Date: 3/8/2020 16:54

Customers Q&A on JSB Match Diabolo Exact King MKII Heavy .25 Cal, 33.95 Grains, Domed, 300ct

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  • Rina from India asked:

    What is the diference between Exact diabolo on the box under sign...M and Cz Sir..

    • Jake from USA asked:

      What is the difference between the JSB heavy and the mk2

      • John from USA:

        Sorry my 1st answer had skirt size reversed. The correct skirt diameters: JSB Heavy - 6.65mm & MKII - 6.50mm ~~~Both are same length, weight, and 6.35mm head

      • John from USA:

        JSB Heavy - head 6.35mm / skirt 6.5mm & MKII - head 6.35mm / skirt 6.65mm

      • Daniel from USA:

        MkII pellet has a skirt diameter that is only 6.5mm, making the pellet work a little more reliably in some rotary magazines.

    • Isaac from USA asked:

      So what's the difference between the original 33.95 and this ones then? I will have a Fx impact that I wanted to buy from pyramid air, but you don't have it.... And I have been told that MK2 work better for the impact.

      • John from USA:

        In my Impact the Mk11 works much better. There has been a lot of trouble with Impact magazines cycling pellets and my magazine is no different, but it does cycle the Mk11 much better than the original 33.95 pellets and they shoot better also. Single loaded I can throw the MK11 pellets in a little over a half inch at 75 yards with the Impact. The difference between the way the MK11 and the 25.39 grain JSBs are night and day least in my barrel. Have heard from a lot of my friends at Airgun Nation that they just get better accuracy overall from the MK11. You may have to play with the valve adjuster, the regulator and the power wheel and the hammer spring tension, but I'm sure it will probably work out for you, just requires a little patience.

    • Wolfy from USA asked:

      Does anyone know the ballistic coefficient of this particular pellet?