Date: 23/9/2020 19:27

Customers Q&A on JSB Redesigned Monster Pellets .22 200 ct.


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  • Jeff from USA asked:

    Will these fit in the Benjamin Marauder?

    • Mark from USA:


  • jerred from USA asked:

    How well do they group out of the bullboss?

    • Maurice from USA:

      All the reviews on Youtube are saying these are one of the best pellets for the Bullboss.

  • John from USA asked:

    Will these fit my Diana Stormrider magazine?

    • John from USA:

      I'd imagine they would. I've been surprised that the magazine can accommodate several of the pellets and slugs I've purchased. I've managed to fit pellets and slugs that were a smidge over .3" any longer the plastic cover will not slide back into place without forcing and that's damaging the skirts. Have you shot some heavier projectiles out of the SR yet? I've found them to move really slow if over 20gr and the bigger ones seem to fit the chamber tighter, leading to more spin. The 25gr projectiles I've found are all accurate, but they spin off and down to the right after about 20yds due to the drop in velocity, IMHO the SR doesn't have the oomph to throw a projectile over 21gr very well. Now, if I could take up the difference between POA and POI with my scope, I'd zero it for heavies as even though they go slow, they hit HARD on grey squirrels. But that's the weak side of scope adjustments and my cheap piece of junk won't adjust that far to the weak side and hold a zero.

  • Craig from USA asked:

    Will these work in my AA410 Mags?

    • Seth from USA:

      They fit my, bullboss mag so yes they will fit the at44 mag also

  • Daryl from USA asked:

    Will these fit a marauder magazine?

    • Jada from USA:

      Yes it fit my Armada