Date: 23/3/2019 15:28

Customers Q&A on H&N Baracuda .25 Cal, 30.86 Grains, Round Nose, 150ct

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  • randy from USA asked:

    Are they good for hatson model 135

    • Christophe from USA:

      I get about two inches of drop at about 45 yards, shooting with my WFH. And yes, very accurate, even out to forty-five yards.

    • Christophe from USA:

      The 135 is more than powerful enough, however, It can depend on your particular gun. I can tell you, that in Walther Falcon Hunter, in .25, they are especially accurate out to about 40 yards, but drop off quickly past that.

  • Lee from USA asked:

    Will these fit the Gamo Coyote .25 magazine and would you recommend them for that rifle ?

    • Mark from USA:

      yes, and yes

  • James from USA asked:

    Will these pellets work good in airforce Condor

    • Mark from USA:

      yes, very well

    • boyd from USA:

      they work good in the escape--should be fine in the condor--keep the setting in the 3/4 power area and enjoy.

  • Ronbow from USA asked:

    Will these fit in the Hatsan clip for AT44 and BT65?

    • Val from USA:


  • Dana from USA asked:

    What is the difference in terms of accuracy and/or power (hunting) between wadcutter, round head, and domed? .177

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      Wadcutters are only really designed for punching paper out to 20 yards. Round head and domed are pretty much the same thing and are good for hunting with a head shot or vital organ shot.

  • quan from USA asked:

    would this ideal for a Benjamin Marauder?

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      Yes, their the best overall target pellets for any range.