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Echo 1 AK CPM Full Metal AEG

Echo1 USA Airsoft Echo 1 AK CPM Full Metal AEG Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2010-12-10 14:59:10

4.0 4.0

4.0 4.0

5.0 5.0

By tyler from USA on 2010-12-10
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Things I liked: The gun is Very well balanced and lightweight, i could play with this thing all day without being concerned with fatigue. i was concerned that since its shorter it wouldn't have the range or accuracy of a full length AK, but compared to my friend's echo1 AK74 it was just as accurate, and shot just as far, though it is louder and just slightly lower rate of fire with the stock 8.4v batt, its noticeably louder as well; not as loud as the Crossman r72 (if you've shot one...) you can still hear your team-mates. The compartment for the battery is absolutely HUGE, and by that i mean long.. you can fit a monstorous battery in this thing because the front hand grip is hollow to allow for the battery to be in it.. Downsides are that the battery does slide around in it. Every AK magazine that i've came in contact with HAS clipped in and worked with this gun (Except the crossman r76, though these guns are both based off the AKS-74U) this gun, due to its smaller size is very easy to store and haul. compared to the hastles that my friends have with their larger guns, they're envious when i walk up with my single plastic tub of gear, and there's my gun on top, when they have to keep the original box their gun came in to keep it from getting damaged.

Things I would have changed: with the way that the front hand grip is made, the front sight is VERY off center, you will either need a red dot sight, or white BB's so you'll know where you're shooting. the problem here is really that the gun has no scope mounts on it by design since its an AK. If you get the detachable sight rail, not only is that an extra cost along with the sight, you wont be able to fold your stock up with the sight on the gun. an awful lot of hastle in my opinion since i prefer the iron sights anyway.

What others should know: The fold up stock is very sturdy, but the sling mount does have a noticeable "ping" when its clanging around, i just taped mine down. When i got my gun, the Fire selector switch (since full auto is in the middle) would rattle down into Semi-Auto and leave me in a rather tough situation until i figured out you could pop a little metal cap off the selector to find a screw thats very easy to tighten and fix the migrating selector issue. Would i buy this gun if i could do it all over again? Yes... Especially since im a Huge fan of the AK-47, i even own a real one. so if you're into the design, yes... if not.. i'd probably get an M4 since it has a sight rail by design


Echo 1 ETW AEG Airsoft Gun

Echo1 USA Airsoft Echo 1 ETW AEG Airsoft Gun Airsoft gun
Review entered on 2011-04-02 17:06:23

4.0 4.0

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4.0 4.0

By tyler from USA on 2011-04-02
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Things I liked: the gun is definitely an accurate representation of its real steel counterpart. its very versatile and perfect for CQB since you can really get close to bunkers and around tight corners without any problem. the range and accuracy of this gun is quite amazing, even though its a rather compact gun, it does have room for a decent sized barrel inside since its got somewhat of a bullpup design. it comes with a black flash hider so you dont have to deal with the orange tip during your woods games, and you dont have to modify your orange tip, you'll have both!

Things I would have changed: the ammo delivery system. The gun works great with the low and mid cap magazines since its just a big spring operated line of bb's... but it mis-feeds an awful lot with the e90 high cap magazines. you Need to get the M4 mag adapter to make this an effective airsoft weapon The trigger pull in Auto is very satisfying, but when you switch the gun into semi-auto, the trigger pull seems excessively long and ineffective. it has to go back a full inch before it will fire in semi.

What others should know: high cap magazine for this gun is really just a glorified gravity fed system, its rather poor. this gun's effectiveness compared to naturally higher cap guns is diminished unless you get the M4 magazine adapter. Also.. you will be almost required to get a red dot sight for this gun if you plan to aim at all. since the iron sights built into the weaver rail on the top of the gun are very small, and virtually useless.