Date: 24/1/2021 10:36

Customers Q&A on JSB Match Diabolo Hades .22 Cal, 15.89 Grain, Hollowpoint, 500 Count

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  • David from USA asked:

    It would be helpful to all if we knew the expansion performance of this pellet over a range of speeds. I saw a video that showed a rifle that typically produces 12fpe is not capable of achieving the velocity needed to expand Hades.

    • Mark from USA:

      We do not test pellets. If the Hades require 16 ft lbs to expand that is news to us. That would be a question for JSB.

  • Souchan from USA asked:

    Does anybody know what is the BC on 15.89 Jsb hades

    • RonaldDale from USA asked:

      Does this pellet shoot like the 15.89 round nose or the 18.13 round nose? I know the Hades is made from the 18.13 pellet, but do they fly the same?

      • Kurt from USA:

        They shoot pretty much,just like the 15.89 JSB diablo. same point of impact with my Crosman Summit Ranger.

    • Nate from USA asked:

      Will these be available in .25 cal , and if so when ?

      • William from USA asked:

        Are these available in .177

        • Mark from USA:

          The Hades pellet is currently only available in 22 cal.

      • Matt from USA asked:

        Why do these and the 250 count tin of the same pellets have different estimated in stock dates?

        • Jordan from USA:

          Maybe the shipment did not come in. So the date got pushed back.