Date: 19/5/2019 21:37

Customers Q&A on H&N Grizzly Pellets, .25 Cal, 31 Grains, Hollowpoint, 150ct


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  • labronski from USA asked:

    Can these be used in the umarex gauntlet?

    • John from USA:

      This bullet is designed for use in the higher powered PCP air rifles. The standard designed pellets with skirts work a lot better in the Armadas, Gauntlets, and other low end powered PCPs. Woodys World.

  • Jen-Yen from USA asked:

    Does this pellet works with 2018 Hatsan Barrage semi-auto air rifle?

    • Robert from USA asked:

      Is this pellet safe for use in Smooth Twist barrels?

      • Tyler from USA:

        It can be used in them, may not be very accurate though

    • J from USA asked:

      I had little luck with this pellet with my Armada .25. Since this bullet isn't skirt stabilized is there a velocity sweet spot where they spin stabilize? Faster than a untuned armada i would assume.

      • Tyler from USA:

        I can't say for certain, but I would imagine you'll want to get them above 900 fps for best accuracy potential, maybe even faster than that.

    • David from USA asked:

      What is the exact decimal size of these pellets? Will they function in the 25 caliber Huben K-1?

      • John from USA:

        .25 is the decimal size.

    • Jose from USA asked:

      How are these on the 135 qe hatsan break barrel

      • Dwayne from USA asked:

        I have the Hatsan bt65 Elite and the Evanix Rainstorm II How accurate are these pellets in these guns? (Both 25 cal)

        • Billie from USA asked:

          Will these work in the hatsan at44 10 qe long

          • Billie from USA asked:

            Will these work in the benjamin marauder

            • Billie from USA:

              Thanks Val

            • Val from USA:

              yes, they will

          • valerie from USA asked:

            this slips thru my barrel, should i squeeze them end to end with a vise or tap them on an anvil to make fatter?

            • John from USA:

              Really? If you have to do all that, then your air rifle is not designed to shoot these. Woody World.

          • jeff from USA asked:

            Does this weight of pellet damage springer seals like on stock WEBLEY Patriot,,HATSON springer 135/125...

            • JON from USA:

              Not in my experience, in fact the H + N Baracuda 31.2 Gr is the pellet I use most often for initial sighting in and as my "go to" round for hunting. I have several .25 Magnum spring and piston guns and they all digest even heavier pellets, like the JSB 33.95 Gr. or the Eun Jin 43.2 Gr pellets, they have for some years and have not lost power, or gotten "shakey" - in fact the more I shoot, the smoother and more accurate they get. Fire a few through your particular gun to see how that specific gun likes heavy pellets - are they accurate? does the recoil smooth out or does the power plant strain? Will it penetrate the same material the 25 Gr pellets do or are they observably less powerful? Whether or not your gun likes a very heavy pellet should be evident within 20 to 40 shots, but there again, IN MY EXPERIENCE A good magnum spring/piston gun will handle 31 Gr. no problem.

          • Ronbow from USA asked:

            Will they fit the magazine of a Hatsan BT65?

            • jeff from USA:

              I have a highly modified webley patriot ,,It has these items performed to it woujd this Pellet dsmsge my seals i have new vortek spring brass seals,,cut barrel 14in,, dillertum buttons front and back of pistons,,weighted piston polished cly bore ,,polished and opened too.027in inside port, currently 34ft of energy honest w 26gr poly mags

            • mike from USA:

              Yes. They fit in my at44 megs with a lot of room to spare. And they shoot really accurately.

          • Greg from USA asked:

            will these work in a nitro piston break barrel?

            • John from USA:

              This is designed for very high powered PCP air rifles, not breakbarrel springers or gas piston. Woodys World.

            • Horace from USA:

              Most spring/piston air guns are going to struggle with a heavy .25 pellet of any design or shape. Distance and accuracy will not be equal to a pcp that can drive these .25 projectiles at 880 fps or faster. .25 in a piston/springer is pushing that technology's ballistic limit pretty hard as it is. A lot will depend on how powerful your power plant is in the air gun you will use. Some will do much better than others. This is especially true with the low end piston technology in the less expensive guns.

            • mike from USA:

              Technically yes... however there is really no point unless you cant find a pellet that shoot accurately.

          • Brian from USA asked:

            Will this work in a Hatsan 125 Sniper .25 cal or is it just for PCP rifles?

            • Horace from USA:

              Lee, a 31gr pellet is a LOT of weight unless your spring or piston is capable of pushing them at least 750 fps, distance and accuracy will be severely limited. You really need to match the pellet weight with the potential fps your particular gun can produce. A non-pcp generally will be best utilized with a 25gr, or lighter, pellet.

            • al from USA:

              It will probably shoot I'm not promising any kind of acuraccy

          • Lee from USA asked:

            Will these fit the Gamo Coyote .25 magazine and would you recommend these for that rifle?

            • Lee from USA:

              Works with the BSA Buccaneer, which is the same rifle. Excellent pellet.

          • joel from USA asked:

            with no skirt how would these work in a pcp riffle such as the marauder

            • John from USA:

              Oh, it will sacrifice velocity, even in a marauder, not enough power or velocity. Too much contact friction with the barrels rifling.

            • Christophe from USA:

              The shirt is actually a potential destabilizing part of th3e pellet, and is not necessary for trapping air behind the pellet. There is also a "Piledriver" pellet coming out that will not have the usual skirt, but will have a kind of boat tail shape. This pellet, perhaps, as this Grizzly, will have more surface area for trapping air behind the pellet, without sacrificing velocity and accuracy.

          • Grayland from USA asked:

            How long are they, have hatsan at44 love to try. Magazine may not be deep enough

            • Lee from USA:

              Shorter than my H&N Baracudas.