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Walther Talon Magnum

Walther Talon Magnum Air rifle
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5.0 5.0

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By D from USA on 2013-08-04
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Things I liked: Quality, craftsmanship - it's true what they say about Germane engineering! The power is plentiful, and more than enough for squirrels and rabbits (and all birds, of course). Mine (a .22) HATES the 14.3 Crosman pellets. Once I switched to JSB Diablo 15.9, it became a lot more fun (but I haven't even tried any other pellets).

Things I would have changed: Can you make a high quality, heavy rifle out of unobtanium? It's heavy, but that comes with Quality. I don't love the scope, but it works well enough up to 65-ish yards.

What others should know: DON'T BUY 14.3 Crosman pellets for this rifle. I was getting frustrated siting in the scope, and started to blame the scope. Then, I ordered some JSBs, and I was able to get it zeroed in no time. Once I had it zeroed, I tried some of the 14.3s again. They were flying all over the place. Then, back to the JSB's and all was right with the world again.