Date: 26/3/2019 21:32

Customers Q&A on JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.34 Grains, Domed, 500ct

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  • Justin from USA asked:

    I am looking to buy a DPMS A4 which is rated at 1200fps on light pellets. I shoot in my basement at 14 yards. I want to make sure im not breaking the sound barrier. Will this be Overkill and inaccurate? If so, any recommendations?

    • John from USA:

      This pellet at 10.34 grains is not a light pellet, it is considered a heavy pellet. You do not have to worry about it breaking the sound barrier when shot thru the DPMS A4. Light pellets are pellets that are 7.9 grains or less. Buy a chronograph. Woodys World.

  • Tommy from USA asked:

    What is the height/length of this pellet?

    • Tyler from USA:

      Right about 6mm or 1/4"

  • Mike from Canada asked:

    I have a Stroeger X20 .177 (+1000 fps), that I am having difficult in getting a tight grouping (tried the Gamo Rocket Ballistic Tip 9.6g and find every 4th shot to be a flyer) could you recommend a pellet for this rifle for shooting squirrels (short range no more than 20 yards), I like the JSB Match Diabolo Domed Pellet, should I go with the Domed 8.44g or the Heavy Domed 10.34g?

    • John from USA:

      You could use either one. They wont do 1000+ fps. The 8.34 grain should perform better. Are squirrels wreaking havoc or shooting them just for sport? That Stoeger is a mid power air rifle. Get a chronograph. Woodys World.

  • Allen from USA asked:

    What is the BC (ballistic coefficient) of the JSB Exact Heavy Diabolo pellet in .177 cal.?

    • Tyler from USA:

      That will change from gun to gun that you shoot them in. Chairgun pro lists a generic BC, for these pellets they use .0310

  • Felix from USA asked:

    It says the jsb 10.3gr pellets weight has changed. Hiw much do they weight now?

    • Tyler from USA:

      The image is current and weight is correct.

  • Jack from USA asked:

    Will these work with the MP 5 ? Thanks , Jack Morgan.

    • Paul from USA:

      I looked up MP5 and all i found were bb guns.How do you expect pellets to work in a bb gun???

    • Paul from USA:

      What is a MP5??????????

  • Fred from USA asked:

    I have been using 7.3 gr and 8.4 gr JSB Exacts in my Umarex Fusion (CO2) with great precision (3/4" pattern at 30 yards), but I need a heavier pellet on windy days. Would you recommend 10.3 gr JSB Exacts for use in my Umarex Fusion on windy days? The Umarex is shooting the 8.4 gr Exacts at a muzzle velocity of about 650 fps.

    • John from USA:

      Your velocity will drop down to 500 fps. Get a chronograph. Woodys World.

    • Dan the Man from USA:

      Yes, they'll work great.

  • Roger Sullivan from USA asked:

    I'm having trouble getting a good groping I just wondering if the heaver pellet would make a difference 7.9G is the heaviest I'v tried.. tell me you'all's thoughts on this thanks...RDS...

    • Paul from USA:

      If your rifle is only shooting 100 feet per second I'd get a new(faster) rifle.

    • Chevota from USA:

      Mine was shooting 105fps so I switched to 10gr and now I'm at 80fps. Just teasing you Jerry... Roger; you need to post what gun you're using. Not only does the type of gun matter, but the make/model may mean it's more the gun than the pellet causing you problems. These JSB 10.3gr are excellent pellets and pretty hard to go wrong no matter what gun it is. I highly recommend everyone at least try these baby's. While these are excellent, and may normally be the best in your model gun, guns can be finicky so yours might prefer H&N Barracuda, 10.5 Crosman Premier, or maybe something else altogether. A magnum like a Trail XL or Diana 350 might like the JSB 13.43 even better. Let us know what you have.

    • Jerry from USA:

      if the gun is shooting over 100 fps I would recommend something in the 10 grain area