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Mendoza RM-2800, Grey Wooden Thumbhole Stock

Mendoza RM-2800, Grey Wooden Thumbhole Stock Air rifle
Review entered on 2008-07-01 13:38:55

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4.0 4.0

By Tarn from USA on 2008-07-01
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Things I liked: Many good designs on this rifle that others would do well to emulate. Just right size and weight with good gripping thumbhole stock making for a very ergonomic hold. Excellent auto safety that's very accessible, much better than the RWS type or other nonsensical placement of safety in a blade by the trigger! Speaking of the trigger, I really like the two splits coming together, the first acts as the first stage, once you pull it to reach the second you know tactilely the release point.

Things I would have changed: Kind of crude looking with welded on pellet magazine, sprayed rough grey finish on wood stock. The loading port of the magazine has an exact cut-out that few pellets will fit through or work with reliably thereafter. The magazine spring needs to be stronger to assure the loading of the seventh and last pellet. The power plant spring twangs and vibrates like a cheap Gamo, not a solid poof. The scope mount grooves may not be true parallel with the action.

What others should know: The weight, size, good hold and seven pellets capacity make it well suited for hunting. This has the potential to be a great gun with futher refinement. I've tested it with the Daisy flat nose where it's most accurate at short range. But the Daisy flat nose will not work reliably with the magazine, getting mangled and jamming the auto-loading. Almost as accurate and works best and most reliably so far in the magazine would be the RWS Superdome where it perfectly fits through the pellet-shape cut-out loading entrance of the magazine. Crosman Premier Hollowpoint will also fit through but falls off here and there when the gun is cocked - it also shoots all over the place. I've also tried the JSB Exact Jumbo, which would not fit through the magazine's pellet outline and as a single load drops variously below bullseye. Which brings up the fact that the rifle has a huge spread in speed anywhere from 400 fps to 1450 fps! when dieseling. I've been told that it takes a thousand rounds to settle down, hopefully that will happen. On its own without any dieseling, the fps with 14.x grain pellet seems to be around 700 and change. With just the right amount of dieseling frequently around early to mid 800 fps, sometimes 900s. The RWS Hpoint will not fit through the magazine loading port. Mount a short scope as the magazine will get in the way. As with any air gun, the lower you mount the scope the less parallax hassle given the short range.