Date: 16/12/2018 9:5

Customers Q&A on Predator Polymag .22 Cal, 16.0 Grains, Pointed, 200ct

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  • Dan from USA asked:

    Can these be used in the Gammo Swarm Magnum? If not in the 10 count speed mag., just directly inserted into breach?

    • William from USA asked:

      Will theye work in a Hatsan bullboss?

      • jerry from USA asked:

        will they fit in marauder pistol mag ?

        • johnny from USA asked:

          Will this work in a Xisico XS25 Sping air rifle

          • Bradley from USA asked:

            Are these pellets made of alloy or lead?

            • Tyler from USA:

              Lead, except for the plastic tip

          • Domingo from USA asked:

            Do the .25 cal predator polymags fit the maximathor magazine?

            • Robert from USA asked:

              Will they work in maurader?

              • Ian from USA:

                These pellets did not fit in my Marauder's magazine. I ground a channel into the bottom of the magazine with a rotary tool and they work just fine now.

              • David from USA:

                Regular Predator Polymags work fine in my Marauder .22 pistol. Dropped a rabbit from 52 feet, one shot.

              • Val from USA:

                Not these ones, you need the short polymags Predator Polymag Shorts, .22 Cal.... They will work in Marauder

              • Frederick from USA:

                I think they will not work. magazine will not rotate after it's shot. first one will chamber rest will not, I think the answer is misleading. Perhaps wrong.

            • Don from USA asked:

              Are these the long Polymags?

            • Damion from USA asked:

              Will these work in a crosman vantage?

              • Val from USA:


            • GLEN from USA asked:

              Any one know the B.C. of these pellets?

              • David from USA:

                I believe that it is .022

              • Erika from U.S. Virgin Islands:

                Unfortunately no, that's not something that the manufacturer supplies

            • SG1 (NRA Life 1982) from USA asked:

              Where are they made? Predator International on the tins img... I assume they are an import.

              • GLEN from USA:

                Made in Czech Republic, Assembled in Hungary, Imported by Predator International. And Yes, JSB and Predator Polymags are both Imported by Predator International, Inc. out of Littleton, CO.

              • tristen from USA:

                i believe predator is a branch off from JSB, so wherever JSB pellets are made.