:

                    They feed and fire beautifully from my Stormrider and they WILL fit and feed perfectly in the magazine.

                  • Mark from USA:

                    You can shoot them. They will have to be single loaded.

                • John from USA asked:

                  Does anybody know the drag function for this Slug ???

                  • Aztec from USA asked:

                    will i b able 2 use this slug in my Hatsun Flash ?

                    • shawn from USA:

                      Fit my mag well

                    • shawn from USA:

                      They fit in my flashpup just fine.

                    • Mark from USA:

                      The hybrid slugs can be shot from the Flash, They will probably have to be single loaded. We do not think they will fit in the magazine. We have not seen any yet.

                  • Dorian from USA asked:

                    Will i be able to shoot these slugs out of a gamo swarm magnum and will it fit in the magazine?

                    • Danielle from USA:

                      The .22 22 grain fx fit in the gamo swarm magnum and fire great

                    • Marcus from USA:

                      They fit and feed perfectly in my Diana Stormrider so I don't see why they wouldn't work in your magazine.

                    • Mark from USA:

                      We think these slugs will be a bit heavy to shoot well. They probably will not fit in the magazine.

                  • Thomas from USA asked:

                    Will these shoot out of a Airforce Condor choked barrel without harming the choke?

                    • Mark from USA:

                      The choked barrel will not be harmed. The slugs may not shoot very well out of a chocked barrel.

                  • Gary from USA asked:

                    Will these shoot out of a Theoben mark II .22 cartridge? Currently shooting JSB .22 14.3 grain. Thanks

                    • Mark from USA:

                      We do not know. They may not fit in a magazine.

                  • james from USA asked:

                    how about 30 cal hybrids

                    • Mark from USA:

                      H&N is currently making 25 cal slugs. They have not indicated that they will be making 30 cal versions.

                  • Marvin from USA asked:

                    Can slugs be shot out of a gamo magazine feed rifle?

                    • Mark from USA:

                      Maybe. we have not tried them.

                  • Christopher from USA asked:

                    Can you shoot these out of a stock fx dream bull pup or do I need a different barrel liner.

                    • Mark from USA:

                      You could shoot them. The barrel on the Dreamlite is optimized for JSB pellets. How well these slugs will shoot we cannot predict.

                  • Dean from USA asked:

                    When will the .25 cal hybrids be released?

                    • Mark from USA:

                      Feb 2020

                  • Bill from USA asked:

                    Will these slugs work in my RWS Diana 34 .22 breakbarrel?

                    • Mark from USA:

                      They are a bit heavy but they should work. they will not shoot very fast.

                  • Matthew from USA asked:

                    Can these be shot out of the Gamo urban?

                    • Mark from USA:

                      They will fire out of the. At this time we do not know if they will fit in the magazine.

                  • Thomas from USA asked:

                    Will this work in a marauder magazine

                    • Mark from USA:

                      Maybe. We have not seen them yet

                  • Earl from USA asked:

                    I'm wondering if these slugs are for PCP's only or can they be used in other air rifles like the Gamo Whisper FX - Thanks

                    • Val from USA:

                      You can try, but your mileage will vary

                  • Peter from USA asked:

                    How long is this pellet? Will it fit Benjamin Marauder Magazines?

                    • Mark from USA:

                      We have not seen them. No information.

                  • stephen from Canada asked:

                    Do you have them in .25?

                    • Val from USA:

                      not at the moment

                  • Bobbyjoe from USA asked:

                    Can I shoot these out of an airgun that doesn't have a slug barrel

                    • Val from USA:


                  • Scott from USA asked:

                    Hi, can these be shot in a NP break barrel without damaging the rifle? Thank You!

                    • Val from USA:

                      Yes, these will not damage the rifle. Mileage can vary though as far as accuracy goes.

                  • David from USA asked:

                    Are they made by FX? They look like Varmint Knockers.

                    • RonaldDale from USA:


                    • Val from USA:

                      FX outsources to some company

                  • deerflyguy from USA asked:

                    Airgun slugs of almost every caliber seem to always have issues regarding accuracy. Has FX found a way to correct these inherent deficiencies or are they just one more brand of slug destined to disappoint the shooter?

                    • Marcus from USA:

                      I'd say that whatever demons were haunting slugs in the past have been chased away with these hybrid slugs. I just bought a bunch for my Diana Stormrider based on another review somewhere else and I'm glad I did. I've posted a pic of my results here as evidence and it is typical of the kind of groups I'm seeing from these slugs. I highly recommend them.

                    • Val from USA:

                      Only time and customer reviews will tell

                  • deerflyguy from USA asked:

                    These are hunting slugs. I prefer to use larger calibers than .22 cal., for hunting purposes. Are these new FX slugs coming out in larger calibers and if so, when?

                    • Val from USA:

                      FX is saying more calibers are coming...

                  • michael from USA asked:

                    Does anyone know how long these slugs are? Will they fit in most rotory clips, or do they need to be single fed?

                    • Marcus from USA:

                      They fit and feed perfectly in my Diana Stormrider mag. I don't see why they wouldn't work in others, as well.

                    • Casey from USA:

                      One of the reviews said that they are .322 inches.

                    • Mark from USA:

                      They should fit FX magazines.; We do hat have any other information at this time.