Date: 19/8/2018 18:58

Customers Q&A on H&N Sniper Magnum Pellets, .177 Cal, 15 Grains, Domed, 300ct

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  • Michael from USA asked:

    Will these fit in a Mrod magazine (I have the .177 version)? Thanks

    • james from USA asked:

      How does this pellet shoot out of a Gamo Magnum .177?

      • Richard from USA asked:

        Would these be good for my RWS 350 Magnum.

        • Armando from USA asked:

          this pellet fit in the bsa mag?

          • nathaniel from USA asked:

            Worth trying through a Benjamin Maximus?

            • wesley from USA asked:

              Will this work in my gamo bull whisper? .177

              • Scott from USA:

                It should but you will need to test for accuracy. I use the .22 version in my Gamo rifle.

            • Eric from USA asked:

              will these fit in the pellet pens

              • Val from USA:


            • cj from USA asked:

              Can I use it in my 760?

              • toni from USA:

                760 what? if it s crosman 760, the answer would be no to heavy of a pellet. Plus if is a newer one it might not have any rifling, in the barrel. Which does not help with accuracy. My nephew had a crosman 760 and could not shoot a bullseye constantly at 25 feet.Gave him a daisy 901 ,and he hit 10 out of 10 bullseyes. Try a lighter pellet. hope this helps ya.

            • Mohammed from India asked:

              What's that 16 j on the tin means? On 10.65 grs match pellets its mentioned >26j.

              • Scott from USA:

                I believe it means joules. One joule is defined as the amount of energy exerted when a force of one newton is applied over a displacement of one meter.

            • wesley from USA asked:

              Would this be a good turtle hunting pellet

              • Mark from USA:

                Not what it was designed for. This is for long range hunting pellet. The weight is there, as long as your air rifle can deliver the power, and you can place your shots accurately.

            • Larry from USA asked:

              why is it longer than most pellets

              • Paul from USA:

                The trajectory would have a greater curve due to the sheer weight not flatter.

              • Mark from USA:

                flatter trajectory at longer distances

              • Paul from USA:

                It's the only way to get it to weight 15 grains.