Date: 23/11/2020 17:16

Customers Q&A on H&N Rabbit Magnum II .22 Cal, 25.62 Grains, Cylindrical, Solid, 200ct


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  • daniel from USA asked:

    Anyone shoot these in a Raw hm1000x?

    • Maurice from USA asked:

      Will these shoot good in a Bullboss?

      • Caleb from USA asked:

        How would these preform out of a gun like the Seneca Aspen that can get 30 fpe out of an 18 gr. pellet? would above 780 fps be achievable?

        • Mark from USA:

          They can be shot. They will not shoot very well. You will proably get velocities in the low 700's.

      • Steve from USA asked:

        can this pellet be used with a Gamo Swarm Magnum Swarm Magnum 22 cal air rifle?

        • pelletman from USA:

          The gamo swarm magnum does not have the power to push these slugs, notice on the description it says PCP RIFLES ONLY (HINT)

        • Mark from USA:

          It would fit the gun. you probably will have to single load them. They will shoot very slowly.

      • Dustin from USA asked:

        Benjamin Armada Air Rifle can i shoot this

        • Mark from USA:

          They probably do not fit the magazine. They can be single loaded.

      • Jacob from USA asked:

        Will these work in a urmarex guntlet

        • Mark from USA:

          They are probably too long for the magazine. You can single load them.

      • KEITH from USA asked:

        Will these work with the hatsan vectis

        • Mark from USA:

          They can be shot single load. We do not know if they will fit in the magazine.

      • Curtis from USA asked:

        Does anyone know if this will fit in the BSA R10 SE magazine, based on personal experience ?

        • Seth from USA asked:

          Will these fit the hatsan bullboss .22

          • JON from USA:

            If it uses the same mag as the AT44, which I think it does, yes.

        • jesus from USA asked:

          I have a Benjamin disco .22 will this pellets work on my rifle or will it damage it? I like to used it fir turkey hunting. thanks.

          • John from USA:

            You can't get JSB Mosters in a Disco breach ? They are 10.7 mm long. The Disco breach is only 9.50 mm long.

          • JON from USA:

            Certainly no harm in trying. I have a Maximus, which is basically the same gun as your Disco, it has no problem handling the JSB Monster 34 gr, or H+N Piledrivers, at 30 gr. That said, depending on your individual barrel, they might fit more or less tight, but, as I said, no harm in trying. If they shoot well you will be rewarded for your experiment with solid hits, good wind-bucking ability, and clean kills at a reasonable price per pellet. I get great 100 yd accuracy with the JSB 25.39 gr pellets, these just might do as well or better, especially in the copper coated variety.

        • Erica from USA asked:

          Will these work in the Benjamin trail NP2

          • JON from USA:

            I've fired the JSB 25.39 old pattern pellets out of my Trail NP2 with no ill effects. They certainly are a short range pellet, but accuracy is good, and they hit with a "smack!" That said , I don't make a practice of putting this much strain on my piston or seals, but I do use them occasionally, and I've had no problems. Then again I've had no problems with the H+N 30 gr. Piledrivers out of the same gun, but .... eeh, yeah, it works, it was a cool experiment, but .. no, I'm not doing that again regularly, or anytime soon for that matter. Every gun has it's limits, and experiments are just that, experiments not to be done regularly unless you've met with unexpected success.

          • Nick from USA:

            for all break barrels the answer is it might work but may damage no more than likely to damage your gun.

        • Andrew from USA asked:

          Can I use this in my Hatsan Torpedo 155 Vortex?

          • JON from USA:

            I would think so, the 155 is a beast of a gun, and the innards of the .22 is no different than the .25, and I've shot the EJ 43.2 grain pellets out of my Hatsan springer, and gas piston .25's with good results. That said, every gun is different, and firing anything heavier than 21 gr out of a non-PCP should be considered an experiment that can end well or badly. If it were me, I would do it, and check out my seals to see if they were getting too hot, or any other sign that the gun is unhappy. It is your gun though, and you have to decide for yourself if the reward outweighs the possible downside.

        • Dylan from USA asked:

          Can these be shot from a gamo hunter extream.22

          • Derek from USA:

            This pellet is very for the Gamo Hunter, it would fire out of the barrel but the rifling twist isn't designed for this heavy of a projectile; thus accuracy would be poor. Try 14.3 to 18 grain pellets for optimal accuracy. JSB Brand pellets usually shoot well in the Gamo rifles.

        • Nicholas from USA asked:

          Can this pellet be shot from a Browning 800 express?

          • Derek from USA:

            This pellet is much to heavy for the Browning 800. 18 grains is about as heavy as that pistol can handle for it's power level.

        • clinton from USA asked:

          Can the pellet shoot from a Marauder 22 caliber ?

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            If you load it manually without the magazine.

        • Tylus from USA asked:

          Can it work with a Beeman RS2 series

          • Dan the Man from USA:

            No, too heavy.